Vanessa Paradis Plays It Coy When Addressing Johnny Depp Split Rumors

Vanessa Paradis Plays It Coy When Addressing Johnny Depp Split Rumors

''In the winter I separate, in the summer I marry. It's been fifteen years since I've been getting married every year,' says the 'Cafe de Flore' actress when asked to address the reported break-up.

Vanessa Paradis finally broke her silence on rumors that she and Johnny Depp have ended their 14-year relationship. The 39-year-old actress was asked about the swirling reports after attending the Paris premiere of "Cafe de Flore" on Monday, January 23, but she managed to keep her answer vague.

Speaking to French radio station Europe 1, the mother of two said, "You know, when I eat three peas, I'm pregnant. When I visit a city, I'm buying a house." She continued on, "In the winter I separate, in the summer I marry. It's been fifteen years since I've been getting married every year. In addition I have to answer all these rumors!"

Daily Mail, meanwhile, reported that Paradis claimed she doesn't believe in the concept of marriage or soulmates. When hitting the red carpet solo at her new film's premiere, she said, "The idea of a soulmate is beautiful and very romantic to talk about it in a movie or a song, but in reality, I find it scary." On the reason why, she explained, "If you lose your soulmate everything is done for."

Words that Paradis and Depp might have gone their separate ways surfaced in early January. At the time, Radar Online reported that the couple has been arguing constantly and cited an inside source as saying, "Their relationship is heading toward the end." In mid-January, PEOPLE claimed the two are currently living "separate lives".




    Jun 17, 2012

    I really pray this lady doesnt get her heart broken by Depp. She has given him her love,her children,and 14 years of her life,..while still managing to look perfect throughout those years.Johnny seems to be going through a mid-life crisis,as other sites have stated. Guys get to use that as an excuse for their bad behavior,and we women get to shut up and take it. If what is being said is true about his affairs with those three other women,I say shame on him.Just shame on him.She's absolutely lovely,and I wish her the best.I've been a huge Johnny Depp fan for years and years,but if this is true,and he hurts her and those two kids,I might have to rethink my fandom. Usually,I dont pay attention to my fave's personal lives,but well,..I've also been a fan of Vanessa's music since she was 15,and I guess I'm kinda attached to her a little.Such a sweet person doesnt deserve to be used up and thrown away.This sort of thing happens to the best of us ladies,though doesnt it. Anyway,..I hope it all turns out good for her,and he wakes up to see who he will be hurting with all his playing around.

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