Michael Vick Urged to Pose Naked for Animal

February 22, 2010 02:31:47 GMT

The bosses of Playgirl have offered Michael Vick to shed clothes for the magazine for $1 million which is intended to be donated to PETA following his animal abuse.

Michael Vick Urged to Pose Naked for Animal
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The bosses of saucy women's magazine Playgirl have come up with a new way for disgraced sportsman Michael Vick to redeem himself for slaying fighting dogs - strip. The embattled American footballer, who was arrested for animal abuse and promoting dog fighting in 2007, has been invited to pose for Playgirl in return for a $1 million donation to animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

A spokesman for Playgirl confirms to Life & Style magazine, "I sent the request to Michael Vick on Wednesday, but we haven't heard back yet. I figured he paid back society for dog fighting, but what about the animals? This way he could donate a large sum to PETA and all he'd have to do is pose for the magazine! It's kind of a win-win situation!"

Vick is currently trying to rebuild his shattered image after spending 19 months in prison for his part in a dog-fighting ring.


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posted by ily vick on Jan 04, 2011
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posted by tft barb on Feb 28, 2010
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posted by rt to barb on Feb 28, 2010
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posted by jmt on Feb 28, 2010
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posted by bigfanx on Feb 24, 2010
Posing NUDE... won't the NFL have something to say about image?
posted by TFTBarb on Feb 21, 2010
If we want to see a naked pig we can all go to the nearest farm yard.

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