Lucy Lawless Desperate to Star in 'Xena' Movie

January 26, 2010 06:41:27 GMT

Best known for her Xena portrayal, Lucy Lawless hopes the warrior pin-up will be brought to the big screen, saying that she would love to reprise the role.

Lucy Lawless
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Actress Lucy Lawless is calling on movie bosses to adapt "Xena: Warrior Princess" for the big screen - because she fears fans will lose interest in the fantasy series if it's revived for TV. The New Zealand-born star is best known for playing the warrior pin-up in the cult program, which she is desperate to see brought back to life as a feature film.

She tells, "I love that character. I would do it if it was a movie. I doubt I would do it as a TV series. I can't see how you would make it fresh."

"By the time somebody does come up with that I'm just going to be too old. And I'm really sad about that. I feel like it's a completely wasted franchise."


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posted by Adam on Mar 23, 2013
i would love to see a Xena the warrior princess movie with Lucy lawless and Gabriella.
posted by CarolinaXWP on Jun 16, 2012
posted by Khargosh Agha on Oct 13, 2011
Of course there should be a Xena-movie with Lucy Lawless in the lead role! I would pay the triple amount for the cinema-ticket - it would be so worth it!!
posted by Liz on Jun 17, 2011
Please join and Like the Xena movie campaign 2011 on Facebook. Thanks!
posted by Rina on Jun 04, 2011
Whoop whoop a Xena movie would be amazing the best thing in the world. Hope the movie is here soon.
posted by mrod3891 on Mar 15, 2011
A Xenae watch movie would totally be awesome! I love watching lucy and renee in there wild adventures!
posted by Jelle on Jan 22, 2011
Please make a Xena movie.... fans all over the world are asking for it, GIVE US A XENA MOVIE!! Greetz from Belgium
posted by emigirl on Jan 06, 2011
That one person who said they could make it so that xena is heterosexual made me want to smack them.
posted by TereBelieve on Nov 25, 2010
Xena deserves to come back (played by Lucy Lawless of course), this is not a caprixeau of anybody, Xena deserves it. A friend is need was unfair and wrong, Xena had been forgetting of anything years before, anyway NOW its time Xena learn finally to forgive Herself and well.. why not Xena can be the mother, heterosexual strong, happy and mother who Xena wanted to be? A lot of unfair and wrong issues are charged against this incredible character,the best character ever!
posted by James Adams on Sep 15, 2010
A Xena movie is MUCH needed !!!!! Lucy Lawless and Rennee O'Connor have to be in it !!!! Maybe it will happy. Some of the greatest victories are on the edge of defeat:). Xena was a hero in its rarest form, and would be a HUGE blockbuster hit ! Please:) make it happen !!!:) :)
posted by cat hat on Aug 16, 2010
Battle on Xena!!!!!!!
posted by DarkWolf on Jul 09, 2010
Pleaseeeee..I Want A Xena Movie!!!! After many years...ALL FANS are asking Xena: Warrior Princess" for the big screen!! LISTEN TO US!!!
posted by Raindancer on Jul 02, 2010
Oh, no, thanks. Let Xenia be, what she is - a great but dead warrior. It was a TV-Series with good and with stupid episodes. It ended - RIP.
posted by kjs on Jun 06, 2010
Guys...It's not gonna happen...Don't be ecstatic...The articul says that Lucy wants a Xena movie but that it's not enough..As you should remember the problem was the rights of the series...
posted by Be serious on May 26, 2010
For Xena to work, it needs to tidy itself up and look little more serious, to be taken seriously as a big block buster film. It's a Greek heroine story, so should look like one....! The tv serious made it look middle ages atmosphere. Nothing looked ancient Greek. Partly due to budget and filming in a Newzealand forest....
posted by Be Serious on May 26, 2010
Yes, it is a good idea for a Xena movie, but the take on the movie idea, must take a different approach, to differenciate it from the tv series
posted by Xena\'s Son on May 06, 2010
I need her back! That should was amazing
posted by ProXenaReturn on Mar 03, 2010
As a producer and Xena fan, I am THRILLED that Lucy Lawless is interested in a Xena movie. Good news is: I am working on an epic fantasy film -- and I have just sent Lucy Lawless and her husband, producer Robert Tapert, a query letter about Xena’s resurrection on film. While I cannot give the details, I CAN say at this moment, that my proposal is the perfect and timely answer for a Xena movie. Lucy Lawless and fans will be very happy. Uncertain news is: I hope my query letter will reach her and Robert Tapert. Lea
posted by flyingscorpio on Feb 22, 2010
We need absolutly need a Xena movie! I grew up watching xena to the final episode and was crushed that it was over. I'm in my 20's starting my life and a Xena movie would sure bring me alot of insperation! Lucy is such an awsome actress. Any writer, producer, director, Film corp who doesn't think that a Xena movie would be good IS DEAD FRIGEN WRONG! It would make so much money! But it has to be lucy and renee!! PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEEEEEEE PLEEEAASSSEE!!!
posted by luigee on Feb 20, 2010
yes..a xena movie has to be done. I think Lucy, Renee, and the fans who didn't like the ending need final "closure"
posted by joxer-the-mighty on Feb 18, 2010
dear god it has to be made y wont it be made like the amount of pure crap movies that are after came out in the past 2 years a xena movie is what the world needs we need a hero move that every one loves that brings joy and hope not just a 2 hour flop with no meaning like some hero movies xena always had a message in it no mather what ep a move would just be the best thing to happen
posted by Xenalove!! on Feb 15, 2010
OMG I WANT A MOVIE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!! I would get on my knees and beg too. Lucy and Renee both have to star in it. I have been watching Lucy in Spartacus blood and sand and she could totally still do xena perfectly, she's just alittle more toned now that's all!! Omg omg I love xena so much you have nooooooo idea!! Please please please!!!
posted by AFan on Feb 05, 2010
Yes please!!! I am completely for it. As long as it's with Lucy and Renee! I am willing to get on my knees and beg. There is no reason not to, it would make tons of money!
posted by cowgurl on Jan 30, 2010
As far as Xena coming back from the dead she's done it before. lol Only Lucy and Renee can play those roles as for Ares replacement i think the actor from Angel and Bones is perfect. IMHO
posted by angela on Jan 27, 2010
Where does it imply that she is 'desperate' for the movie to happen? Anyway, I adore Xena and would love a X:WP movie.
posted by sikher on Jan 26, 2010
I am ecstatic!! Never thought it would happen;we need Gabrielle too of course, and no-one but Renee O'Connor in that role.Please please please.
posted by claybee81 on Jan 26, 2010
if anyone can recall xena died in the last episode. what is she going to do huant people in the movie.
posted by virgotwin on Jan 26, 2010
I have been waiting for a chance to see a Xena movie for years and years that is my favorite show of all time. I really loved it,my twin sister and I never ever missed a episode.
posted by rackleyduo on Jan 26, 2010
I have been waiting on a movie of would be an awesome thing!!!!

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