Official Teaser of David Cook's New Album

January 04, 2011 08:42:57 GMT

Beside seeing a serious-looking David Cook laying some tracks in recording booth, the clip also features snippet of his new songs.

David Cook
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Photo credit: Jeff Daly/WENN

David Cook is currently in the middle of finishing his upcoming second major-label album. In anticipation of the new record, the 2008 winner of "American Idol" teases his new music in a form of black-and-white studio footage.

The clip gives a look at the recording process of the studio album as some music is played on the background. The songs that were teased in the video reportedly are "Goodbye to the Girl" and "Paper Heart", and both were co-written by Cook.

The album hasn't got working title and release date, but it is expected to arrive later this year. It is to follow up his self-titled debut effort which brought him to debut at No. 3 on Billboard Hot 200 in November 2008.


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posted by Ana on Jan 16, 2011
wahahaha... old ladies... David Cook has a wide range of appeal!
posted by kristie on Jan 13, 2011
KA is such a troll because all this person does is trash david cook. get a brain, you loser. i happen to like both david & kris so you trashing one in order to build up the other is not appreciated.
posted by joe on Jan 05, 2011
I would guess KA is an AL or LD or some other fan. just stirring the pot.
posted by LL on Jan 05, 2011
When did 28 become old? I guess then Cook and I can be old together!
posted by LR on Jan 05, 2011
KA.....Really??? Can't you respect both artists? If you are a fan of Kris, what does it say about how you really feel about him if you have to cut another artist down to build Kris up. I happen to like both, but this is about DAVID's upcoming album. BTW, your age is what, around 12? I can't wait for David Cooks new album to be released.
posted by KA on Jan 04, 2011
That is one heck of a fugly dude. He'll tank. His music is lousy. He doesn't have the charisma, talent or the looks of Kris Allen. Cook fans in all their old lady smugness made fun of Kris's sales but Kris's sales were excellent considering the economy and todays music market. I can't wait for Cook to fail. Then the critics will start to appreciate Kris
posted by Kristen on Jan 04, 2011
David Cook's 1st album was awesome....and I'm not alone in that assessment as it went platinum! I can't wait for his 2nd album! And, btw, am I a smug old lady if I'm 24? Seriously, why does there have to be a competition? I like Kris's music too. I just happen to like David's more.
posted by Jason on Jan 04, 2011
Serious musician doing serious work - can't wait to hear the results and go to another live concert. This guy rocks.
posted by JRS on Jan 04, 2011
Wow KA hahaha. Cook is leagues ahead of Kris, and I liked Kris' album too.... Cook is one of the most charismatic performers out there so I don't know where you came up with that at. His talent is better on the guitar, songwrititng is seriously among the best, and his voice is pretty darn good, especially considering how he has said this album has brought his range to a whole new register he didn't really know he had.... His looks are well, go ask the girls, he is fairly attractive. And his fans are NOT old ladies, haha please. Go look at some of the records he broke and then try to tell me this guy is gonna crash. He is going to enter this year with a band seeing as he was rushed on his last album and didn't get to be involved in the writing as much as he would have liked to. He has taken the time to perfect this album, and it will shock a lot of people.
posted by April on Jan 04, 2011
KA...jealous much?
posted by Sam on Jan 04, 2011
Right KA. 1.3 million to what 200,000. Cook is so far ahead of Allen it's not funny. Maybe you should think before you speak.

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