First Teaser of 'Hannah Montana Forever'

May 22, 2010 06:51:10 GMT

The fourth and last season of the Disney series will follow Miley Stewart and Lilly Truscott in their senior year.

First Teaser of 'Hannah Montana Forever'
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"Hannah Montana" has officially wrapped up the filming of season 4 which will also be the final season of the series. Disney Channel has now released a promo for the new chapter which is retitled "Hannah Montana Forever", using Miley Cyrus' new single for the series "Are You Ready?" as the theme song.

Previously, there has been a clip that sees Hannah treating a young fan to an impromptu concert. A more elaborated scene is included in this so-called promo along with other plots. Miley makes an attempt at matchmaking her dad with a doctor, Jakson falls in love with a girl and Miley starts her senior year with Lilly.

The fourth season is coming this summer. Miley and the crew have held a wrap party earlier this month. "Miley and the rest of her cast, Emily Osment, Jason Earles and Romi Dames were celebrating with a casino-themed party. They had a congratulatory cake, sushi, hot dogs and fries, a fondu set-up by chief Mark Mittelman, a doughnut cart, sugar cookies and custom tea blends," a source said.


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posted by tyannajackson3746 on Feb 23, 2011
posted by nature@strange on Jan 25, 2011
i love hannah montana and i hate miley cyrus
posted by dabby on Jan 20, 2011
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posted by jessica on Jan 16, 2011
you should come back with a series called miley and liiiey go to college i think it would be great
posted by hannah montana on Dec 18, 2010
i luv yu miley...u rock!!!!
posted by miley/hannah montana on Dec 12, 2010
i love you os much miley and hannah montana i love i love miley i cant believe miley and hannah montana girlfriend.
posted by douglas on Dec 03, 2010
you in the Hannah Montana forever Douglas you be with me You are be New music Director Douglas You Come to taxes All yours Douglas Make new friends
posted by Sakshi on Nov 25, 2010
I love u plese don't go
posted by Vritti on Nov 25, 2010
Sorry I forgot to write pliz reply and can I your phone no pilzzzzzzzzzz not only that email address tooooooo
posted by Vritti on Nov 25, 2010
Pliz don't make it the last season u rock.Hannah u have a lot of fans and Iam your no1fan. o I'll just miss the way the show is fabouls fantastic awesome amazing super great best and will always be my favorite and memory full show
posted by Vritti on Nov 25, 2010
Hi again remember me your huge fan. I am angry at you bcause you didn't reply.pliz reply. I can't wait
posted by miley on Nov 09, 2010
you go the be with.
posted by aicha on Nov 05, 2010
she is more beautiful than selena gomez
posted by miley fan on Oct 25, 2010
i love were rae youo your home i like you so much be with you to i am 14 my name grace Elizabeth Kirsch your name you i love you so me you here your sist be with you i be with you you meet good luck charlie and you meet jonas and you meet wizards of waverly Place .
posted by cristina on Oct 22, 2010
i love hannah montana i love you..... end i live miley cirus
posted by disinfecting on Oct 13, 2010
i love you cuse you are the best.13,2010
posted by mily on Oct 11, 2010
Dera mily i love you so much i miss you so much.
posted by casey on Oct 10, 2010
your such a good acter and i llove ahnna montana she is so pretty and funny
posted by mily and hannah mont on Oct 10, 2010
i love you so much i meet you and i meet hannah you can play with me you can meet me.
posted by msr.reynolds on Oct 05, 2010
hannah rock she is the best i love all her song and movies if she ever stop im gonna go crazy.:)
posted by sara stevens on Sep 21, 2010
I love to watch meily and hannah on tv all the time and its fun to watch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sweetie on Sep 19, 2010
