Miley Cyrus Photographed Making Out With Avan Jogia

November 23, 2010 08:41:10 GMT

In a birthday party at Hollywood club Trousdale, the Disney star was snapped having Avan leaning on her and nuzzling her neck.

Miley Cyrus Photographed Making Out With Avan Jogia
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Miley Cyrus didn't wait until she officially turns 18 on Tuesday, November 23 to act like an adult. During a birthday bash at Hollywood club Trousdale, the Disney star was photographed engaged in a heavy makeout session with teen star Avan Jogia on Sunday night, November 21.

In a picture obtained by Us Magazine, Miley was seen leaning up against a banquette with Avan pressing on top of her and seductively nuzzling her neck. In addition to the racy act, Miley was wrapped in a sultry outfit too. The "Who Owns My Heart" singer donned a black leather bikini top and skin-tight trousers.

An onlooker told the site that Miley "was so busy dancing and hanging with her friend". The "Hannah Montana" star, accompanied by Ke$ha, was said dancing to Pink's new hit single "Raise Your Glass" that brought "everyone out on the dance floor." Miley reportedly stayed at the club until around 3 A.M.

And the Trousdale party might not be the last celebration of Miley's birthday. During an appearance at 2010 American Music Awards, she told Access Hollywood, "I have a birthday month. I do the whole month of November. Thanksgiving, cake - (it's) all about me on Thanksgiving!"

As for Miley and Avan, the two have been romantically linked lately. A source told Hollywood Life that the ex-girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth has "been hanging out and getting closer" with Avan. Back in October, the two were spotted grabbing lunch together and later attending a Halloween party.


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posted by Tina on Jan 22, 2014
Miley should give her slutty self a rest
posted by taylor on Aug 29, 2011
i think miley is not good for avan, Avan is way to good for miley ..........kk ijust dont kinda like miley that much and as a fun of avan I should give him a nice opinion but miley is just a no no...
posted by jade on Aug 29, 2011
ohhhhhhhh NO! avan tudor jogia !!!! (IS MINE)
posted by Risa on Apr 22, 2011
Avan is to good for Miley lol i really don't care what happens in Miley's life because she isn't even that famous anymore(which is good), seriously, just stop posting about Miley Cyrus and leave more room for the better stars. P.S. get a life miley and stop doing bad things if your going to apoligize to your fans whenever you do WE DONT CARE!!!!!
posted by ihatemiley on Apr 22, 2011
i used 2 be ur biggest fan n u let me down just like lindsay did
posted by ihatemiley on Apr 22, 2011
miley u r such a slut i bet evry dude in hollywood hav seen under your clothes set example 4 ur fans n stop a cting like this big prostetute n i dont care who hates me 4 what i say but MILEY IS A BITCH SLUT N PROSTETUTE N ILL SAY A MILLION AND 1 MORE TIME...(DAMN SLUT)GOD blessed u with a boby 2 present 2 ur husband not 2 pass it on 2 evry horny guy tht knocks on ur door like a hore n plz dress bttr in public n tht wet tee in a bthroom plzz bitch dnt expose wat u dnt hav
posted by ALYSSA. R. on Mar 08, 2011
posted by Yuh on Feb 24, 2011
This is terrible. Avan is mine!
posted by ..... on Feb 19, 2011
ahaha wow doesnt shock me one bit.. at all.. i knida see it like. if a boy you might like come onto you.. would u push him off? prob. most likely no. so i wish everybody would just shut up. i mean how would you feel if you got nagged for every little thing you did in your life even if it wasnt the best decision.? not good. so let her breathe and have her life. it doesnt help her nor u when you all diss her and say harsh things. so just shut up.
posted by Blah on Feb 19, 2011
hm.. honestly dont shock me AT ALL. in my opinion i dont see what the big fuss is. its just the same if a boy was to come on to you.. would u push him off.. most likley. no. so everybody just shut up and let the girl breathe.
posted by xxsummerdawnxx on Jan 03, 2011
Miley u should stop posting different pixs i mean seriously ur not setting a good example for ur fans u keep ruining ur image i mean come on its time to mature.. And avan jogia im a big fan of urs keep up the good work ur a great actor :)
posted by avanjogiasGF4evr on Dec 09, 2010
i...i...i...i don't know what to say i mean i love Avan and Miley but i thought him and Victoria J were going out...i still love Avan, Miley and Victoria though :) good luck in your new relationship AJ and MC
posted by yomamma on Nov 28, 2010
she has changed....... alot.
posted by bella on Nov 27, 2010
posted by syd on Nov 25, 2010
posted by marinersk on Nov 25, 2010
Nothing wrong with this photo except that some jackass took it. Miley, hope you enjoyed your birthday, hope the press sells more albums, best wishes. Oh, and my daughter Cressa is a huge fan of yours, as am I. Find your path, girl. We're waiting for the next round of magic from you.
posted by Imani on Nov 24, 2010
The great singer ever.I LOVE YOU.
posted by princess on Nov 24, 2010
Heyy miley I am your biggest fan.But I think I will stop being your fan,because you are putting different photos online and it is not good.Can you try to stop all of your thing you are doing.I wish hannah montana every day and I can tell you all about the new hannah montana forever.
posted by Chris on Nov 23, 2010
Take a look at the angle of this shot of Cyrus and Jogia. It is obviously shot from a height and the fuzzy grain of the image indicates that it was shot through a telephoto lens from a significant distance, probably through a window. Can you say, "peeping Tom?" This was a shot at 2 a.m., probably from outside the building, possibly taken from the roof of the building through a skylight or from a nearby roof. It was a private party. The nightclub was closed to the public, like it is every Sunday. Legally speaking, since this was a space rented for this private party, it is no different than someone taking a picture taken from outside of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend in an intimate moment while you are in your own home.

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