Adam Levine Slammed by Tweeps After Dissing Fox News

Adam Levine

Responding to the Maroon 5 frontman's angry tweet which calls Fox News 'evil f**king channel', one Twitter user writes to him, 'Just stick to making your beautiful music, okay?'

Adam Levine has once again made a controversial statement. After slamming "American Idol" and MTV, the 32-year-old singer took a jab at Fox News with his recent tweet. "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil f**king channel ever again. Thank you," so he wrote on Wednesday, October 19.

It is unclear what led him to unleash the angry tweet, but he has got backlashes from some fellow Twitter users. "Hey Moron 5, you bunch of no-talent hacks. Go get real jobs and stop polluting the EMS with your noise," one tweep under the name doulosChristou wrote, while mmcan43 responded, "Fox News is only evil to liberals. Just stick to making your beautiful music, okay?"

Some of the other tweets read, "Scratch Maroon 5 as a band I'll ever pay attention to again. Not a fan of bad falsetto anyway," "In other news his band changes name to Moron 5," and "Haven't recording artists learned *anything* from the Dixie Chicks? #ThinkBeforeYouSpeak."

Some other people predict the judge/mentor of "The Voice" will lose his fans following his statement. "Pretty sure @adamlevine lost a lot of fans today. The kind that embrace capitalism and record sales too, no less," one tweep wrote, while another one added, "wow, great way to lose a fan..."

Levine previously blasted FOX's reality show "Idol" for not allowing gay performers to come out of the closet from the start. "What's always pissed me off about 'American Idol' is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken," he said in an interview with OUT magazine.

The boyfriend of model Anne Vyalitsyna later slammed MTV regarding its Video Music Awards. "The VMA's. one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I'm drawing a line in the sand. f*ck you VMA's," he stated just a day before the 2011 MTV VMAs took place in August.



    Nov 28, 2011

    I don't watch Fox because they have too many liberals on.

    Oct 20, 2011

    Adam Levine is a well known liberal. And he spoke the truth. Those rallying after him haven't a clue, and are distorting - as that network - reality. He called out FOX news, not the whole of Fox. He can. His music is actually dominating charts this year and it's far from bad. He didn't lose fans: he gained them if any. Oh... and his uncle is Timothy Noah. Of course Adam is liberal, you know: and by heart. It's amazing he won't dismiss his belief just because he may disappoint part of the people: itì's called having bravery and it's far from being any of the things the blind Conservatives are accusing him off. PS: the song played on Fox news (well, news is a big word there) was She Will be Loved. And I hope he sues them for playing it without his licensing consent.

    Oct 20, 2011

    Show me one example of racism on Fox News. Bet you can't. Just because the left doesn't agree, doesn't mean it is racist. Maybe you should be more concerned with MSNBC. They are far more vile than anything you will ever hear on Fox News.

    Oct 20, 2011

    Adam didn't lose that many fans, be realistic. Most of his fans were probably Liberals, anyway, and a lot of people, not just Liberal, have problems with Fox News and some of the things their pundits say. All of the reactions to this tweet that I SAW were positive. Even if you go to the tweet and click on it to see the responses, the ones that appear are positive. And most people are congratulating his balls for saying it. The Dixie Chicks are a different story. As a country group, their fanbase was already largely Conservative. When they made an anti-Bush statement, they didn't have a large group of Liberal fans to fall back on. Most Liberals didn't and don't listen to country music. But Maroon 5 is pop/rock. They'll be fine. Oh, and I don't get how anyone can defend Fox News, when they often say blatantly racist things. Things that wouldn't fly anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE else.

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