Ann Curry's Fans Launch Petition to Keep Her on 'Today'

June 23, 2012 04:30:03 GMT

An Iraq veteran, who admires 'Curry's compassionate style of journalism,' pleads with NBC not to fire the 55-year-old journalist.

Ann Curry's Fans Launch Petition to Keep Her on 'Today'
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Ann Curry's fans don't stay quiet when it's rumored that their favorite journalist may be dropped from "Today". More than 8,000 people have signed a petition posted on, in an attempt to save her co-hosting gig on the NBC morning program.

Starting the petition was Sgt. Stephen Crowley, an Iraq veteran with PTSD and a 60% service connected disability. The 49-year-old says "Curry's compassionate style of journalism" gives him "a sense of calm and certainty in life."

The self-described aspiring writer continues praising Curry, "Her compassion and dedication to her audience radiates every time she stands in front of a camera. She connects with people. She has definitely connected with me." He additionally recalls, "She favorited my Tweet when I sent her my Award Winning Non-Fiction essay 'A Marble in the Sand'."

Asked what he would say to Curry if he could, Crowley tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I would just tell her not to let this get her down. Because she has a lot of people behind her, who love her, who love her journalism and her style. I'd just tell her to hang in there."

It has been reported that NBC plans to replace Curry on "Today". Former co-anchor Meredith Vieira was allegedly offered to return, but she turned it down. Savannah Guthrie, the co-host of the show's 9 A.M. hour, is now mentioned as the top candidate to take the duty.


