Video: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Have Movie Date

January 29, 2011 04:44:40 GMT

The rumored lovers are followed by paparazzi on their way to the parking lot after watching Natalie Portman-starring film 'No Strings Attached'.

Video: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Have Movie Date
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Like other lovebirds, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber enjoy a movie date during their outing. The alleged lovers were caught on camera after watching R-rated romantic comedy "No Strings Attached" starring Natalie Portman at a Burbank movie theater on Thursday night, January 27, TMZ said.

They were followed by paparazzi during their way to the parking lot and when asked to address the nature of their relationship, Justin shouted "Never Say Never", which also refers to his upcoming movie. Selena kept walking with her head down as she looked slightly embarrassed by all the attention.

Escorted by a bodyguard, Justin stopped for a while to pose together with one girl fan. And when they reached the car, the 16-year-old Canadian singer acted like a gentleman by opening the door for his rumored girlfriend.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been reported dating since late 2010 but they remained mum about their alleged romance. As of late, the "Baby" hitmaker was said sending his sexy, shirtless pictures to the Disney cutie.


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posted by dayana on May 14, 2011
eres vavosa
posted by laricia on Apr 16, 2011
hum que isso adoro os dois love
posted by jenny on Apr 13, 2011
i wish that Justine and Selena have a nice and good relationship.
posted by marry on Apr 13, 2011
i wish that Selena and Justine have a good relationship.
posted by ana laura on Apr 08, 2011
hastre name plis bturio retwo ok justin biber and selena gomes is mole naca tri forty faif chett
posted by astrid on Apr 08, 2011
justin tal ves tu no me conoscas o talves si soy alguien mui sercano a ti y a selena gomestible de lejos se ve hermosa pero de sercas se ve orrible y tu ya te diste cuenta berdad .antes que nada tienes que saber esto e esatado vijilandola muy seguido te esta engañlando creme plis alguien llamado jentrry negson mentia con lo de te conosco no te as dado cuenta e ido a todos tus conciertos recuerda y ahi estare sienpre si me nesesitas llamame al 83997840 te ayudo con sele pero tu ayudame a tu amor. si vas a tu proccimo concierto busca a alguien llamadfa astrid alondrea mendoza garcía y sere yo no tardes ella no te ama pero yo si
posted by xilene on Apr 02, 2011
y love you justin bieber
posted by Jane on Mar 30, 2011
i hope that Justin and Selena can enjoy with them life
posted by jane on Mar 30, 2011
Selena and Justin are really good together I hope that people leave them to enjoy in them life
posted by jane on Mar 30, 2011
i think that justin and selena are really good together so people should leave them
posted by Anonymous on Mar 03, 2011
Ya'll need 2 stop hatin on their relationship and whoever punchd her in the lip dats sum peddi shit an ppl dats sendin death threats dats sum bullshit if dats his fuckin girlfrend dats his fuckin gurlfrend all of ya'll can't date him he belongs 2 Selena Gomez and if ur name not Selena Gomez den stop worryin bout their relationship.
posted by selin on Mar 02, 2011
selena gomezzzzzzzzz ben senin en büyük hayranınım
posted by mary on Feb 27, 2011
That Bitch dates whosever popular at the time! like seriously its not that hard to miss!! Nick jonas during their tuor and when they were big, taylor lautner during new moon, she was caught flirting with cory monteith when glee was big, and now justin bieber when hes big!! every Sel Gomez fan needs to open their eyes because right now their letting her get away with what she is so OBVIOUSLY doing! and im not a "belieber" or anything but i dont want to see justin heartbroken after she DITCHES him for someone more famous
posted by milise on Feb 26, 2011
stuff you selena youvé been out with all the boys youré a stupid ugly retard
posted by adela on Feb 08, 2011
puta selena gomez te odio ..
posted by FLOR JONAS on Feb 08, 2011
posted by FLOR JONAS on Feb 08, 2011
posted by Vanessa on Feb 02, 2011
Aahhhhhhh! why jb why her
posted by hi hi hi on Feb 01, 2011
I feel like whenever selena gomez gets a boyfriend she starts to act funny. Atleast justin took a picture with the little girl. Damn, its not even that serious oh and justin bieber is a fake thug..."dont get in my way" WHITE BOY PLEASE! I like the fact that he tries to put her in the car...TO DRIVE. get in the back seat little boy.
posted by sarah on Jan 31, 2011
bitch i wish selena would die :'(
posted by Me on Jan 30, 2011
I saw the video and i thought selena acted pretty rude when a little girl asked if she could take a pic with both of them and she just kept walking while justin stoped to take the pic
posted by jessi on Jan 30, 2011
leave them alone people, they need some space!!
posted by cassandra on Jan 30, 2011
justin and selena good togther so people leave them alone :*(
posted by cassandra on Jan 30, 2011
justin and selena good togther so people leave them alone
posted by N#1 fan on Jan 29, 2011
Leave them alone, give them some space!
posted by alex on Jan 29, 2011
feeling jelous fuckers give them some space.jb and sel keep up
posted by sany on Jan 29, 2011
like they are best for each oter so people bail out fucks.

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