Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp's 'The Tourist' Gets First Poster

October 01, 2010 03:21:28 GMT

The official one-sheet captures the two lead stars' faces in a close range shot, but they barely see each other.

Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie
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© Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures has released a debut poster for "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Featuring the close-up look at the two lead actors, the one-sheet does not offer much beside a tagline mentioning, "It all started when he met a woman," which obviously refers to Depp's character who gets into trouble after meeting Jolie's.

In the film, Depp stars as Frank, an American tourist who is having a vacation in Italy to mend a broken heart. There, he meets Jolie's Elise, a female Interpol agent who is in a mission to locate a criminal with whom she once had an affair.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice, Frank pursues a potential romance but Elise uses him as a dupe to reach her goal. Frank soon finds himself the pursued as he and Elise are caught in whirlwind of intrigue and danger.

Coming from director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, "The Tourist" is a remake of 2005 French film entitled "Anthony Zimmer". Paul Bettany and Timothy Dalton support the cast ensemble of the action thriller, which will grace U.S. cinemas on December 10.


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posted by TheSoulQuake on Nov 09, 2010
I don't like Jen or Angie. Neither of them have much talent these days. They are both boring as hell. Johnny should have steered clear of this movie.
posted by calvin on Oct 18, 2010
Angelina is an angel. Brad is one lucky man to have her by his side. This movie looks great. I can't wait to to see it!
posted by i love artichokes 2 on Oct 08, 2010
Actually if somebody had to be the old fart it would be brad. And i have 10 articles if you would like me to site my source.
posted by hey hey hey on Oct 06, 2010
THERE WILL BE NO INDEPENDANT THINKING HERE. Angelina doesnt like it. Just pay your money . Shut your mouth. And watch the movie.
posted by billybob quotes haha on Oct 06, 2010
If billy bob is the authority he also said sex with angelina was like fucking the couch. Be careful who you quote. Its called the hollywood nice game. And it is all fake.
posted by ! on Oct 06, 2010
Keep thinking that, that is exactly what you are supposed to think.
posted by I\'m right on Oct 05, 2010
and you're lying. It's Johnny's word against yours. Even the director of the move is saying the 2 had good camaraderie, and it's so much fun doing the movie because of that.
posted by your wrong on Oct 05, 2010
What jonny said to the newspaper was very nice, and very fake. He did not socialize with her at all. He stayed in his trailer. He ignored her completely. She wanted him to get a haircut and to get in shape, and he did neither. She was bitchy and jonny does not play mind games. He said some niceynicey things to the press, he is no amature. He still tried to back out. He said that brad could replace him, and everybody said NO WAY!
posted by Angie Fan on Oct 04, 2010
Johnny and Angie together? GREAT!!! I am so going to see this movie.
posted by Everybody Hates Ange on Oct 04, 2010
Quotes: By Johnny Depp: "I had never met Angelina before, but I found her to be a real treat, I mean a real doll. She is a nice woman, serious about what she does and loves her man and loves her kids. I was impressed." By Billy Bob Thornton: "Man, I was drowning in sadness. And Angelina, she lifted me right up out of there." By Eva Mendes: "Angelina is an inspiration". Angelina has at least 4x more fans than Jennifer, in the U.S. only, and that's an understatement. Too bad (?) most of these fans are not tabloid readers and/or do not believe in tabloids. They are real smart.
posted by Jin on Oct 04, 2010
Angelina is so beautiful! I will never get tired of gazing at her face.
posted by Ace on Oct 04, 2010
Can't wait to see this movie. Looks fun and very entertaining. I can't wait to see this movie.
posted by Jen is an OLD FART on Oct 04, 2010
Men want younger women. Also, men want to pursue, not to be pursued. You Jen fans are just confirming these one way or the other.
posted by jesse on Oct 04, 2010
You can steal a horse. You can steal a car. And yes you can steal a man . All it takes is a sneaky conniving woman . Who waits quietly for her moment to pounce. All it takes is a drunk horny man and a woman with no values and what is done is done.
posted by doubt it on Oct 04, 2010
Jen treats her body like a sacred temple. Angelina treats her body like a dumpster.
posted by insider on Oct 04, 2010
.Jennifer did not have his child because 6 months into the marriage, brad cheated with a vanity fair party planner. He was caught by david arquette and courtney cox. Then he cheated with a random girl who never came forward. THEN he cheated with angelina . Angelina was the THIRD time he cheated. Thats why jen did not want to have a baby. Angelina has slept with over 40 people. Everybody knows she has herpes. Angelina has given the disease to other movie stars. She should be in jail. Thats why she gives birth in foreign countries.
posted by Jen fan on Oct 04, 2010
I doubt jennifer aniston would ever touch him again, after he 'worked' with the human toilet.
posted by Dr Z on Oct 03, 2010
Queenherpes, it's more believable that Jen has herpes that remain untreated for a long time that's why she couldn't have children.
posted by queenherpes on Oct 03, 2010
Angelina has had herpes since mid '90's. That is the big inside joke. When did brad pitt find out? Before or after he broke out with sores? Why leave her now. Brad doesnt want to infect anyone else. But angie doesnt care who she infects.
posted by she is crazy on Oct 03, 2010
She could snap and shoot him. I would not be surprised.
posted by rachel on Oct 03, 2010
And who cares about her,I don't care..I only care about my Johnny, he is amazing and so cute love him,and I think this movie will do great..success!!
posted by LovesJohnny on Oct 02, 2010
