Costume Designer Confirms Michael Jackson Buried Without Signature Glove

Michael Jackson

Explaining why the famous white sequined glove was not buried with the late singer, Michael Bush says, 'To Michael, the glove was 'Billie Jean'. That represented that song.'

Michael Jackson was buried in full make-up and wearing an outfit inspired by all the costumes the King of Pop wore during his career. On the one-year anniversary of his death, the pop superstar's longtime costume and wardrobe designers were commissioned to create a final image for the dead superstar - so he could go to the grave looking his best.

Dennis Tompkins, Michael Bush and Karen Faye teamed up as they had for 25 years to perfect Jackson's last look - the items he'd be buried in at Forest Lawn Cemetery. In a TV documentary, which will air in America on Friday night, June 25, Faye says, "It was an honor... I knew how he wanted to look, so I did it for his family and his children."

Meanwhile, Jackson's longtime stylists Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush spent nine hours creating the clothes for Jackson's funeral. Tompkins also designed a crown which was placed on the King of Pop's casket.

He recalls, "When the casket was brought in at Forest Lawn, Prince, Paris and Blanket lifted it (crown) and put it on the center." And Bush has confirmed the tragic singer's famous white sequined glove was not buried with Jackson: "To Michael, the glove was 'Billie Jean'. That represented that song. That's not Michael Jackson."




    Mar 24, 2014

    I want to know why Janet to media Michael was buried dressed all in white and with strands of pearls? Also, I wish people that weren't fans of Michael not even followers of his music would stop speaking of the negativity that followed him. Today, one can find all kinds of information regarding his life, his character and it is the same repeated by many that knew him where these people could not have made some agreement to all say the exact same things of him. They are too many people and from very different time periods of his life. It is slander to speak ill of him because there is even court documents with the truth of his innocents. There is an FBI file going back to early 1990's with a report of a profiler that states Michael did not have any of the characteristics of a child molester. Why don't people make certain of what they are going to say? The info is available, it's not like before were the public could only get info from reporters and then we had to believe what our guts said. TODAY THE FACTS ARE OUT! Won't people please get their info straight before they talk?

    Jun 27, 2010

    yes that is true if the media would of tend to there own business and left that young man alone maybe he would have still been here he was hurt humiliated and shame for all the lies they told on him all he wanted was some true friends but he got under cover devils that stabbed him in the back as sweet as that young man was and loved children anddid everything that he could to to help them people loved athe money he gave but was so phoney with him i wish i could have met him i would of been atrue friend to him just to have fun and eat some soul food ride bikes and play play play he is in a better place now and no one can hurt him now all hurt and pain is gone from him he is living the life that he truly deserve until we meet again micheal enjoy your self praise god what micheal was about was true love he was a gift from god and when he got tired jesus called him home to take his rest from this cruel hateful world that do not care about nothing but gossip lies and junk and always in somebody business micheal we love you and miss you

    Jun 26, 2010

    there are many things that are not Michael Jackson but yet the media insist on dragging his name through the mud..he never recovered from the media circus he was put through for the 2003 court case,he was found NOT GUILTY YET THE MEDIA KEPT REFERRING TO HIS GUILT OVER AND OVER AGAIN..all the lies that kept being written about him,this is the real reason why he is not alive today.

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