LeAnn Rimes Responds to Shape Magazine After Her Cover Is Called 'Terrible Mistake'

LeAnn Rimes Responds to Shape Magazine After Her Cover Is Called 'Terrible Mistake'

On October 29, the singer took it to her Twitter page over her Shape cover controversy, writing that she finds 'this very contradictory' because the magazine will throw a party for her as a thank you.

Learning that her October cover in Shape Magazine was called "terrible mistake" and editor-in-chief of the fitness magazine itself, Valerie Latona, has released their apology for putting her on the cover, LeAnn Rimes has launched her response. The "I Need You" singer took it to her Twitter page on Friday, October 29 to voice her disappointment.

"Just so all my fans know, I'm getting to the bottom of this. It's the first I've heard of this," LeAnn wrote. "Shape is throwing me a party next week as a thank you and a congrats for being on their cover for the 3rd time. I find this very contradictory," she went on, before adding "I love you all!!"

Shape released their apology to readers after receiving complaints from them for putting LeAnn, whom they called home-wrecker, on the issue. Editor Valerie wrote an email sent to some readers and obtained by TooFab, which read, "Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal."

"But to show (through her story) how we all are human. And this woman in particular found strength in exercise in what she said was her most difficult personal moment," the editor continued. "It did not come across that way... and for that I'm terribly sorry. I hope that we can do better the next time for those of you that will give us another chance."

"The fact is a mere 40 readers out of almost 6 million readers wrote in to complain calling LeAnn a 'husband stealer' and a 'terrible mistake for Shape.' I wrote to those women apologizing that our cover choice did not make them happy - as I have done for other cover stars in the past," the email further read.

LeAnn Rimes has been attached to the title following her affair with "Northern Lights" co-star Eddie Cibrian who was at that time a married man. The singer herself was at that time married to Dean Sheremet. Both LeAnn and Eddie have now finalized their divorce from their respective spouses and no longer play coy about their romance.

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