Jana Kramer Misdiagnosed With Life-Threatening Sickness

May 15, 2010 03:43:02 GMT

After her appendix got removed by local Romanian doctors, Jana Kramer's condition got worse and she was flown to the U.S. to get a second opinion.

Jana Kramer
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American actress/singer Jana Kramer faced death on the set of 2005 film "Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis" - after local Romanian doctors misdiagnosed a life-threatening gallbladder sickness. The "One Tree Hill" star had to halt the overseas shoot because she was too sick to work, and Romanian medics determined she needed to have her appendix removed.

Kramer tells Maxim magazine, "I immediately started feeling sick. But I didn't want to complain and be considered a problem. Eventually I had to go to the hospital. The doctor could barely speak English but said I had to get my appendix out."

But when Kramer wasn't getting better after the operation she flew back to the U.S. to get a second opinion and was stunned when she was told the Romanian doctors had taken out the wrong body part - and she needed a different organ removed.

She explains, "They (doctors in Romania) did the surgery, and six days of recovery time grew into two weeks when I caught pneumonia. I flew back to America, and the doctors here explained it was never my appendix; it was my gallbladder, and if they didn't get it out I was going to die."


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posted by TRUTH TELLER on Sep 11, 2013
Jana is a mess. She appears perfect, but the girl has many demons. She has been married twice already, sleeps around, goes after married men, is mentally unstable, etc Have you seen her without makeup? Nasty sight. I'm a musician, so I've seen it all first hand in Nash, and from others in the biz. She can't sing either, but has been with her manager and record agent. Very happy that Brantley saw what we alll know.
posted by JanaAbortion on Jul 22, 2012
Jana had an abortion in romania. That caused her own life threatening sickness.
posted by Janaisaliar on Aug 16, 2010
This is a cover up story for some kind of surgery implant or removal of sort. Find the scar and you find the truth.
posted by Alyssa on Jul 16, 2010
You are all pretty dumb. Of all the comments on here I saw 1. Is that what this world is coming to? We have to sit behind computers and criticize other people because we aren't happy with ourselves? She can't control when people write articles. It never said anywhere that she quoted this when this article was written. She definitely wasn't complaining, merely explaining what happened. At least she is making something of her life, unlike all of the trolls on here.
posted by Alexandra on May 16, 2010
Singlecoil .... trolls like you?!
posted by Maximilian on May 16, 2010
Why should a doctor in Romania speak English afterall? Do the doctors in America speak romanian with the romanian Patients? Or at least german or french? And how can a doctor in America say that there was never the appendix - did he/she saw a histological (pathologist) report?
posted by Singlecoil on May 16, 2010
As a Romanian, I would like to apologize for the morons who left most of the comments. We're not all retarded, and some of us can speak and write proper English. Sadly, as in all the other countries, the trolls are the ones most active on the Internet.
posted by lol on May 16, 2010
How intresting.Just 2 days after romanian movie at the Cannes get great critics,especialy in L.A.Times etc.I just wonder how much money she got for this disparagement. Cheap slot.
posted by dan md on May 15, 2010
f**k Yourself slut! Amnesia along 5 years stinks! That its only for the flashes! Does the romanian doctor cure the mental retard? Check it!She need for this!
posted by Singlecoil on May 15, 2010
You're probably right, dr, but a misdiagnosis involving the gallbladder is fairly common everywhere, especially for someone her age, and a second opinion could surely have been had in Romania too.
posted by ImAlwayswrite on May 15, 2010
Next maybe when you visit japan they will remove your implants...
posted by iMALWAYSWRITE on May 15, 2010
wELL JANA,,next time maybe you will have your implants removed ...
posted by Michael on May 15, 2010
A story made up only for publicity.
posted by John on May 15, 2010
"The doctor could barely speak English" well you were in Romania he was speaking romanian and not english, because that is the official language at that country. therefore you should hire a translator. And maybe the problem occured because he couldn't understand your symptoms.

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