Pics: Justin Bieber Promotes Book in New-Hair Do

November 27, 2010 06:19:38 GMT

The 16-year-old YouTube sensation promotes his book 'Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever' at Barnes and Noble after making TV appearance on 'Today Show'.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: Mr Blue/WENN

Justin Bieber hit Barnes & Noble in New York City on Friday, November 26 to promote his book "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever", which details how he went from starring in YouTube videos to working with his mentor Usher. During the appearance, it seemed that Bieber has changed his signature hair a bit.

"At the book and cd signing and this is incredible. my fans are the most loyal passionate people ever. Super Grateful. thank u. We got alot more people to see... im not leaving until i keep my promise. thanks for everyone being so cool," Bieber wrote on his Twitter page of the promotional event. After wrapping the event, the "Baby" hitmaker tweeted, "Finished the signing in the NYC. had to show love. we let 1000 more people in. Love yall. wish i could let the whole world in."

Earlier that day, Bieber was also making TV appearance on "Today Show", causing hundred of Beliebers battling through the rain and blocking city streets around Rockefeller Plaza for a chance to meet the singer. And as Bieber made his way to the show, he walked between barricades and greeted his screaming fans. "Thank you," Bieber said humbly after learning that they had been waiting for him in wet condition for hours.

Justin Bieber on "Today Show":


