Jaden Smith Falls Victim to Death Hoax

Jaden Smith

A representative for the actor son of Will Smith has slammed the rumors alleging that the leading star of 'The Karate Kid' has died in a snowboarding accident.

Jaden Smith has become the youngest victim to another celebrity death hoax. A representative for the 12-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith was quick to put a brake on the swirling Internet rumors suggesting he has died in a snowboarding accident, insisting the child actor is well and alive.

Jaden's rep offered clarification to TMZ by simply stating, "It's absolutely not true." The leading star of "The Karate Kid" is currently on a tour with his good friend and teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. He himself has recently posted a tweet that read, "In Nottingham about to hit the stage with [Justin Bieber]."

The false report of Jaden's death came from Global Associated News. In the report, it was written, "Actor Jaden Smith is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today in Zermatt, Switzerland." The celebrity death hoax itself has claimed the lives of Adam Sandler, Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen and Eddie Murphy.

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    Nov 05, 2012

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    Sep 24, 2011

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    Aug 02, 2011

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    Apr 12, 2011

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