La Toya Jackson Confirms Whitney Houston's Affair With Jermaine

March 06, 2012 09:04:25 GMT

La Toya reveals during a talk show interview that her then-married older brother did have a secret relationship with the late songstress whilst they were working together to record a song in 1984.

La Toya Jackson Confirms Whitney Houston's Affair With Jermaine
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Rumors about Whitney Houston's affair with Michael Jackson's older brother, Jermaine Jackson, back in the '80s might be true after all. The swirling gossip has been confirmed as a fact by none other than Jermaine's sister, La Toya Jackson.

In a Monday, March 5 interview for "The Talk", La Toya opened up about the recently deceased songstress' secret romance with her brother back then in 1984 when the two recorded a song together. Jermaine, however, denied the affair in his biography book in respect of Whitney's privacy as a rising star.

"Well, in '84, Jermaine and Whitney did work together," claimed La Toya. "That was the beginning of her career, basically. Sometimes when you work closely with someone... " She continued on, "I think that Jermaine wrote that in his book to protect Whitney at that particular time and he has admitted that they had an affair."

Following Whitney's sudden death last February, a video featuring the "I Will Always Love You" hitmaker having a duet with Jermaine surfaced on the internet. Previously, The Sun broke the news of the pair's affair by claiming that Michael Jackson did know about Jermaine's secret love but the late King of Pop didn't approve their relationship since his brother was still married to Hazel Gordy.

A friend close to both Whitney and Jermaine additionally told the papers, "Her death has devastated Jermaine because of the history between them." The source added, "No one understood the scale of his grief because they didn't know what they shared."

In his biography book, Jermaine confessed that he'd been struggling to put his feeling for Whitney aside for the sake of his marriage. A few weeks ago, the singer retracted a press release, which announced he had dedicated his song "The First Time You Love" to Whitney, and insisted that it was published without his permission.


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posted by tooty on Jun 24, 2013
Latoya do seem to talk alot about her family personal business and I dont agree with that but again whom am I to judge? Pray for her :)
posted by tooty on Jun 24, 2013
Everyone needs to shut the hell up about who is who, no one is perfect. Micheal was just diffrent and people are scared of diffrent, i truly believe he didnt do those horrible things, he was just weired but weired dont always mean bad. I have nothing against Jermaine but He do seem like he was a player and I dont agree with playing women but thats his personal life! I dont think he go the credit he deserved as an artist because he has a nice voice and some nice songs. Far as whitney she had a beautiful voice, sadly she got hooked up on other things but i never loked down on her because of it. We are all human, make wronge choices and some can learn from them , others dont but all and all God is the judge, not us! I miss both mj and whitney. I know thier resting peacefully! :)
posted by Kjlh 7884 on Apr 24, 2012
Lol at bonebag! You need to go read up on the mess that was done to Michael! Michael wasn't the leech in the least bit, it's his brothers. And he wasn't a child molester either.
posted by Taya on Mar 07, 2012
Latoya and her brother Jermaine are disgusting! Even if this were true what do they hope to achieve from it? Everyone seems to be looking for cheap popularity over Whitney Houston's death. It's immature, foolish, mean and down right disgusting! Grow up Jacksons!
posted by SMH on Mar 07, 2012
Michael was the leech! He even attempted to get Whitney for himself! lol: Is that you, Jermaine??
posted by bonebag on Mar 07, 2012
Michael was the leech! He even attempted to get Whitney for himself! Michael will always bee the child molester career saboteur and all around bad guy! RIP Whitney Star Strong Jermaine!
posted by juney7 on Mar 06, 2012
Jermaine was, is, and always will be leeching off his brother's coattails, and now it didn't take him long to add the late Whitney Houston to the mix, and use LaTonta as his mouthpiece. Jermaine and LaTonta, the worst of the Jacksons, and that's saying something. RIP Michael.

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