'Dancing with the Stars' Sends Home Elizabeth Berkley in Another Shocking Elimination

November 12, 2013 03:28:02 GMT

With a total of 56 points from the November 11 episode, the 'Saved by the Bell' alumna is actually the runner-up in the leaderboard this week.

'Dancing with the Stars' Sends Home Elizabeth Berkley in Another Shocking Elimination
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"Dancing with the Stars" eliminated a frontrunner this week. Audience at the studio and viewers at home were once again stunned when Elizabeth Berkley was booted out of the competition despite never being in jeopardy before.

"I'm sad," she admitted. "There were more things we wanted to do. But I'm, honestly, beyond grateful for this. ... I want to thank everyone, especially Val." The former "Saved By the Bell actress added, "I've learned so much, obviously dance, but (also) growth as a human being and partnership."

Elizabeth's elimination was shocking, since she's one of the best dancers on Monday night, November 11. She danced a Viennese waltz for her first individual routine with her partner Val Chmerovskiy. Bruno Tonioli commented, "This week you hit it," as the judges gave her 26 points.

She even earned a perfect score of 30 for her trio salsa with Gleb Savchenko. "You are a girl on fire, your spins were tight, a Salsa superstar," Carrie Ann Inaba said. With a total of 56 points, Elizabeth was on the second place of the leaderboard.

Meanwhile, despite her knee injury, Amber Riley and her pro partner Derek Hough showed up to dance a quickstep. The judges praised the "Glee" star for continously improving, but told her to fix her top line. She earned 24 out of 30 points for the first individual routine.

As for her trio number, Amber and Derek were joined by Mark Ballas for a salsa number. She earned positive reviews this time, with Carrie Ann commenting, "You guys were like the dream team, I can't believe Amber was injured and danced like that." The actress earned 27 points for a total of 51 points.

Coming out in the second order, Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani danced a tango. Bruno called it "a bad a** tango" but noticed that there were "a few moments where you are shaky." Carrie Ann complained that Leah's arms "lack emotion." The judges gave her 27 points.

She earned another 27 for her trio jive with Henry Byalikov. "I love a woman who takes control, I like the slap," Carrie Ann commented, while Len Goodman said, "It was fantastic entertainment and good fun." Her total score this week is 54.

Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff danced a traditional waltz for their first individual routine. Len liked it for being "so expressive," but he "would have liked more in hold." For Bruno, the dance was perfect as he called it "enchanting" and "breathtaking." The "High School Musical" actor earned 28 points.

He and Karina later danced a jazz with Witney Carson. Carrie Ann gushed, "That was maybe the best routine I have seen in seven seasons," as Len called it "delicious." Corbin earned a perfect score of 30 for a total of 58 that night.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke danced a viennese waltz, which Len called Jack's best dance so far. Bruno advised him, "Watch your hands, keep them under control." Jack earned 29 points.

He, however, wasn't as good as he's in the first routine when dancing a trio samba with Sharna Burgess. Len said it was a "great fun but the technique was not there," while Carrie Ann thought he "looked overwhelmed with the two women." Jack earned 25 for a total score of 54.

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater's charleston failed to impress the judges. Len warned him, "I loved you this season, but you need to nail it on the next dance or you are going to be in trouble." They gave the funnyman 21 points.

Bill wasn't able to redeem it with his trio, a salsa with Peta Murgatroyd which also earned 21 points. Bruno and Carrie Ann complained that there's no rhythm. With a total of 42 points, Bill landed on the bottom of the scoreboard again.


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posted by So So on Nov 12, 2013
Have a Russian Pro - get voted off... Karma
posted by Fred on Nov 12, 2013
DWTS has always been about popularity, it is just a little more apparent now.
posted by Screech on Nov 12, 2013
That just goes to show Elizabeth Berkley just how much the public despise her. Personally, I can not stand the b!%(*
posted by judy on Nov 12, 2013
This was wrong, Bill should have gone home. DWTS is nothing but a 'popularity' contest, not a 'dancing' contest anymore. Disgusting,, the show will continue to lose ratings.
posted by judy on Nov 12, 2013
This was just WRONG. Bill needed to go. DWTS is turning in to a 'popularity' contest, not a 'dancing' contest. You will be losing viewers if this keeps up. So disgusting.
posted by Tabby on Nov 12, 2013
Crazy voting is a result of messing up the original format.Dancers should be judged on how they did each night-not how they did last week. If it ain't broke-don't fix it!
posted by the debster on Nov 12, 2013
She was robbed!
posted by Martin on Nov 12, 2013
Americans...pfhh...I am glad I do not live in the land of insane.
posted by Brandy on Nov 12, 2013
So Sad. Elizabeth was at and near the top so many times, got a perfect 30 (3-10's) and was voted off, while this Bozo with two low scoring 21's stays. No thanks. Even Bill Engvall had a shocked look on his face. He was sure he was going home... Done with this stupidity.
posted by Push-up on Nov 12, 2013
Why would anybody watch this shit? My wife recorded it and I walked in and seen the end of it and watched the best dancer get voted off. What a fucked up show! Not playing on my tv when I'm watching it again. That's like giving the worst team in sports the championship trophy.
posted by thomas on Nov 12, 2013
Bill dances terribly, clumsy walk is not a dance. Judges shame on you, 7 for Bill, 8 for Elisabeth? Really? One point difference Len? Aren't you the guilty party most of all? No rhythm, no steps, no energy, no grace, Bill is a big embarrassment. It's disgustingly inappropriate that people like that advance and good dancers are eliminated. It goes against everything that's American and decent. I am glad my daughters didn't see it yesterday.
posted by ecarneal on Nov 12, 2013
This is really annoying me (totally cleaned up). This perfect example of the dumbing down of America is sad...popularity over sucks. If one of these Bozos that cant put one foot in front of the other wins I'm done with this show for good. No longer relevant.

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