Rihanna's 'Loud' Has a Taste of Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne and Chris Brown

September 30, 2010 09:42:59 GMT

Nicki Minaj is featured is one song, Avril Lavigne's song is sampled for another track, and Chris Brown is most likely inspiration behind one of the ballad tunes in the album.

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Rihanna's new album "Loud" is still around two months away of its release date. But, details about the hotly-anticipated record have been shared by Just Jared who already got exclusive preview to nine songs from the November 16 release.

Nicki Minaj will be featured in a fast and uptempo song "Raining Men" which features a variation of the popular children's phrase "eenie meenie miney mo." Avril Lavigne's ballad track "I'm With You" is sampled for catchy club song "Cheers" which urges fans to have a toast at the bar.

Rihanna also goes dirty and naughty with "S&M". The Barbadian songstress will be heard declaring her love for the smell of "sex in the air" in this one. On top of that, she will be "Fading Away" with a ballad track which lyrics, according to the publication, most likely talk about her ill-fated relationship with Chris Brown.

More tidbits of the other songs which are declared of having "lots of island flavor" can be read on Just Jared.


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posted by sasa on Oct 25, 2010
gal u rock my world tho i hate da fact da u ft nicky minaj on ur ulbum
posted by YoungMoney on Oct 12, 2010
Rihanna is the Shitt .fuck what yall think !
posted by bgh on Oct 06, 2010
i agree with the previous comment
posted by Q on Oct 02, 2010
go.... my riri . don't care those haters !!!! you are still my colorful candy.keep working!!!
posted by p on Oct 02, 2010
i am not rihanna's fan !!!! but you've talked lots of her !!! stop !! ok . cause you're just one of those haters . why don't u think clearly before appreciating her ???? everyone and me always know that she has her own style , her own music,... and what she've been doing to us is to make us proud of her . and yes we're proud of her !!! So if u don't like her , don't care her news and LEAVE HER ALONE. FUCKING HATERS... do to the hell
posted by You all suck on Oct 02, 2010
You guys talk a lot of shit. A suggestion, STFU. Rhianna is the shit and her last album sucked horse dick.. but this new album will be the shit. So STFU and go back to sucking your own dicks.
posted by MRCHITOWN on Oct 01, 2010
posted by MR CHITOWN on Oct 01, 2010
posted by whateva on Oct 01, 2010
slut looks like an acorn
posted by for real on Sep 30, 2010
For somebody that is supposedly over Chris Brown, she sure has hell love singing about him. The whole thing is getting old, but yet she loves to continue to make money off the whole thing that happened.

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