'The Voice': Carson Daly Addresses Instant Save Backlash

May 14, 2014 08:37:21 GMT

Believing that technology has allowed this, the 'Voice' host says, 'We think it's exciting and cool to be able to turn the reins over to our viewers.'

'The Voice': Carson Daly Addresses Instant Save Backlash
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Instant Save which was introduced on "The Voice" last season may have allowed viewers to get involved more with the show, but some are not pleased with how it has affected the results so far. With only a week before the season 6 finals, host Carson Daly addresses the criticisms of the Twitter Save.

"I love the Twitter Save, but there's definitely been some backlash," he acknowledges. "I see it online - maybe more because I'm from L.A., and the West Coast still doesn't have a clear grip on how they can participate."

"But from a television standpoint and where we believe the world is headed with the convergence of social media and traditional TV, get ready, because it's all headed this way," he continues, "Technology is making it possible for this to be able to be decided on live TV using technology. It's just gonna happen, and with that, there are going to be people who are upset about it, but the truth is, we think it's exciting and cool to be able to turn the reins over to our viewers."

On the latest results show which aired on Tuesday, May 13, Christina Grimmie of Team Adam Levine got the advantage of the Instant Save after landing in the bottom three along with Kristen Merlin and Kat Perkins. She will sing in the finals next week along with Jake Worthington of Team Blake Shelton and Josh Kaufman of Team Usher.


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posted by jimbo on May 19, 2014
"we think it's exciting and cool to be able to turn the reins over to our viewers." Bull! There are millions of viewers who don't even use Twitter! Get real Carson If America is going to vote, let them all vote the same! phone or text. Better listen to the Public, or you will be loosing fans and ratings if you havent already!
posted by jimbo on May 19, 2014
LOL, what a joke! The last twitter save was supposed to have been May 6th, but Hmm?, that changed. there is nothing about even using twitter in the official rules! West Coast can vote to get your favorite to the top 5 or 10, but then they are cut off from the twitter save, which makes no sense! I don't know about everyone else, but I am curious on the standard vote count from tues may 13th, for the 3 girls. What u bet, Grimme had the least votes? She didn't even make the top 10 on itune charts. I think we should call for a recount, what say you? !!!!!
posted by NobodySpecial on May 14, 2014
They can keep believing it is the future if they want, but this show is getting less and less interesting for those of us on the west coast who don't get to participate and loss of interest is going to equate to loss of ratings.
posted by betty on May 14, 2014
I think the instant for the semifinalist was terrible. The top 3 singers on ITunes were Jake and Josh and Kristen. Christina was not anywhere close. I felt so sorry for Kristen. Christina is a spoiled and full of herself girl. It should of been Jake and Josh and Kristen.
posted by Janet on May 14, 2014
There is no denying that Christina had a large Twitter following, that there wasn't supposed to be an instant save last night, and that Kristen was ahead on iTunes. I call BS.
posted by Fed Up with the Voic on May 14, 2014
What, is the west coast supposed to start tweeting while they are driving home from work? That is about the time that they would have to. Get real, Carson, it's one thing to tweet while you are watching the show, but who is going to bother at other times when they are busy with their lives. I have felt the instant save is unfair since they started it for the fans on the west coast as well as the contestants with fan bases on the west coast. I think too, that the producers like using twitter because more young people use it and younger artists as winners are more marketable. Last night was the last straw for me. Bye, bye to The Voice after watching for 6 seasons.

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