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posted by i love jb on Mar 16, 2011
justin don't let hater's bring you down you still look cute my name is madison someday i look forward to meeting you
posted by payton on Mar 08, 2011
you are cute but i liked your hair longer!!!
posted by camille or jusmille on Mar 06, 2011
hi! justin i like your new look you still handsome..and cute i want to see u in person someday!! love you
posted by killian on Mar 01, 2011
ummm so what's the difference? still looks the same to me.
posted by jasmine.. on Feb 26, 2011
posted by christian beadles on Feb 26, 2011
Wazzup bro's hey justin my bro i'd like to say that please don't be humble whatever happens
posted by jb lover on Feb 26, 2011
He looks so much better even though i liked his other haircut too!!
posted by jb lover on Feb 26, 2011
no matter how different ur hair is JB i'll still love u forever!!!
posted by jb lover on Feb 26, 2011
i like it!!
posted by saints on Feb 25, 2011
i love u katrina halili!
posted by Jadee S on Feb 24, 2011
its soo werid how things work in the world. soo many different teen guys try to be justin beiber , soo they can get as famous as him, but i dont see any other teen guy getting this famous yet.
posted by yaw on Feb 24, 2011
You can see his eyebrows now, because of his new haircut. He looks older and better!
posted by summer on Feb 23, 2011
i love you call me
posted by rhianna on Feb 22, 2011
she lives in bridgeport ct. street name is 90 taft ave pleaze come she is on my lap in still crying pleaze come now or later thanku (203-414-2481)
posted by rhianna on Feb 22, 2011
justin i am crying rite now even my 4 year old cuzin too because it was her brithday yesterday and her wish was to meet justin bieber so can u come to her or my house same thing pleaze call so she is rite next to me rite now and she is telling what to write rite now (she said her life is horable now with out u so pleaze visit me now or tommrow)
posted by jordan on Feb 20, 2011
same person but the ppl that are saying cuss words to you don't litten kk litten to your heart and your desstiny lol hope i spelled that write lol. JB
posted by jordan on Feb 20, 2011
oh my justin you are dumb to get a hair cut i like your old hair cut du i can not belive it and i'm 9.
posted by Ruuz on Feb 19, 2011
Ugh, even though he becomes more handsome than Alex Evans or any other hot dude, I will still dislike him. I don't like his music, and I don't like it that he's trying to act all tough and cool. Just watch; he gets a lower manly voice, and then his career falls apart.
posted by Corn2399 on Feb 18, 2011
Um... I don't know where this goes to, but I don't really care how he looks. I'm not a fan, but I don't hate him. It's not right to say mean things about someone you don't know. Oh and I'm from Atlanta, Georgia (no joke-- I could name places like Buckhead, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs etc.) If Justin Bieber reads this I just want to say, "Keep trying your hardest and don't let anyone bring you down! ;D"
posted by Tracey Robinson on Feb 15, 2011
i love ur new hair cute u are so cute my little brother want to be like u when he grows up and we both love u LOVE U
posted by ... on Feb 13, 2011
In my opinion u hairs was more beuty before. But in one photo u a very cute... ;)
posted by shosho on Feb 04, 2011
you are adorable i am your number one egyptian fan actionally my name is shrouk and i dream about a chance of meeting you or you to have a concert in egypt
posted by justin on Jan 30, 2011
hey!! you look pretty good.. so handsome! :))
posted by chrisjustin ilyjb on Jan 30, 2011
ignore the people who hates you.. well.. you rock my world justin!! :)) whatever kinda of hairstyle you do you still look so so handsome.. BIG LOVE jb! ;)
posted by John Paul on Jan 28, 2011
wow !! Justin Bieber . . Your so Handsome on your New Hairstyle Nice !!
posted by kk on Jan 26, 2011
luv u. i liked the old hair better but this is still okay you look older in this haircut
posted by thequeen on Jan 26, 2011
justin i really love you.would you go out with me
posted by debbiebaillieLOVESju on Jan 24, 2011
whatever you do with your hair i will still love you justin<3<3!!
posted by eckzx on Jan 23, 2011
Justin is still handsome....even though there are lot of issues thrown to her regarding his sexuality then who cares...... Your awesome man! Keep it up
posted by carlene21 on Jan 23, 2011
justin is still cute...
posted by Chloe Bieber on Jan 21, 2011
No matter what he is sooo HOTT
posted by poopernuppers on Jan 21, 2011
posted by karmela on Jan 15, 2011
Justin I also have ur book it is great I am ur number one fan I vot tickets to ur concert too I wass in the third row luv u sooooo much I always will
posted by karmela on Jan 15, 2011
Justin don't mind the haters u r cute and talented just the way u r luv u justin
posted by karmela justin biebe on Jan 15, 2011
posted by Kaytee Boo <3 on Jan 15, 2011
People need Too chill out its just a hair cut Damn! People Change There hairstyle all the time so i dont know what all the fuss is about and all the "haters" out there only god can judge :) Peace <3
posted by puffy5 on Dec 28, 2010
who cares about that guy who cussed you out your better than him i bet he picks his nose behind books and monkeys raised him SUP
posted by someone A?&F? on Dec 18, 2010
nooo he is not cute he is stupid child with a girl voice my filip is cute-baby I love you soo much
posted by fernhil on Dec 11, 2010
justin bieber you look awesome in your new hair style i love you justin I don't care what people say about you im a big fan of you
posted by Corporal Giroro on Dec 08, 2010
Fuck Justin Bieber! He's trying to be all gangster, and he's some little white Canadian brat. Other artists are trying to make a life, and this bratty dipshit gets all the fame. He doesn't even write his own songs. All he does is stupid pop love songs and he can't even play a damn triangle. He doesn't even DESERVE this. This famewhore already is making some gay-ass movie about how he became so popular and shit. He even has that stupid ass book! I'm a girl, and I think he's just anoter mainstream idiot like that crybaby Taylor Swift or that hoey Katy Perry. I'm a girl, and I think he sucks big-time. Justin doesn't love you, you'll NEVER be friends with him, and he WON'T EVER FUCKING MARRY YOU. He's going to marry some other teenybopper icon idol like MiLEYYY cYrUUUssss or SeLeeenAAA GoooomeSZ. FUCK JUSTIN BIEBER.
posted by macey may on Dec 06, 2010
omg justin i will luv u forever and ever!!!! U R SO SEXY!!!! I CANT WAIT TILL U COME TO AUSTRALIA
posted by olivia on Dec 06, 2010
ily u jb 4eva
posted by ingz on Dec 05, 2010
You look super awesome!! Love the hairdo, u look so much more mature! SEXY BIEBER!! LOL:) KEEP ON ROCKING LOVE YA! (NT LITERALLY)
posted by Ashley on Dec 05, 2010
Justin I love your haircut and I don't care what people say about It. I am a big fan and I will always be one. And your book is soo good you did a very good on it keep the good work up :) I love you Justin always know that :)
posted by valerie on Dec 01, 2010
ur sooO handsome!!BTW love the hair!=)
posted by soulmate on Dec 01, 2010
gorgeous guy...
posted by s0me0ne on Nov 30, 2010
jb you look okay but i rather prefer your old look...anyway,PEACE!!!=)
posted by brittany on Nov 29, 2010
posted by jessica15 on Nov 29, 2010
I love ya Justin big fan forget them haters screw them just relize you have true fans by the way I love your haircut its sexy
posted by Allison on Nov 29, 2010
This event sucked BIG TIME. The start time listed were wrong. Whoever coordinated this event didnít know what they were doing. Event suppose to start at 8am, books never arrived til well past 11am. I was there for 14 hours in the end to pay for a book with a smudged signature because he signed on the dust jacketÖ.EVERYONE knows you donít sign on dust jackets. You can barely make out the name, might have been forged!!! I can't even retrieve the photos!!! Wasted my time. Never again!
posted by karen on Nov 28, 2010
i love you justin bieber vc é a minha vida beijos vc é muito lindo
posted by Bieber BelieBER on Nov 28, 2010
You look hotter and more mature. BTW love you so much. Im an avid fan of yours. :))
posted by Crystal on Nov 28, 2010
U look handsome still!!!!!!! don't mind those haters but I knda like ur hairdo before but anyways ur still cute
posted by yamerin on Nov 28, 2010
hey justin I love u and ur new hair style u r the bestand congrats on ur 3 AMA's I was praying and voting 4 u 2 win and u did
posted by milesss on Nov 27, 2010
Damn justin you badass aha you SXC DORK and your haters can kiss my ass dont trip boy i got your back if i have to i will beat them tile there my fav colors black&blue hehe fear no hater cuz they aint worth shit aha i like you lots justin drew sxc bieber
posted by Jess on Nov 27, 2010
I LOVE you justin CANADIANS RULE!!!!
posted by James on Nov 27, 2010
posted by bieberarmy on Nov 27, 2010
that's not a new hair cut. he just brush in opposite direction.
posted by jessicaaa on Nov 27, 2010
posted by emma wrede on Nov 27, 2010
He looks so hot with his new hair style... He looks older!!!
posted by on Nov 27, 2010
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posted by fazeela on Nov 27, 2010
hey justin u look awesome in ur new hair style
posted by monica on Nov 27, 2010
your sooo cute justin!!!i want to see u in person someday!!i love you!!!
posted by Katrina on Nov 27, 2010
What evr u d ur face stil hndsome!

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