Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller Reunite for 'The Hardy Men'

January 05, 2010 05:06:58 GMT

Previously playing together in 'Tropic Thunder', Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller are set to play in the same movie again called 'The Hardy Men', portraying the teen supersleuths.

Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller Reunite for 'The Hardy Men'
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Tom Cruise will reunite with his "Tropic Thunder" co-star Ben Stiller to bring literary detective brothers "The Hardy Boys" to life on the big screen. Plans are afoot to bring the two Hollywood stars together again to portray the teen supersleuths in the popular books as adults in "The Hardy Men".

Director Shawn Levy, who will produce the movie, tells, "I saw how well Ben and Tom got along and that's what gave me the idea of wait a second, I've got to do a movie with them together. Wait a second, let's do 'The Hardy Men' with them together. That brainchild came about because I saw their chemistry as friends."

But Levy admits it could be a while before cameras begin rolling on the film - because he's having difficulty finding the perfect storyline. He adds, "Developing a movie for a movie star is hard. Developing a movie for two movie stars is a very, very challenging enterprise. The bull's eye is small and the tone has to be exactly right. So we are still working on it."


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posted by Dawn on Jan 26, 2010
There's no audience for it. The Hardy Boy fans universally hate the idea and if you're not a fan, you're not going to particularly want to see it. The hard core HB fans are too purist to buy into a comedy with characters that have been overly 'tweaked'. The HBs aren't well known enough outsides of the States to make it saleable. I'm a British HB fan who helps run a HB site, so I know what the spread of the fans is = there are less than 50 of us in the UK, a few in Australia and New Zealand and a handful in other countries). It's going to be a flop. It's a dead duck.
posted by dekrot on Jan 05, 2010
Tom Cruise is part of a terrorist/criminal organization called Scientology. I would never support Osama Bin Laden and will not support any movie with Tom Cruise in it. The cult he is in is responsible for hundreds of deaths. Google WhyAreTheyDead dot info.
posted by Anna on Jan 05, 2010
Oh, and I forgot to mention. Not being harsh or anything. Tom Cruise is a truly fantastic looking man for 47 years old. Did mother Hardy adopt poor Ben? Ben is just not hot or handsome for a 44 year old man. What will be that excuse?? Seeing the two pictures above made me even more uneasy and ill. I realize not all siblings look alike in real life but if you are going to make a movie-let's not do Abbot and Costello or Laurell and Hardy. Even in the original shows both men were nice looking. At least pick two reasonably good looking men. Tom is the only one worth looking at at all. I guess Ben will be the one there to laugh at. Now that is sad! Sorry Ben - I had to say it. At least you have Christine !
posted by Anna on Jan 05, 2010
Ben Stiller is no ones true friend in Hollywood. He will use anyone he thinks might just help make his career. He is a true user and a real piece of work. He had the same magical "chemistry" on film with Robert Downey Jr as well. Everyone had hopes that they would make great movies together also. Ben used him to better Tropic Thunder and make that movie a hit as well but Robert got the Oscar nom not Ben. Now everyone is saying, "Oh he has great chemistry with Tom Cruise". Ben makes me sick. Let's trade awards and movie dollars in for the benefits of our friends careers Ben maybe one will get you an Oscar one day! I used to like Ben now I just find him a loser. Let us all hope that Tom realizes what a mistake this really is before it is too late. Ben Stiller will ruin his career and this movie will be a dismal flop. Ben Stiller can not act. He is a fall on your face and look like an idiot actor. There is not one ounce of real actor in him. Tom Cruise is a real actor with a real career. Maybe some of his people should help him see the light before it is too late to turn back.

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