Michael Jackson's Mother and Three Kids Sue Concert Promoter

September 16, 2010 09:27:51 GMT

Katherine Jackson along with Michael's three children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live for not giving the late star an appropriate medical care during rehearsals.

Michael Jackson's Mother and Three Kids Sue Concert Promoter
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On Wednesday, September 15, Michael Jackson's mother and his three children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the promoter of a concert series the "Thriller" hitmaker was supposed to give in London in 2009, People reported. Katherine Jackson filed the legal papers in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming concert promoter AEG Live shared the blame for Michael's death during rehearsals.

"AEG had legal duties to Michael Jackson to treat him safely and to not put him in harm's way," the lawsuit read. "But AEG, despite its knowledge of Michael Jackson's physical condition, breached those duties by putting its desire for massive profits from the tour over the health and safety of Michael Jackson."

The civil lawsuit further stated, "Due AEG's actions and inactions, three loving children lost their father, a loving mother and father lost their son, the Jackson siblings lost their brother, and the world lost its most celebrated entertainer." The suit also mentioned that AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

Katherine charged AEG for not giving Michael appropriate medical care during rehearsals and for negligence in allowing Dr. Conrad Murray to care exclusively for her son. Katherine's lawyer, Brian Panish, additionally said in a statement, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for privately held AEG Live, a subsidiary of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, hasn't seen the lawsuit and therefore he could not comment on the matter. Director Kenny Ortega, who produced Michael's "This Is It" tour, is also named as a defendant in the suit.


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posted by jan on Sep 19, 2010
Statement of Declination: Statements from LA County and SB County (Sept 21 1994) STATEMENT OF DECLINATION ISSUED JOINTLY BY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICES OF LOS ANGELES AND SANTA BARBARA COUNTIES September 21, 1994 It became clear at the inception of the investigation into child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson that those allegations involved conduct that occurred in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. Therefore, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, the Santa Barbara District Attorneys Office and the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office participated in a joint investigation of those allegations. After approximately one year, the investigation is now concluded. During the course of the investigation, approximately four hundred witnesses were contacted (some more than once) and additional thirty witnesses were called before grand juries in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Hundreds of “clues” from the public were probed. Much time was spent pursing potentially exonerating evidence as well as inculpatory evidence. Several leads were explored which later turned out to be false. The first alleged victim who came forward and who was the catalyst for this criminal investigation is the same individual who filed and settled a civil lawsuit against Mr. Jackson. The factual allegations underlying the civil lawsuit are identical to those which would support a criminal prosecution. However, at the present time this alleged victim has chosen to assert his rights under Code of Civil Procedure section 1219 and has declined to testify. This decision was not communicated to either prosecutorial agency until July 6, 1994. Until that time, the alleged victim had indicated his possible willingness to testify and we continued with our investigation. During the last several months, investigatory efforts uncovered additional allegations of sexual molestation occurring between Mr. Jackson and a second boy. The particular events described occurred solely in Santa Barbara County. Therefore, any filing decision on those allegations would involve Santa Barbara. As to those particular allegations, Santa Barbara County declines to file at this time, because of the inability of law enforcement to interview the alleged victim, because that child is beyond the reach of the court process, and because of the child’s prior general denial of any wrongdoing. The investigation also revealed the existence of a third alleged victim who has been in psychological therapy since his disclosure to police in early November of 1993. He has alleged that Michael Jackson molested him on three occasions. Two of those occasions allegedly occurred in Los Angeles County beyond the statute of limitations, and the third occasion, within the statute, allegedly occurred in Santa Barbara County. In light of the primary alleged victim’s decision not to testify, and because of the third alleged victim’s reluctance to testify and in consideration of his psychological well-being, no charges relating to the third alleged victim will be pursued at this time. Another aspect of the investigation involved accounts from several witnesses who allegedly viewed Mr. Jackson inappropriately touching children other than the alleged victims mentioned above. At no time did any of the children named confirm that such conduct occurred, and the credibility of those third party accounts is compromised by the fact that some of the sources of these accounts profited monetarily by selling their stories to the media. In conclusion, we decline to file charges relating to any of the alleged victims at this time because of the legal unavailability of the primary alleged victim. We emphasize that our decision is not based on any issue of credibility of victims. Should cir***stances change or should new evidence develop within the statute of limitations, this decision will be re-evaluated in light of the evidence available at such time.
posted by evej42 on Sep 16, 2010
about time for the truth to come out stay tuned i told you all that they killed michael from day one i told LAPD the same day to watch for murray and his actions and told them who was involved they told me they had it covered well if they had it covered all involved would be in jail by now doing a long sentence Katherine we love you and may god bless you and MJ three, keep on it the truth is about to come out
posted by Big eyes on Sep 16, 2010
ok reckless peaches, I got my butt spanked by my parent's and at school. And I'm still living. And I spanked my kids butt.
posted by irony on Sep 16, 2010
So much irony in this statement "Katherine charged AEG for not giving Michael appropriate medical care during rehearsals and for negligence in allowing Dr. Conrad Murray to care exclusively for her son."
posted by evej42 on Sep 16, 2010
It is searching for the truth it exposing with guilty it is JUSTICE you can pull a string and a dummy will dance she should sue the pants off all of them then who will point their fingers at who..... YOU GO MRS JACKSON YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING, no matter what the negative people have to say you do what you have to do to find out who murdered your son no one but no one knows how you feel and they cant even imagine what you feel..... we say we share in your lose but we can not feel what a mother feels after losing her child and no one has the right to make rude and negative comments to you or about you..... you do you ...... and it doesnt matter about the negative people ...... GET THEM May MJ Rest In Peace and may god bless you and your family
posted by evej42 on Sep 16, 2010
This statement made is disrespectful NO matter what this lady is trying to figure out what happened to her son and who did it everyone is so hype on what the media has to say about the past let's focus on what has happened and what has happened was murder of such a beautiful human being i really feel upset about how the people and the media has treated this case, his mother do not deserve to see negative comments nor rude suggestions that she allowed her children to be in a bad home. black people use to beat the hell out of the children yes i said it your neighbor was allowed to wrip your butt cause your mom and dad was out working what is wrong with american what is wrong with people back in the days did you see what is going on Now a days with today youth was the prisons full was their doctors killing people NO people need to stop hiding behind the corners and come back to reality stop the hype of watching a movie and thinking it was the truth ask the source they admit yes we got wrippings but it was not beatings as the media say so why people cant listen i guess cause they want the hype the negative the mess it is to many messy people here in the USA and i am from here and cant stand some of the people they are rude disrespectful now a days may god bless Mrs. Jackson and her family .....
posted by reckless peaches on Sep 16, 2010
this greedy woman needs to give it a rest and move on. she is desperately trying to blame someone. where was her concern when her husband was beating their kids??? she's no better than her husband, since she never tried to stop his abusive ways.

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