Coming Ahead: 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Season 4 and Movie Sequel

June 04, 2010 05:18:44 GMT

With 'Hannah Montana' coming to an end this year, Disney Channel will rely on this Selena Gomez-starring series to be the juggernaut.

Coming Ahead: 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Season 4 and Movie Sequel
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More magic is coming to Disney Channel. The network has announced in a press release that there will be a fourth season of "Wizards of Waverly Place", the series starring Selena Gomez and David Henrie. In addition, there is a plan for a second TV movie which will follow the success of "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie".

Production on the fourth season of "Wizards" is scheduled to begin August with Vince Cheung and Ben Montanio as the new showrunners. This duo, who are known for their work in "Married with Children" as well as "Greetings from Tucson", replace Peter Murrieta who quit the show in April. Meanwhile, creator Todd J. Greenwald sticks to the executive producer role alongside Cheung and Montanio.

"The Emmy win this past year confirmed what we already believed - this is a cast of superstar comedic talent, backed by an inspired team of writers and producers," Gary Marsh, president of Entertainment, and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the sequel to "Wizards" TV movie will again be written by Dan Berendsen. However, no further detail such as when the premiere would be has been released.

Post the announcement that "Hannah Montana" will end in the fourth season, Disney is left with "Wizards" to crank up some huge rating. The series has in fact won an Emmy in 2009 for Outstanding Children's Program.


