Video: Jon Stewart Takes on 'All-American Muslim' Boycott

December 14, 2011 07:58:18 GMT

The Comedy Central host blasts FFA for complaining that the TLC show does not depict the images of violent fundamentalist Muslims, and slams Lowe's for pulling their ads because of the boycott.

Video: Jon Stewart Takes on 'All-American Muslim' Boycott
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Jon Stewart tried to make sense "All-American Muslim" boycott from the Florida Family Association, but ended up finding no reason to complain about the show. Expecting the TLC program to be about "jihadi propaganda", he dubbed it "the most boring reality show alive" featuring "Muslims living their lives like the rest of us f***ing idiots" when addressing the controversy on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".

Stewart then played footage which features the Executive Director of FFA explaining the reason they boycott "All-American Muslim". After learning that the group opposes the show because it does not depict the images of violent fundamentalist Muslims, the Comedy Central host concluded, "This show is harmful education-wise to your belief structure."

The 49-year-old media critic then rhetorically asked, "Is that not the purpose of education vis-a-vis relief structures, to replace your belief structures with facts?" He went on comparing FFA's complaint with his dislike to a show which is harmful to his belief structure that "the ocean tides are controlled by monsters."

When Stewart invited "senior Muslim correspondent" Aasif Mandvi to report on Lowe's pulling its ads from "All-American Muslim", Mandvi offered a different thought on how they should react to the issue. Assuming "all Muslims are terrorists", he said that the home improvement chain should be closed because it provides the items needed to make a bomb. "Without the store Lowe's, the jihadist goal is unachievable," he argued.


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posted by Beau on Dec 14, 2011
FFA. Real agenda? to deflect attention away from crusader war crimes...
posted by anewbys83 on Dec 14, 2011
So the FFA, an embarassment from my state, is trying to "...defend, protect, and promote traditional, biblical values." What values are those? Stereotyping? Hate? I doubt their trying to protect my biblical values. I'm Jewish.
posted by That guy on Dec 14, 2011
Why should I think that the Florida Family Association can teach people anything if it it's argument for a boycott is so pathetic.
posted by Robb1099 on Dec 14, 2011
Florida Family Association is a non-profit 501C3 tax exempt corporation that is devoted to educating citizens on what they can do to defend, protect and promote traditional, biblical values. Checks may be made payable to Florida Family Association or FFA. Contributions are tax deductible
posted by sharon on Dec 14, 2011
To the FFA....blah, blah,blah!

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