Video: Adam Lambert Strips Down the 'Aftermath' on 'American Idol'

March 11, 2011 03:36:01 GMT

The 2009 runner-up of 'American Idol' wows audience with his unplugged performance and learns how to dougie from Jennifer Lopez.

Video: Adam Lambert Strips Down the 'Aftermath' on 'American Idol'
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Adam Lambert returned to the stage of "American Idol" on Thursday, March 10 result show. The former contestant of the singing competition delighted fans with an acoustic rendition of his single "Aftermath" and drew screams from audience each time he hit his high notes.

After the performance, Lambert had a chat with host Ryan Seacrest about the song and its official dance remix. The revamped version went on sale right after the "Idol", and he said part of the proceeds will be donated to support The Trevor Project, an organization which focuses on crisis intervention and suicide prevention among LGBT youth. Additionally, he learned how to dougie from Jennifer Lopez.

The other musical guest that night was P. Diddy. He brought his group Diddy-Dirty Money and performed chart-busting single "Coming Home" which was co-produced by Alex da Kid and Jay-Z.

Adam Lambert:

Diddy-Dirty Money:


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posted by Rich on Mar 14, 2011
excellent performance
posted by Grace on Mar 13, 2011
Love Adam. Soooo handsome with minimum make up.
posted by Fluffygrl on Mar 12, 2011
Gorgeous Mr Lambert!!!! That guy is a superstar!
posted by tess4ADAM on Mar 11, 2011
Watched AI 10 tonight ... what can I say? ADAM NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!!
posted by Tronnie on Mar 11, 2011
Adam Lambert voice is absolutely amazing, there are few that can match the tone and quality. I want so much for him to finish this CD, and then Adam, how about a Christmas CD, that would blow the doors off.
posted by Pete on Mar 11, 2011
How nice that Adam just tweeted his concern for Japen after the horrendous earthquacks. He is an exceptional man. He so gets it.
posted by Joey on Mar 11, 2011
OMG Adam was just superb! I am now officially a fan. There's just something about his style, his look, that voice. I get it. He's got that it factor times ten.
posted by Leigh on Mar 10, 2011
Lambert's a tremendous vocalist and beautiful to look at as well - love the guy.
posted by Mel on Mar 10, 2011
Great performance tonight by Lambert. Any way he wants to present himself physically for his appearances is great by me, he's multi-faceted, get on board. Nice vocal, the dude delivers always. Go download the Billboard Afermath Remix from AdamOfficial and help support The Trevor Project and a deserving, talented artist's journey.
posted by venicementor on Mar 10, 2011
I really liked Adam's performance, but most off all, I liked his natural look without all the usual make-up. He is very handsome young man - YOU LISTENING ADAM!! I really noticed and I'm an old lady. LOL
posted by Anonimous on Mar 10, 2011
OMG ! ADAM was the expression of TALENT, great taste and style! This is everything I wanted to say. Wait! Besides outstanding vocals, connection with the audience, charisma, message, honesty, you name it, ADAM had it..... he looked so so so so handsome ! Minimal makeup, no eyeliner, nothing "in-your-face" just a plain handsome MAN. I think even the original Adam on Earth would have been proud of OUR ADAM! CONGRATULATIONS SWEET AND WILD ANGEL!
posted by lola on Mar 10, 2011
adam, you are amazing, well done.
posted by Trudy on Mar 10, 2011
Just watched Adam's performance on youtube an hour before it airs here in western Canada. He has such class and charisma. have followed him through the Glam Nation Tour as well. Love him. Love the remix by fellow Canadian, Billboard (Mathieu Jomphe). Sure wish we could hear the remix ona the radio.

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