GOT7's Jackson Says He 'Has Respect for All Races' After Being Accused of Cultural Appropriation

GOT7's Jackson Says He 'Has Respect for All Races' After Being Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Fans are not happy with the fact that the 'Girls Girls Girls' hitmaker sported dreadlocks in his new Pepsi ad, but Jackson later claims he didn't have any intention to offend anyone.

Jackson of GOT7 is under fire after sporting dreadlocks in his new Pepsi ad. Fans accused him of cultural appropriation and asked him to apologize, but the 23-year-old rapper insisted that he didn't do anything wrong.

Shortly after the ad was released, fans wrote a bunch of comments on his Instagram account. They stated how wearing dreadlocks is a form of cultural appropriation and he should never do it again. However, Jackson responded to the comments by writing, "LOL... that's ridiculous."

He further added that he has respect and love for all races. "I don't think I'm the only one doing this and if people are gonna point fingers at this, so be it... haters gon' hate. I have all my respect and love for all RACE," Jackson stated.

"But if you think this whole thing is disrespecting or mock a race, I'm really sorry but you are on the wrong page. I made this decision because I was too in love with the culture," he continued. "No matter if it's music wise, people, background or anything, and I truly respect it with my heart. It's a complete misunderstanding."

Some fans agreed with Jackson and said that he didn't need to apologize. "I don't think it's fair for Jackson to apologize. Sure, he maybe should as people felt offended, but was it his choice? Know who's in blame before you point your fingers," a fan wrote. "Why is everybody hating on Jackson? He isn't the first one to have dreads. It's unfair that Jackson is getting all of the hats," another added.

Jeweler Ben Baller, whose clients include Kanye West, Drake and The Weeknd, also defended the "Never Ever" rapper. He wrote, "Non Asian Kpop fans have to be some of the lowest IQ humans on earth. I'm dead serious. I'm sad for them." He later deleted some of his tweets.



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