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posted by Fairplay on Jul 03, 2012
TICKED OFF ABOUT ANN GETTING THROWN UNDER THE BUS? Then let's teach NBC a lesson. All Ann Curry Fans start watching GMA immediately. Let's really help GMA beat the Today Show!!!
posted by becki on Jun 28, 2012
get rid of Ann, are you crazy, guess I will have to watch Robin Roberts now......Ann is the only reason I watch today show. better than Matt, much better than Meridth, and that Katie person...... stupid Today show
posted by lina58 on Jun 28, 2012
SHAME ON NBC!!!! You have just given me and my family another reason to be watching either Fox news or Good Morning America. Ann has been for many years a part of my morning rountine. The day she became co-host I was excited for her. She is a top notch journalist and a very classy lady. If the reasons she was let go as a co host to Matt was because of ratings I guess all her hard work and devotion over the 15 years with NBC met nothing. Like we say it does not take one person to build a village or destroy a village (the village being THe Today Show) it takes many. If you are going to clean house look no futher then the person sitting next to Ann in the mornings. NBC you did NOT give ANN a chance.
posted by Beautiful Person on Jun 28, 2012
Ann Curry, keep your head up. Time have a way of healing all wounds. I think you should take this time and go on a vacation with family and friend. Look at Deborah Norville who was brought in to pull a young market that did not work out. NBC has a problem, remember keep your head up. Do not feel bad anymore. Stay strong. With much respect you will be missed.
posted by Beautiful Person on Jun 28, 2012
I can not believe after 15 years; this is the best NBC can do for Ann Curry's. In previous departure most are given flashback of things reported. Ann has years of amazing moments caught on film. Why is all blame placed on Ann? could have well been Matt. Savannah is ok...but, I believe in paying your dues and Savannah have not paid them. Matt did not deserve to have his position either. He did not pay his dues at all. I think the today show should think about cleaning house altogether. Today show should let someone ever take the spotlight for once. The show need to try something new. For 15 years Ann has given the show the world. And, NBC let her go with very little respect. What type of a show is this? If you think that getting rid of Ann Curry and hiring Savannah is going to bring rating in, think again. Good Morning America is just doing a good job right now. Because today has not treated their employee's right; I will now be watching Good morning America for now on.
posted by ours4ever on Jun 28, 2012
Ann can fit anywhere except nbc matt is toxic!
posted by rocks on Jun 26, 2012
I want watch today show no more when Ann Curry gone she made the show.Get rid of matt
posted by BRD2EZ on Jun 26, 2012
Ann Curry is one of the sweetest people on the show, her voice is calming and she is very professional. Matt acts like he "OWNS" the show. I used to be a loyal fan of the show but have found I turn the channel every day because I am tired of hearing Matt...oh well there's always Good Morning America.
posted by OKCTHUNDERGIRL on Jun 26, 2012
Once again NBC big cheeses are dumb. I would fire Hoda and that stupid a@@ Kathy Lee before Ann. Guess I if Ann goes I go. YOU WILL BE MISSED ANN!!! Hopefully NBC will get their heads out of there...... before they lose ratings by letting you go.
posted by RJG on Jun 26, 2012
They finally get Ann Curry an they want to let her go...The one who should be let go is Matt....Know woman seems to stay long with him there..That's why ratings are down he needs a wake up call....Ann if your gone so is the Today Show in this house hold..
posted by jceevee on Jun 24, 2012
NBC is messing up again! Ann Curry is one classy lady and a huge asset to NBC. This is crazy and due to this I have switched and watch KTLA5 now. I hope others take similar action as people do not matter, only ratings do!
posted by sueov on Jun 24, 2012
Sadly, I too will be changing the station if Ann Curry leaves the Today Show. It is hard to believe poor ratings could be blamed on her when you have had Sarah Palin and Rosie as part of a news show. It's time to get real and look at your programming.
posted by Nooo on Jun 24, 2012
If NBC fires Ann or humiliates her any more we will not watch anymore Today Show. She is your best and brightest AND bravest NBC. Your problem is trite programming not Ann Curry.
posted by Luca on Jun 23, 2012 had to bring politics in the mix. Please try to stick to the subject at hand. Let the trolling begin...
posted by Jcmc on Jun 23, 2012
I agree Matt is the one that needs to go. I don't understand while the blame is being put Ann for the ratings, it is just an unfair assumption. Ann truly makes the today show a pleasure to watch and she is great at what she does. I will not watch if she is replaced.
posted by Batg1rl on Jun 23, 2012
Kee u the GOOD WORK and you are LOVED very much!!!
posted by Common Sense on Jun 23, 2012
Our country is not doing as well as before because inteligent hard-working and knowledgible people are punished by management all the time. Why? Those people usually speak the truth. Truth sometimes hurts, or most time hurts. If a person has cancer, you tell him and treat the cancer. However, most managers love the trashes around them telling everything is great.
posted by no longer a fan on Jun 23, 2012
I thought Matt was leaving, I now see where he has sign a long term contract. The whole cast is cutthroat, two- faced, and back-stabbers. Ann just when you thought those people had your back. All the secret meetings just a cowardly move.
posted by Cbinflux on Jun 23, 2012
Ann is so saccharine and smarmy it's nauseating. NBC is only miffed that she can't bring Matt's level of disdain and loathing when interviewing non-Liberals.
posted by asencioa8380 on Jun 23, 2012
Keep her on she is great.
posted by mattisdpro on Jun 23, 2012
Matt's The problem not Ann. I stop watching the Today show 15 years ago when I met him in person. His journalism style reflexs his personality...Pompous A$$!
posted by Rita on Jun 23, 2012
You are an excellent journalist Ms. Curry. Forget the haters.
posted by Rita on Jun 23, 2012
You are an excellent journalist Ms. Curry. Forget the haters :-)
posted by changes needed on Jun 23, 2012
Her contract is a guaranteed 10 million for three years. She's just a year into her contract. I'm sure that she'll still be a part of the NBC team but the today show has not proven to be a great personality fit. Her journalistic style would be great for investigative reporting, evening news, foreign correspont, etc. But this is from a die hard GMA fan :)
posted by Yonkers on Jun 23, 2012
Ann is terrible and is the reason i stopped watching
posted by Bored on Jun 23, 2012
There are plenty of folks who can read teleprompters out there. NBC, please get a couple of young, attractive ones for the Today show.
posted by Luca on Jun 23, 2012
Get rid of Ann? Is NBC serious? Management needs to sit their happy arse's down and decide how to give boot to arse to Matt Lauer! Give me a break NBC! Get rid of Ann and you will see GMA really get the ratings! Good luck with that. You will need it!
posted by Barry Gorg on Jun 23, 2012
Ann forgets the she is not being interviewed.. She sometimes is more interested in her views on an issue.. Pee wee Herman look alike Matt Lauer is a pain and has an attitude.
posted by Sinestra on Jun 23, 2012
I have not returned to The Tonight Show after Leno was brought back. I turn to GMA or CNN of is canned. Savannah Guthrie, really???
posted by keepionball on Jun 23, 2012
I returned NBC Today because Ann Curry is exciting, intelligent, and well-informed. Matt Lauer has always been annoying and seems to irritate the guests with his whiny persona. Boot him, I say, and keep Ann
posted by NBCNoBodyCares on Jun 23, 2012
The same NBC that destroyed the Tonight Show is destroying the Today Show. Would Jay Leno take Ann Curry's job?
posted by G-Man on Jun 23, 2012
I have watched The Today Show for many years .I have seen a lot of good people leave ,people that made the show #1.Now you want to rid Ann ,get rid of your management ,they are killing you.
posted by KarenOoo on Jun 23, 2012
Ann got class even for showing up at work. The person that is so boring is MATT he's even boring to look at!! You'll find out later the problem was Matt all this time. Ann go to GMA that's where its all happening. Let Matt drown in Today a boring show with boring Matt he gotta go put him out in the pastures among the cows!!
posted by Floyd on Jun 23, 2012
She should go to CBS and work with some real journalists like Charlie Rose. NBC is a bad joke.
posted by Hiker gal on Jun 23, 2012
Stale? Absolutely not! Ann Curry is a seasoned jounalist, trustworthy due to years of experience, knows what she's talking about... and she relates to us older folks and baby boomers! She is a keeper!
posted by Paul2 on Jun 23, 2012
Matt Laur is the one that is stale. Get rid of him and his stupid haircut. Keep Ann,
posted by whaaaat on Jun 23, 2012
is there a reason that crowley's rank, war history and service connected disabled percentage are mentioned? does that afford him some level of deference? Does it somehow indicate that the "calm and certainty" brought to him have more value? what a waste of keystrokes.
posted by DarDar on Jun 23, 2012
Management needs to rethink why they are not #1 anymore. All of NBC Today is stale. A BC is much more hip & relatable. It is not Ann Curry's fault, I myself have converted to ABC due to their group of news staff.
posted by Bye on Jun 23, 2012
Where is the petition to get rid of her? Oh yeah...that would be the ratings..and loss of ad $

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