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posted by Stellachong on Nov 17, 2012
can anyone please send me the link to the episode : Who will be the family wizard? I've been looking for it for a long time. Plus, if you buy it, can u tell me where i can buh such an episode? plus i adore what Selena wears every episode. Its so styliish!
posted by We*Luv*Selena!!! on Jan 06, 2012
OMG we are extremely happy with the "Final" episode and ending to this Season of "Wizards", and don't think that it could have been ended any better!! We are so excited and ready to see a NEW Season, with "Alex" and "Justin"'s new roles as "Family Wizard" and "Professor"!!!! We love you Selena & David Henrie and ask that you PLEASEEEE do another season, but will respect your decissions either way! Selena, you are an AMAZING young actress and a WONDERFUL singer!!!! Keep your head and the good work up!!
posted by casandra on Oct 22, 2011
hi it sucks that wizards is ending
posted by fuck ya on Apr 17, 2011
lets fuck all night and david b conway i will kill your fucking ass because you were fucking my wife the other day but first well have sex!!!!
posted by david b conway on Mar 17, 2011
dear aceshowbiz web site, hi my name is david conway, just if you feel like to have season 5 just to the save wizards of waverly place pettion spot and sigh the pettion spots , and please pass it on just to others internets web sites and do the same thing just to sigh the pettion ,, love david b conway
posted by Selluvsu4eva on Mar 16, 2011
Thank you guys for all of your ideas. I am really thinking that this will be my last season I mean because me and David Henry talked about. I can't wait to read Caitlin's review because maybe just maybe she can be the one to change my mind I hope she can. I love you all have a great year (: <3
posted by Caitlin Underwood on Mar 16, 2011
i love you too and I am the world's biggest Selena Gomez fan you'll ever see
posted by westyn bogle on Mar 16, 2011
you guys will see caitlins idea once it gets done being reviewed i hope her plan works out it great i love you baby
posted by westyn bogle on Mar 16, 2011
lets go with what caitlin said shes smart and i bet that that plan would work out great oh yeah and shes my girlfriend
posted by david conway on Feb 22, 2011
dear web site , hi my name is david conway, and my comments to the pepole whats to have another season 5 why do,nt you just go to her face book and to her web sites as well may be you can changae her mind as well , and my part off the support just for selena marie gomez just naming some of future motion pictures projects just for selena gomez only if she accepets them as well , love david conway
posted by idk on Feb 21, 2011
ill miss wowp.... it was awesome cant wait for the movie!
posted by shawndell rivers on Feb 20, 2011
i hope they make a 5th and 6st season.
posted by iian on Feb 05, 2011
hey guys, guess what? even if there was a season 5, the show would still end for some reason and you would still be upset. im also devastated that WOWP is ending, but its Selena's choice and you guys need to leave her alone.
posted by Womanflower on Jan 14, 2011
I love wowp,and am disappointed that there will be no more new Seasons. I always thought shows stop because they don't have a lot of fans. This is wierd! As for Selena,I think she is being selfish,but also she is very young. I do think she owes the fans and the show to atleast finish what she started. Anything else would just be lame! Finish what you start,is all I'm saying... or she probably will loose some fans. Hope she is ready for the aftermath...
posted by manbeast on Jan 14, 2011
1. they should have another season cuz` the fans want it and there the ones paying her bills 2. they can replace her, she is a good actress but she is still replaceable. 3.they could focus the show more on justin or max. have alex`s character have a smaller part. 4.I think selena gomez is ungrateful to the show that made her a household name. cuz of the fact she got her music career now she could care less about wowp. problem is she is'nt that good of a singer and with a few years she be as forgetton j'lo. the show just disappointed it had to end so unevenly. I feel bad for the other actors and actresses that won't have jobs due to selena gomez selfishness.sorry truth had to be told, everyone have a safe and happy new year!!!
posted by david b conway on Dec 13, 2010
why not mind your own bussiness just about selena gomez wishes , she doesnt have a mind just because why will she put her own tv series in danger of cancellation pepole , i just think that selenaa gomez just have to know that fast pepole, love david b conway
posted by iluvfood on Nov 16, 2010
its pointless telling selena what to do cause i mean its her decision. Yeah, we all want another season of wizards but i guess disney's just too cheap to give us one...unless:? Selena is well known for her charity work so why can't she do another season to raise funds for charity? Or maybe even a movie? Or both? Yeah i know i'm pushing but it's still her choice...
posted by selena4eva on Nov 05, 2010
plz selena do a season 5
posted by ghost on Oct 31, 2010
whats wrong with selena
posted by ashhh on Oct 20, 2010
Yes! I love WOWP best Disney show and Selena is the best Disney girl :)
posted by lovito on Oct 16, 2010
plz selena plz make more wizard of waverly place,cuz,i heard that there isnt goin to be any more,plz come back to the show
posted by david b conway on Oct 15, 2010
dear web site , hi my name is david b conway and my comments to the last comment just at this web site just the question of why don,t you just respect selena gomez wishes how would you feel if you were in her shoes selena gomez can,t not fit my shoes stubit , and the question is that about selena gomez she is still under age right now just make a leaving on dumb pepole , love david b conway
posted by david b conway on Oct 13, 2010
dear aceshowbiz , hi my name is david b conway ,and my comments to the fans here lets help her selena gomez just to get a season 5 she is just without her selena gomez is to prond and we need us to do it for her selena gomez ok pepole love david b conway
posted by nitshame on Oct 06, 2010
greate news for all lovers of this show.
posted by davisd b conway on Oct 05, 2010
posted by davisd b conway on Sep 29, 2010
dear aceshowbizz , hi my name is david b conway , and my comments to selena gomez is that just with me she can do what every she whats but the question is that i do,nt readly exppec her just to that because of her age will stop , her and because of her is still under age to a bad girl just like lindsay lonhan / selena gomez still ca,nt not do every thing just by her slef just yet love david b conway
posted by lola 54321 on Sep 26, 2010
on family channel
posted by lola 54321 on Sep 26, 2010
now there puttin boring shows lol
posted by lola54321 on Sep 26, 2010
i think im really gonna miss wizards of waverly place i think family channel will be boring after hannah montana leaves and wowp goes lol
posted by david b conway on Sep 22, 2010
dear web site hi my name is david b conway ,and commentst to the fans here selena gomez is only 18 years of age what does she know what about leaving a lone out there in the world , and plus the question is that selena gomez allways be talking her problem at school just about the school presures , and just look at the lindsay lohan pepole you what that happend to selena gomez is still under age just to not drick and drive yet and how can she be going college just when she can,t not do those things yet , and plus she is still leaving with her single parent peole and how far can she be without tv career just forever / shes not miley cryus pepole , i know right now one can,t read my post just because im having some kind of a virus just in my net book laptop but i still what pepole to read this post please , and the reason why i know just about the real just because i am the one that is watching the news every day pepole , and lets get real pepole she is not alex russo just after she leaves that she can actual hungs wolfs just like mason any more ,and just with her hand pant dress and the rest of the stuff that she makes will stop just in the real life and the real world as well , and the teenage presure just about boys , im sorry to make it hard just for selena gomez just about not leaving but the question is that selena gomez is not opening her eyes just on the real the real world yet and please ask every one to read this post just becaus of my virus problem with my net book laptop , love david b conway
posted by angelzrocks85 on Sep 11, 2010
wow who cares
posted by doterOne on Sep 06, 2010
i wish so bad that somehow mason and juilet would come back to the way they were and everything be happy again. they were so cute with alex and justin. sigh...
posted by wendy on Sep 04, 2010
Omg i want mason and juliet 2 come back again i want 2 see them again
posted by haikey on Aug 25, 2010
i liked the 1st seasonbest
posted by gluebomb on Aug 21, 2010
I wish there will never be a 4 season hahaha
posted by gluebomb on Aug 05, 2010
haha 4th and final season for this show finally
posted by pineeapple on Jul 27, 2010
just be happy that this show is still around. more and more people will keep saying " why can't selena do another movie" " i want her to do this" then she will and this show will be cancelled for ever, and all you'll get is one movie out of it -_-
posted by Sofía on Jul 16, 2010
I think she is alredy a big girl to take her desitions and i just wish her good luck.
posted by matt on Jul 15, 2010
i think wowp(wizards of waverly place) wont go on but selena will make a great movie or tv series with harriet jones or david henrie im really sad about selena leaving wowp :( :(
posted by demi on Jul 10, 2010
that good
posted by miley on Jul 10, 2010
um i like wizards of waverly place cant selena do a movie about a camp just like camp rock ex it not about singing it gonna be about she just got to a new school and she startes to hated then she love it and she fall in ove with a hot boy and they already boyfriend and girlfriend then she got mad at her boyfriend to not care about her then the boy got mad at her too then they both were very wrong then they find each other soemwhere then they say srry to each other then they kiss then tehy spend more time together the end tank u.
posted by landi on Jun 05, 2010
why don't you just respect selena's wishes how would you feel if you were in her shoes. aka south africa p.s. sorry selena wish i could help

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