Video: Kristen Stewart Ridiculed by Will Ferrell Over Her Scandal

August 03, 2012 06:16:33 GMT

The 'Campaign' actor discusses one of today's hot topics, which is Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal that led to her breakup with Robert Pattinson.

Video: Kristen Stewart Ridiculed by Will Ferrell Over Her Scandal
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Will Ferrell has sort of expressed his feeling about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's doomed relationship. During a recent appearance on "CONAN" to promote his new movie "The Campaign", the comedian cried over the breakup of the two young stars.

Conan O'Brien looked concerned when his guest Will seemed upset. When asked what the problem was, the former "Saturday Night Live" star said after an exaggerated sigh, "There's this actress, Kristen Stewart. She had a boyfriend, Robert Pattinson .. and and she cheated on him."

Channeling his inner Twihard, the funnyman then wailed while continuing his story, "They've broken up and not gonna be back together. What they had was so special Conan you don't even know what they had. They were in love and she just threw it all away."

Conan tried to comfort Will, "I'm sure it's gonna be fine," but the "Casa de Mi Padre" star was inconsolable. "It's not gonna be fine," he screamed. "What they had was so special you don't even know." When the host tried to argue by stating, "I've been in love," the actor insisted, "Not like them." He then yelled, "She's a Trampire," to which the host responded, "That's horrible."


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posted by Camballogirl on Aug 03, 2012
Oh Cindy S, I think we all get it; it's just fun to laugh at ourselves a bit, isn't it. No need to hold your massive intelligence over our little heads...oh the arrogance.
posted by kogie n on Aug 03, 2012
posted by cindy s on Aug 03, 2012
Oh the irony - He his rediculing the fans and hysterical bloogers like you! You are just not smart enough to realise it.

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