Video: Miley Cyrus Lashes Out at Paparazzi in Mother's Defense

March 10, 2011 02:33:29 GMT

Convinced that a photographer has bumped her mother with his camera, the former 'Hannah Montana' goes ballistic and yells, 'Don't you ever do that again. You just almost hurt my mom.'

Video: Miley Cyrus Lashes Out at Paparazzi in Mother's Defense
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Miley Cyrus has been caught on tape unleashing her rage at paparazzi. The former Disney star went for a lunch with her mother Tish at California Chicken Cafe in West Hollywood on Wednesday, March 9. When they left the restaurant, one photographer accidentally bumped into Tish, and the 18-year-old was quick to confront him.

Furious about the incident, the "Can't Be Tamed" singer first asked the cameraman, "What the...? OK, are you serious?" She then rushed over to him, yelling "You just hit my mom with your camera" and holding his camera. When the man denied the accusation and said he'd "never disrespect your mom", the former "Hannah Montana" star rebutted, "Yes you did..."

Miley, who at the time wore tight black pants, a black hoodie and striped shirt with big sunglasses, went on to give a good lecture at the photographer. "You just ran into my mom with your camera. Don't you ever do that again," she strongly said while shaking her finger at him. "You just almost hurt my mom. Don't you ever even think about it. For real. That was crazy. You just hit my mom."


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posted by Miley Lai on Mar 16, 2011
Miley did the right thing .and i don't think that she overreacted , if that was anyone's mom .... who'll done the same too!!!
posted by Person on Mar 12, 2011
I can't even bare to watch that video, it'll make me hate humans even more than I do, but if the paparazzi was able to hold his tongue then he deserves some kind of award, I wouldn't be able to stop myself telling her where to go.
posted by Anjali Mohindra on Mar 12, 2011
I hate paparzzi! It should be illegal always following celebs in really bad
posted by Gemmarr on Mar 10, 2011
I think she acted very appropriately if that was my mum Id've done the same, if you think she was in the wrong if that was your mum and he had hit your mum with the camera, whether it was an accident or not, these men stalk her day in day out and she's been kind but she's needs some privacy
posted by xoxom on Mar 10, 2011
i think that was good of her to stick up for her mom
posted by Me on Mar 10, 2011
are you kidding? I WOULD'VE DONE THE SAME THING! and i'm not even a Miley fan .. PAPARAZZI IS SICK. Miley did the right thing.
posted by notafan on Mar 10, 2011
Had he run into my mom, I probably would've responded in the same manner. However, he did not hit or run into Mileys mother. So, I do think she reacted inappropriately and needs to calm down.
posted by Alyssa on Mar 10, 2011
I actually think she overreacted. The paparazzi was running behind her mother to get photos and accidentally bumped into her. Paparazzi should be more careful but still she acted like he purposely punched her or something. By doing that she benefited him. The bigger the reaction the more money they make.
posted by FPAP on Mar 10, 2011
papparazi think they can just do whatever they want and then call it an accident BS, whatever miley did shes responsible enough to learn from it and move on with her life
posted by Paris on Mar 09, 2011
Miley was well within her right's to act out that way she did. If that where my mum they had hit I would have done more than just have a stern talking to him. Really she didn't even yell at him.
posted by JZ on Mar 09, 2011
O and hotrocket she Smoked SALVIA....a LEGAL substance and even if it was Marijuana that isn't a big deal its not like it was cocaine or she is a Adult and she will make mistakes hell like her SNL song"Sorry she Isnt perfect"....people are blowing the whole bong thing out of really was not that big of a deal...people need to get over it and stop judging her over that one bad decision
posted by JZ on Mar 09, 2011
Hotrocket....She is a grown WOMEN she is not a lil kid no more and she can do whatever she wants since she is a adult...she doesnt do stuff these days to reach out 2 kids that was "Hannah montana's" job and that is ddone and gone....she wants 2 grow up and do grown up stuff so as a adult she can either mess up if she wants or she can act good as a role model....but she wil not censor herself for kids since she is passed that
posted by MC +! on Mar 09, 2011
any good kid would stick up for their parents especially against a pap.....she was obviously pissed b4 it happen and the Pap. decided to make it worse and any human being with feeling is going to go off like she did....she didn't overreact Celebs are human beings jus like us..even Her mom was upset by it
posted by hotrocket on Mar 09, 2011
will mileyy shouldnt have yell her mom is a grow women she can hold her self but back to the sitchuation at head miley if u read this u need to get your act together u have wht like 8 and 9 year old that look up to u shouldnt smoke on bongs and shit wht the hell is tht crap i use to look up to u but now i thing u r just not the same miley as before u turned 18teen your used to be biggest fan
posted by ! on Mar 09, 2011
i think that the paps are really annoying but i dont thing he intentionally hit her mom so i think she overreacted
posted by LV#1 on Mar 09, 2011
Oh shut up you spoiled little, no talent rich girl!
posted by JLM on Mar 09, 2011
Good for Miley!! The Paps are out of control and should not be allowed within 4 feet of people. Miley was within her rights!!

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