Jeez! I read this article because it's about Johnny Depp and his work with Angelina Jolie who has done notable movies in the past. I'm excited about their team-up and would definitely watch this movie just to see their talents onscreen. But when I read the comments, wow!, mind blowing! What did Angelina ever do to you guys??? She's achieved so much as a human being in spite of her flaws which all of us most certainly have being the imperfect humans that we are. I wonder if any of you haters have ever helped a child and how much more, share your life with them.
posted by I love her on Oct 02, 2010
I dont know why you guys hate Angelina Jolie so badly.If she took Brad from Aniston,there must have been something lacking on Jeniffer.If a man truly loves a woman ,they will never leave their wives.Men can cheat and if the cheating was done because of a little attraction,they can come back and try to mend things out.But what Jeniffer did was that she found out Brad was now totally in love with someone and they broke up.Look at the Governer of South Carolina.He flew to South America because it was love.Look at Eliot Spitzer the NY governor ,it was just sex,thats why he is with his wife now.For Brad it was love for Angelina ,thats why Jennifer Aniston is single. If you are a lady reading this comment that I posted,get it in your head.Men they dont leave women because someone stole them.No they fall in love.
posted by Movie Buff on Oct 02, 2010
Actually these haters turned me into an Angelina fan. It's a shame to be a Jennifer fan.
posted by Movie Buff on Oct 02, 2010
What are these Jennifer fans doing here? They are like angry, hating, suffering souls that are burning in hell. Misery loves company? So sorry that your idol Jennifer's low budget movies are hardly making money, if not flopping.
posted by jonnyand vanessa on Oct 02, 2010
Jonny saw this tramp for what she is. A piece of trash. He did his job and was revolted by her mind games. He tried to back out due to her demands that he cut his hair, and she several times bitched at him that he did not tone up for the role. Jonny depp is in a league all his own. He is slumming in this movie. She is a whore.
posted by two fans on Oct 02, 2010
Hi two fans posting under diffrent names. Go take your meds.
posted by whorehater on Oct 02, 2010
He got drunk really drunk in the company of angeling jolie. They had drunk sex. And lo and behold. His wife wanted a divorce. He is a pig and she is a whore of the worst kind. That poster is photoshopped all the hell. More cheesecloth over the lens please....... People can still see my crazy!!!
posted by annabelle on Oct 02, 2010
I could see her going nuts and shooting him. Its possible.
posted by jilly is awesome on Oct 01, 2010
Angelina jolie is turning zahara into the beautiful princess. And turning brad pitts daughter into the unwanted orphan. She is sick.
posted by drag out jennifer on Oct 01, 2010
She uses brad too.and jennifer. And the kids. Those are the only three likable things about her. Everything else is fake and dirty and grose. Just like her. Everytime i see her exploiting poor people it makes me puke.
posted by Kathy on Oct 01, 2010
I don't like Angelina, I think she uses her kids to promote her movie and so that people will accept and like her.
posted by mindy on Oct 01, 2010
This chick is old and over and done. Move out of the way . Jonny depp hates you. Brad pitt hates you. George clooney hates you. All the men in hollywood have used you. You are used up trash. Go away. Leave your kids alone. Go somewhere by yourself and think about the kind of horrible person you are and the horrible things you have done. A good place to go be by yourself in california is called 'trona'. Its in the middle of the desert. Go think about how to be a better person. If that doesnt work then just go shoot yourself. Everyone is sick of your shit.
posted by plastic talent on Oct 01, 2010
When she talks in movies it sounds like she is repeating not acting. That is not talent. Sure she looks good from all the surgeries. Anybody would. She is fading quickly. She looks very wane. No longer young. She should have been a model and had her picture taken and thats it. And the oscar was for acting crazy (first clue)
posted by !!!!! on Oct 01, 2010
The princess of homewrecking whores is here defending the queen. Good luck with that. Only gross sluts like angelina jolie. She has no idea her haters exist??? You can worship her brother screwing ass all you want. She dont care about you either. Between the two, id rather be a hater.
posted by no way on Oct 01, 2010
The problem is not that angie is crazy. The problem is she is inflicting her crazy self on 6 innocent young minds. She was BANNED from adopting in the united states FOR A REASON. She was deemed UNFIT. So she bought a baby elsewhere. And she did win a academy award. For "acting" like a "mental patient" . Very very very believable. Angelina will probably be tried for brads murder before this is over. And be aquitted. And flee to some foreign country where she can torture shilo in peace.
posted by brads downfall on Oct 01, 2010
Yeah for brad too. All his grief and misery started when he met this crazy woman. Sure he got six kids . But now he has to watch angelina mess them all up. Im sure this is NOT how he saw his future. His life is a twisted mess. The kids are the only GOOD thing he has now. He should rescue them from her and move them to missouri. Angelina would NEVER go there.
posted by Princess on Oct 01, 2010
don't act as if you know her better than she knows herself... Angelina is Cannot change her for who and what she is right now. She doesn't need to change her personality for the sake of her haters to like her. Let her be what she wants and instead of criticizing her..look at yourselves in the mirror first before you brag all your senseless comments!!!And just for the record,, JUDGING ANGELINA JOLIE does not define her,,it's you defining what kind of persons you are..because you know what the truth is..Angelina Jolie don't care of your comments because she even don't know your existing!!!hahahah....and one more thing...Brad's life would be HELL without his ANGELINA JOLIE!!!
posted by faraz abbasi on Oct 01, 2010
this are the maibd be
posted by john on Oct 01, 2010
all og you guys are crazay if you dont like her simply dont watch her movies and dont read any news regarding her....she was academy award winner actor before she had baby, brad or Jeniffer in her she doesn't need any of them to promote her movies .... she is good human with good sense of learn to respect for talent

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