Hindu Leaders Welcome Russell Brand's Interest in Their Religion

Russell Brand

Learning that Russell is fascinated with Hinduism, Hindu scholar Rajan Zed says, 'Almost any Hindu scholar would gladly assist Russell to clarify its philosophy, spirituality, teachings and practice.'

Hindu leaders have welcomed Russell Brand's interest in their religion, insisting they'll embrace him now he appears to have put his wild past behind him. The funnyman recently expressed a fascination with Hinduism in a Rolling Stone magazine interview, revealing he is "striving to be in harmony with nature and live beyond our primal natures," and religious leaders have applauded his comments and they're hoping he follows through and converts.

Leading U.S. Hindu scholar Rajan Zed, the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, tells WENN he would be willing to help Brand explore the religion further if he is "earnestly interested and lives up to its noble objectives". Zed says, "Hinduism welcomes anyone who is resolved to the high spiritual ideals of Hinduism."

"The rich philosophical thought of Hinduism is open for anybody to explore. Almost any Hindu scholar would gladly assist Russell to clarify its philosophy, spirituality, teachings and practice. Any interest in the study and practice of high and noble ideals of spiritual life the Hinduism offers is always welcome."

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    Jan 04, 2011

    i think zed is now picking the film stars because in hindu there is no god they are believing evil spirits krishna is not god geeta is not a divine book because in geeta only stories about war. hindu is not a religion that is secular group hindus are worshiping baba,cobra,tree,stone,cow,pig etc. they have above 2 million gods in geeta written Krishna married 15000 girls

    Oct 24, 2010

    Sneha, what is the relationsihp between Hinduism and entertainment ? Was Hinduism founded by Rajnikanth, Brad Pitt, or Matt Damon? Hinduism is an ancient tradition rich of wisdom and knowledge. It is over 2000 years old, long before abrahamic traditions were even cultivated, and religious inquests began. We Hindus never left our doorstep to go conquer lands and spread Hinduism. We are tolerant, we are patient, and we will slowly see the world accept its wealth of wisdom. Today, all of North America incorporates Yoga into their lifestyle because of the benefits to the human body. If you had failed to realize the knowledge and free spirit of being a Hindu, I do not condone you at all. All I ask, is for you to not make unreasonable associations. Hindus marry anyone, we are tolerant people and respectful people.

    Oct 23, 2010

    Um, As an ex Hindu, I am not surprised that Hinduism attracts the Hollywood and Entertainment industry types.

    Jun 29, 2010

    so awesome that russell brand is a hindu!

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