Brian Austin Green May Be a Stud on 'Desperate Housewives'

July 05, 2010 02:35:25 GMT

Curiously, his character's name is similar to the husband character of another guest star Vanessa Williams'.

Brian Austin Green
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Brian Austin Green, who was supposed to star on "Body Politic" before the plan was scrapped, has reportedly landed a new role on television. The actor is heading to Wisteria Lane because he has been cast as a stud on "Desperate Housewives".

According to TV Guide, he is set to play Keith, "a single playboy who makes the women's jaws drop." Creator Marc Cherry wants him to portray a man in his early 30s although the actor is 37 in real life. He could be the potential love interest for Gaby, who has a thing with young men, or Bree who is now single after the departure of Orson.

Keith is not the only new character added to the seventh season of "Desperate Housewives". Vanessa Williams is set to be Lynette's old rival named Renee Filmore-Jones. Curiously, TV Guide mentioned that she has been married for years to "a handsome, hunky man named Keith Jones". This could be a coincidence or Vanessa's character is indeed married to Brian's.

"Desperate" also returns this Fall with a new actress for Lynette's daughter Penny. Kendall Applegate who portrayed the character before is out of the picture and a new one is being cast. Additionally, Lainie Kazan is expected to portray an aged neighbor of Susan and Mike who now live in a cheap apartment.


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posted by bea on Oct 25, 2010
I think he's gross naked and repulsive
posted by Katie on Oct 21, 2010
I don't like BAG on the show either,he and Bree don't have any chemistry and he acts so bad and boring,I hope he'll leave the show soon.Actually he acts like David Silver. I love so much DH!!! Miss Drea de Matteo as Angie Bolen and please bring Orson back!!!
posted by sara on Oct 21, 2010
don't like BAG on DH at all! Bring Orson back,please!
posted by Prudence on Jul 04, 2010
Brian on DH i love ittttttttttt!!!!!!!!
posted by Alice on Jul 04, 2010
Brian A.Green I love him and on desperate h. that would be so totally would helped the ratings a lot!!!!!!
posted by Cynthia on Jul 04, 2010
I love BAG and to see him on desperate housewives..oh yeah..Sexyy.
posted by DAvid on Jul 04, 2010
BAG on DH that would be cool
posted by Monica on Jul 04, 2010
I love BAG i can't wait to see his body on DH!!!

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