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Video: Conan O'Brien Performs 'Magic Mike XXL' Stripper Moves During Girls' Night Out

July 04, 2015 09:07:48

was so curious about girls' excitement at "" that he crashed a girls' night out. He joined his assistant and her friends to watch the movie, but before that he discussed with them what's interesting about the movie.

"I don't know much about the film. Just judging by the title, I assume it's a very heavy magician," he said when he arrived at his assistant's house. "I haven't seen you ladies react this way to a movie franchise before. You didn't do this for 'Ninja Turtles'. What's going on?" he asked the girls.


Conan O'Brien Gets Drunk, Angers Dogs During His Visit to Cuba

March 05, 2015 03:03:45

visited Cuba last month to film an episode of his talk show which just aired on Wednesday night, March 4. In the special episode, the "" host revealed his reason to visit the country was to "talk to the people, get to know them" and make friends with them after President Barack Obama announced last December that the U.S. would re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba.

In a four-minute opening, he's seen walking on the street and showed off his Spanish language skill which was apparently limited to a few lines. He angered the country's dogs when he walked through the neighborhood and visited a grocery store which displays only one product in a long row.


Conan O'Brien Filming TBS Talk Show in Cuba

February 16, 2015 11:02:45

is quick to take action after President Barack Obama said in his speech last December that the U.S. would re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. Taking advantage of this new policy, the "" host has taken his late-night show to the island country to film an episode there.

O'Brien and the show's crew filmed segments of an upcoming episode in Havana and surrounding areas this past weekend. The episode will air March 4 at 11 P.M. ET on TBS.


Conan O'Brien Plays Nasty Biker in 'Sons of Anarchy'-Themed Cold Open

November 12, 2014 02:11:28

channeled his inner bada** biker in the cold open for the Tuesday, November 11 episode of "". The comedian sported fake mustache and long hair, donned a leather vest and hit the road on a motorcycle.

He, however, wasn't well accepted by other motorcycle gang members, getting thrown out a window of a biker bar. He apparently didn't fit into a cupcake shop either, and eventually opted to ride a children's bicycle.


'Sons of Anarchy' Cast to Invade 'CONAN'

October 31, 2014 12:10:09

"" cast will stop by "" for their first-ever joint talk show appearance. Series creator Kurt Sutter will be joined by the show's stars, including , , , and , on the TBS show November 11.

More actors of the FX series will be announced later to join the gang for the TV interview. The "CONAN" appearance comes just before the "Sons of Anarchy" impending farewell with the series finale scheduled to air on December 9.


'CONAN' Fined by FCC for Using Emergency Alert Sounds in Old Promo

November 07, 2013 02:11:14

"" lands in trouble over an old promo. The show is facing a $25,000 fine from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for using emergency alert sounds in a 2012 promotional clip.

FCC has noticed the cable network about the fine for "the transmission of false distress signals," unless it can dissuade the commission within 30 days. FCC detailed that the video "used the emergency weather tones to gain attention for a commercial regarding being on the show for April 26, 2012."


Will Ferrell to Appear as 'Anchorman' Character Ron Burgundy on 'CONAN'

October 31, 2013 08:10:58

's Ron Burgundy will return to "" on Thursday, November 21. The actor will once again appear as his "" character following his surprise apperance in March 2012 on the TBS show to break the news that the long-awaited sequel to the 2004 comedy film was finally greenlit.

For his next visit, Ferrell/Burgundy will have a sitdown with host . "It's thrilling to be on the Conan O'Brien show, a top flight show. I'm excited to hear he's still on television," so the famous newsman from San Diego says.


TBS Renews Conan O'Brien's Talk Show Through 2015

April 02, 2013 08:04:28

While his former rival may be in danger of losing his job on NBC, has secured a renewal for his show "". TBS announces that it has extended O'Brien's contract, making sure he will stay on the cable network until November 2015. His initial deal would expire in April 2014.

"When we invited Conan O‚��Brien to come to TBS, we knew he would bring with him a passionately loyal following of young adults," TBS' head of programming Michael Wright said in a statement released on April 1. "Conan and his colleagues at Team Coco have gone far beyond that by making Conan the top late-night brand in the digital arena."


Conan O'Brien Extends Deal With TBS Until 2014

February 23, 2012 12:02:14

is on TBS to stay. The talk show host has just signed a two-year deal with the cable network that will keep his show "" on air until April 2014. "I am excited to continue my run with TBS because they have been fantastic partners," O'Brien said in a statement. "This means Iíll be taping episodes of 'Conan' well into the Ron Paul presidency."

"Conan", which was conceived after his ugly exit from NBC's "The Tonight Show", has shown a steady growth in rating over the past months. The show has received 1.1 million viewers in average with 407,000 adults 18-34 and 702,000 adults 18-49, Nielsen said. "The success of Conan also extends well beyond the show's TBS telecasts to include widespread DVR, online and mobile viewing, interaction through Twitter, Facebook and TeamCoco.com," the network said.


Video: Anne Hathaway and Paul Rudd Secretly Audition for 'Jersey Shore'

September 29, 2011 01:09:34

While there is persistent rumor of MTV planning to replace the cast of "", claims to have found secret audition tapes featuring some "impressive candidates": , and . In the clip played on "", the three of them start the auditions by mentioning their names.

"Multiple growth hormones, that's the type I'm attracted to," Hathaway says in her first scene before launching into an emotional rant when she is featured again after Rudd. The "" actor, meanwhile, reveals his desire to move to Jersey and find a nice, hot guy, stating, "I want to marry a guido."


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