Official Audio Stream of David Cook's 'The Last Goodbye'

April 19, 2011 04:28:42 GMT

The 2008 winner of 'American Idol' was forced to release the new single ahead of his upcoming performance on the singing competition after it came out without his consent.

Official Audio Stream of David Cook's 'The Last Goodbye'
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The first taste of David Cook's upcoming studio album has been officially released. Titled "The Last Goodbye", it was debuted hours after it leaked. The pop/rock track offers an upbeat-sounding take with lyrics, "If you hear this on the radio, then we've already said our last goodbye."

Co-written by Cook with the help from OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, the song is listed among new materials in "This Loud Morning" CD. The track comes from production hands of Matt Serletic, and will be showcased for the very first time on "American Idol" result show on Thursday, April 21.

"I'm certainly looking forward to meeting the new contestants, and also really excited to meet the new judges," he told THR about the upcoming show. "From what I've seen so far, Steven Tyler is a riot, and I think J.Lo's been incredible. And I'm excited to see Randy, Ryan and everybody behind the scenes."

He's going to follow up the song release by dropping the album across the United States on June 28. "This album is the culmination of one of the loftiest endeavors I've ever undertaken. The end result is an album that I cannot wait to share with everyone," he gushed.

It's been three years since David dropped his first post-"Idol" album which is a self-titled one. "Yeah, it's been a very long labor of love... But I think it's how long this record needed to take. Lyrically, musically, emotionally, this record is open. There's some fresh wound moments, for sure," he stated.


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posted by Kellie D. on Apr 20, 2011
I love this...very catchy! David's voice is magnificent as always and I like that it's uptempo. I'm sure the CD will have rock besides pop on it too, like his 1st CD did. Nothing wrong with a little variety! David's awesome!
posted by Julie on Apr 20, 2011
I LOVE this song- and am so excited David Cook is finally BACK! --to those of you who feel the need to be so hateful-- if you don't like the song fine, so be it- but why not simply state that, and not attack the man himself??!!!! If you knew anything about David Cook, you would know he devotes so very much of his time to charities.. to PEOPLE... he possesses a heart of gold and truly loves and cares about people.. SHAME ON YOU for writing such hateful things.. David, PLEASE don't listen to these haters, focus ONLY on those out here that know YOU and appreciate YOU.. and your amazing talent..
posted by kt on Apr 19, 2011
I LOVE it!! I love all his music, from Axium to this single. Guess it's the voice and just, well, David Cook. He is so great.
posted by Debi on Apr 19, 2011
I really like this song, yes it's got a pop/rock sound, but it's not a sell out. I just don't get the rock snob mentality out there.
posted by Amber on Apr 19, 2011
Yeah, you rock snobs go sit in your corner with your starving artists who sell a few thousand albums. If we want to hear this dude do all he can do, then maybe some support for a great car radio summer song is a good idea. Besides, why does every song have to be the same? I love hearing that beautiful voice on something more upbeat. I have listened a few hundred times and it is great!!!
posted by Nico on Apr 19, 2011
I really like this song. Very nice and catchy. It could be a big hit...
posted by cranly on Apr 19, 2011
ru kidding? its rly good! lyrics are awesome
posted by Chris on Apr 19, 2011
I like this song, power pop at its best.
posted by Me on Apr 19, 2011
LOVE This! This is a Hit and I do not care Rock Snobs did NOT support him so now the rest of the world will!
posted by myrayka04 on Apr 19, 2011
This is what Cook gives us after keeping us waiting for 2.5 years? He is going "pop" now? ohhhhh please, are you kidding me? But hey we never know maybe those Bieber's fans will like it and ask their mommies to buy his album for them. It doesn't matter as long as the album will sell, and maybe will reach platinum who cares, LOL
posted by pietro on Apr 19, 2011
Oh it's good!
posted by jess on Apr 19, 2011
I love it. Can't wait to hear it on the radio.
posted by scott on Apr 19, 2011
Too overproduced, too pop for my taste. I think I'll pass.
posted by SELLOUT!!!!! on Apr 19, 2011
SERIOUSLY COOK AND RCA - AFTER 3 YEARS OF WAITING YOU DROP THIS TURD ON US!!!! This song stinks of RYAN TEDDER, and sounds like it should be sung by a chicks. They have taken away Cook's ballz bit by bit - the fake new hair, fake pop sound, what's next - will he announce he's gay like Adam Lambert to sell a couple CD'S? He's shown he's not immune to selling out, so why not.
posted by Disappointed on Apr 19, 2011
SELLOUT SELLOUT This is not the music I want to hear or buy from David Cook. Pop dreck, and he's wasting his rock voice singing it.
posted by jj on Apr 19, 2011
upbeat and catchy, i like the guitar riff in it.
posted by Xenu on Apr 19, 2011
What The Eff has happened to David Cook? Do. Not. Like.
posted by jonna on Apr 19, 2011
sucks, sucks. cook has sold out his rock soul totally here. ryan tedder cowrote this - ugh.

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