KT Tunstall Slams Shakira for Flaunting Her Body in Music Video

August 02, 2010 07:21:52 GMT

'It is shocking but it seems they need to shock to get attention,' the Scottish singer says about Shakira's clip for 'She Wolf'.

KT Tunstall Slams Shakira for Flaunting Her Body in Music Video
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Scottish singer KT Tunstall has criticized Shakira for flaunting her body in her sexy "She Wolf" video, insisting the "shocking" images set a bad example for young girls. The Colombian star writhes around in a cage wearing a flesh-colored bodysuit in the footage, and the "Suddenly I See" rocker admits she was stunned by the provocative promo.

She tells Britain's Daily Record, "You've got little girls watching some pretty X-rated stuff. The Shakira video actually shocked me and I am not easily shocked." She further says, "I was like, 'You are shoving your lady bits in my face. I didn't ask for that'. It is shocking but it seems they need to shock to get attention."

The Scot insists she would never release a sexy video - because she wants fans to focus on her music. She adds, "It is not something I want to be a part of. I am not a model. I'm a girl who can sing and play guitar. If I wasn't singing and playing guitar, I wouldn't be on the cover of a magazine. There's no price for me to strip off - it's not worth it. It's about mystery."


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posted by wagoneer89 on Jan 24, 2011
Kids bought me Tunstall years ago. First time I figured out how to load it up on the computer. A Scot huh? Ain't the world a small place... I like Shikira too, but both these people are going to be around when you people are loading your music on to your light sabers. Joan Baez and Barbara Streisand weren't beauty queens, didn't stop them from crunching major change. This minor little dust up ain't gonna tarnish either side of talent this big. Just enjoy, if you don't like the cover art close your eyes... and if Tunstall stumbles across this, this old sailor likes the cut of her jib just fine.
posted by Tule on Aug 21, 2010
LOL! Katy...why dont you just go tighten your loose vagina and stop slamming beautiful women! Your just shocked and uncomfortable coz you probably started drooling over shakira! You're a dyke! Admit it! Stop telling us about 'profanities' and get a life! Stupid cunt!
posted by char3169 on Aug 21, 2010
you'd never see her resorting to sexuality for shock? instead, you see her resorting to bashing more credible artists for attention. shakira writes, plays, sings, dances, all while maintaining a close connection to her roots, and getting people interested in a thousand year old cultural dance. lets see this scot get some interest in the highland games, shall we?
posted by l2pzuknow on Aug 16, 2010
So KT finally makes it to a magazine cover and thinks she's in a place to be able to knock SHAKIRA? She must be outside her mind! Honestly, I hadn't even ever heard her name until her Shakira comment. Neither your face nor body belongs on tv. Let's keep it that way, for the sake of my eyeballs. The next time u come across Shakira on tv n don't like what u see...just change the channel, like I would do if ever some idiot made the mistake of televising you!
posted by lee on Aug 04, 2010
i like k.tunstall very much-i love her music and do agree with her on this topic but i don't think it's fair for her to pinpoint shakiras-when they're are people way worse than her!
posted by Duetch on Aug 03, 2010
That's what they say when they look like a dog, and have a body that no one would look at. It would be impossible for KT Tunstall to make a sexy video.
posted by belle on Aug 02, 2010
oeps... she now says on twitter it's not true?
posted by belle on Aug 02, 2010
yep and she said also Beyonce is a great talend? With what? Writing,playing a instrument? Did she never see VideoPhone?

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