Jennifer Hudson Denies Her New Album Received Negative Feedback

Jennifer Hudson

A spokesperson for the singer shoots down rumor that the album which is due this September received negative feedback, insisting everything went great.

A representative for Jennifer Hudson has dismissed rumors the singer has been forced to re-record her upcoming album after receiving negative feedback from her label bosses. The singer/actress presented a new batch of songs, destined for her second record, to executives at EMI Publishing's recent presentation for songwriters and producers in New York.

J Records chiefs are rumored to have sent Hudson back to the studio to record additional tracks after her work garnered a poor reception at the event, but a rep for the Oscar-winner is adamant the reports are untrue - insisting Hudson is only part-way through work on the album.

The spokesman tells the New York Daily News, "We've received terrific feedback on the material. (Hudson is only) in the beginning stages (of recording the album)." The untitled record is reportedly due for release in September.



    May 18, 2010

    Jhud has gotten great reviews back on her new music. This was an attempt from some of her peers showing how low they can go being a cowarts. Whats done in the dark always come to the light. This young multi-talented super star is to focused on accomplishing her dreams and goals to even comment on false mess. Everybody look for the new album coming Sept 10, 2010. It is going to be very hot!!!!!

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