Pictures: Adam Lambert Wows Nokia Theater With 'Glam Nation' Show

June 23, 2010 09:38:01 GMT

The 'For Your Entertainment' singer kept his promise to play a friendly show but still offer tasteful performances when singing at a sold-out concert in New York City.

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: A. Miller/WENN

Sporting a top hat, tight pants and sparkle make-up, Adam Lambert impressed concergoers who flocked inside Nokia Theater with his signature voice. The "American Idol" singer who recently half shaved his head filled the June 22 concert with "Fever", "Voodoo", "Sleepwalker" and many other songs.

Like he previously promised, the "Glam Nation" tour indeed was a friendly gig. In one point during the Tuesday night concert, he reportedly licked his bassist's face but the stunt was tamer than the boy-on-boy action he did at the 2009 American Music Awards.

Supporting for Adam Lambert were Orianthi and Allison Iraheta. They will be back on stage for his supporting act at the Nokia Theater the next day. The three singers will continue touring at least until September 21. Detailed info about the upcoming shows can be checked on Adam's official site.


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posted by fifi on Sep 01, 2010
when will adam come to indonesia? i can't stand to wait
posted by mkycc on Jun 23, 2010
I was fortunate enough to be at the Nokia last night to experience Adam live and up close. Adam is stunning in person, trimmer and slenderer than I have imagined, extremely gorgeous face. No wonder all his photo shoots are beautiful. At first I thought it was the good photographer or photoshop, no, it was because Adam is truly BEAUTIFUL. I love his CD but it was very exciting to hear to hear his live performance. His incredible voice lifting me up and down and up again through the night. When it ended with Whole Lot'f Love everybody went crazy when he hit those incredible notes. NOBODY can sing like Adam Lambert. It's a privilage to be at his presence.
posted by stargirl on Jun 23, 2010
I saw Adam in Wilkes Barre-and he is an awesome performer - His voice is insane & his show is fabulous! Going to see him again this summer. Love him!!!
posted by WinkyDink on Jun 23, 2010
I also was at the Nokia 6/22. People need to invent new accolades for this incredible performer!! I think, except for giving Adam his due praise, the best compliment I can give HIM is to say to YOU: If you have a chance to see an Adam Lambert concert and you CHOOSE not to go? YOU WILL RUE THE DAY. MARK MY WORDS. ADAM WILL BE THE POP LEGEND OF THIS TIME. AND YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE.
posted by CNB on Jun 23, 2010
I was at the Columbus, Ohio show and there was non-stop SCREAMING the whole time Adam performed. He is an amazing and exciting entertainer and has put together a wonderful show for all ages and genders!
posted by Kelly on Jun 23, 2010
I love Adam's voice and CD but I must admit that I have trouble with all that makeup. I think it is a total turnoff. I wish he would clean himself up . He was so handsome on Idol.
posted by LJ on Jun 23, 2010
I went to Toronto and the crowd of 10k plus was on it's feet the whole time! Women were openly weeping during his performance of Soaked. His vocal skills are out of this world.
posted by arlo on Jun 23, 2010
Adam is the entertainer extordinaire. He can deliver a song like no one else. We waited on line for 6 and 1/2 hours and it was definately worth every second.I'd do it again.He was that good!!
posted by nickie! on Jun 23, 2010
I WAS THERE AT NOKIA AND IT WAS AMAZING!! Adam's vocals were out of the world - the staging was awesome!! Loved the lasers and screen projections!!! BEST CONCERT EVER !!!!
posted by Cal on Jun 23, 2010
Run, don't walk, to see this concert if you have any chance left of getting tickets. Could give many compliments, but the bottom line is this - out of this world amazing live vocals - well, incredible recorded vocals too, but his live vocals, this concert, is not to be missed! You don't have to love everything about this guy, no problem - but see this concert if you possibly can!
posted by Leigh on Jun 23, 2010
GetReal - your remark is simply a reflection of what kind of person you are. Not good.
posted by GetReal on Jun 23, 2010
Go somewhere faggot and don't show your face again.

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