Kate Gosselin Offered 'Bachelorette' Slot

June 17, 2010 03:33:39 GMT

Both Ryan Seacrest and the show's host Chris Harrison think it is a brilliant idea to put the mother of eight in the dating scene but creator Mike Fleiss thinks otherwise.

Kate Gosselin
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During a radio promotion for "Bachelor Pad", host Chris Harrison said that it is possible for Kate Gosselin to be the next star of "The Bachelorette". Calling in to KIIS FM on Tuesday, June 15, Harrison was tickled with the idea of what kind of guy would dare to go through the door, knowing that the bachelorette is a woman with eight kids.

When asked by Ryan Seacrest whether the report was true, Harrison recalled the time somebody said she doesn't want to do the show and him not asking her to do so. Saying it actually can be "phenomenal", Harrison said, "She's a lovely woman, as nice as can be. It would be a great show. What guy would have what it takes to just even walk in the door and say, 'Yeah, I'm gonna give this a shot'?"

The conversation went on to the discussion whether the "Bachelor" franchise should start putting single moms as the star. Seacrest thought it is "genius" idea and ABC should do it. Then he called in creator Mike Fleiss to confirm whether there has been a talk about it. Fleiss however said that he had never really thought about bringing Gosselin in and suggested that he would rather not jump the shark like that.


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posted by Sprmcandy on Aug 15, 2011
Pretty Lady.
posted by elan on Jun 30, 2010
I'm with the previous poster ...I will not watch Bachelorette if Kate Gosselin is on it. She has nothing to offer - I had my fill of her on DWTS.
posted by Anne on Jun 18, 2010
Never, never, never!!! It was enough to put up with her whinning on Dancing With The Stars. What group of guys would want to date and marry her? Give us a break!! Guys would come on the show just to see what she is really like, not to be a serious contender to marry her.
posted by y on Jun 18, 2010
I don't think it appropriate for her to go through the rigors of Bachelorette, and I for one would not watch if she put the show before her children like that.
posted by shrryrchrd on Jun 18, 2010
I think she is great.
posted by YoKitty on Jun 18, 2010
She is negative, big-mouthed and worthless. I couldn't believe she stayed so long on DWTS. PLEEZ get her off my TV screen ASAP!!
posted by anon on Jun 18, 2010
Absurd - one way to kill the series for sure.
posted by tcb on Jun 18, 2010
She is unbelieveable. All she does is complain. Get a real job like the rest of us.
posted by Lizzy on Jun 18, 2010
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!! She was one of the poorest dancers on the Dancing with the Stars, the only reason she stayed on so long was because the voters felt sorry for her. I call what she did walking not dancing. She needs to concentrate on her children and stop putting her in the spot light. She doesn't deserve that, her children don't deserve it either. I agree with other comments that she is a rude person and needs to go away.
posted by SICKOFHER on Jun 18, 2010
posted by DeDee on Jun 17, 2010
I have watched all Bachelors/Bachelorettes. I refuse to watch it if "Kate with 8" is the bachelorette. I was so glad when she was voted off "Dancing with the Stars." She should get off television altogether. The public has had enough of her.
posted by rose on Jun 17, 2010
Kate is great. She takes care of herself and her 8 children,without any help from her ex-husband!
posted by cybil on Jun 17, 2010
She is such a bitch. I can't stand her. She needs to get a job and pay Jon allimony. She couldn't keep a husband because she is such a bitch.Ryan Seacrest needs to get off of t.v. too.
posted by jon on Jun 17, 2010
Give your children up. Get a job and support your children---like most people do. Rude and selfish bitch.
posted by louie on Jun 17, 2010
GET HER OFF TELEVISION. She doesn't have talent.She can't dance.The only thing she has is a big mouth.Take care of your children.Get a real job.
posted by char on Jun 17, 2010
Kate is all into herself.She was rude on "Dancing with the Stars" and she was rude on Jon and Kate plus 8.I wish that they would stop putting her on television.She needs to spend more time with her brats.maybe,CPS should take her kids away from her for a while, so that she can pimp herself out.

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