posted by douglas on Sep 17, 2010
miley Cyrus I want to come to I My place in bowmanville commily I am in Music director I miss you Miley Cyrus
posted by hayley guile on Sep 04, 2010
meily is so funny bnut im going to miss her she my friend and my sister think you are dome
posted by brandon on Sep 01, 2010
miley is sexy
posted by why leave on Aug 30, 2010
i agree miley u shouldnt leave n can update yr contract n the fame is a good thing btw mre dn half of us only watch disney beacuse yr on it n if yr manger doesnt update yr contact i will no loner b watchin disney plus y would some1 buy yr products if u no longer r hannah montana trust me u gwnah regret this
posted by tasmrchdfddl <3 on Aug 27, 2010
ohgossh chillax , who cares if you hate her , why are you on this reading it about her then , getalife !
posted by honnah on Aug 20, 2010
i lowe yoou im u bigest fann i lowe your soongs
posted by jayde on Aug 03, 2010
so exited
posted by fatima on Jul 27, 2010
I jast love or Music
posted by jesica on Jul 11, 2010
i like u hannah cant u cam to my house is in fontana
posted by tasmrchdfddl <3 on Jul 11, 2010
if youse dont like miley / hannah , then why are you on this page ?
posted by tamaraaaxoxo on Jul 11, 2010
i cant wait! love you miley! xoxo
posted by roxy65 on Jul 08, 2010
ms.bieber justin drew bieber sucks ass and so do you!!!!!!!!!!!!! what now ugly ass
posted by roxy65 on Jul 08, 2010
miley cyrus/hannah montana you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ms.bieber on Jul 07, 2010
bitch justin drew bieber is better than ur lazy crap ass.
posted by \"miley\'s #1 fan 4e on Jul 07, 2010
can i get ur number miley???
posted by \"miley\'s #1 fan 4e on Jul 07, 2010
can i get ur number???
posted by \"miley\'s #1 fan 4e on Jul 07, 2010
posted by madi on Jul 07, 2010
love you miley love show mily i am sorry mily fAN I,M REALLY SAD BUT I LIKED THE TRANSITION DAT MILY HAS MADE
posted by miley is not awesome on Jul 05, 2010
everyone stop this u need to stop worshipping her she is not god! she hates this crap she Had to do the last to seasons she hates this she wood of quit a lng time ago but her contract MADE her do this wow spend more time worshiping god hes way better ur all freiks she hates this crap she hates being hannah montana let her free!
posted by miley is not awesome on Jul 05, 2010
i used to luv hannah montana at first but when the 3rd season hit they took it to far doeds ne1 now crap????? she did the "bad things" she did to get the LITTLE girls away she oridanolly did it for OLDER girls!!!!!!!!!!!! think about it isnt the seriies more older girl related like 10-12 year olds!
posted by Mileys number one fa on Jul 04, 2010
Hey, anyone who's dying to watch hannah montana forever..ur waiting is over! Just go on you tube..the first episode is on u tube! I met miley and i got her number!
posted by joahna on Jul 02, 2010
i can wait for Hannah Montana forever its going to be awesome!
posted by meggles on Jul 02, 2010
miley u have a great vocie and im sad that this is the last season u r alsome i bet u get that a lot. u have so many fans who love u u rock CRAZY
posted by hottie on Jun 29, 2010
i can't want to see this i love miley i cant wait to see the show i love u miley u rock
posted by abby on Jun 28, 2010
i can't wait
posted by Icha on Jun 28, 2010
Love u Hannah!!! <3 <3 <3
posted by broodie collins on Jun 21, 2010
fuck u bitch
posted by britney on Jun 21, 2010
y would u quit making u're show miley u're show has alot of fans u have alot of fans and some said that u r a ho
posted by miley big fan on Jun 17, 2010
u go girl
posted by hannah on Jun 16, 2010
hannah u are so cool i cant wait for hannah montana forever i love you bes out suckers
posted by miley cyrus on Jun 15, 2010
miley rooooooooooooooooooock
posted by stefani on Jun 15, 2010
hannah montana u rooooock i really love your t.v show. I ALSO LOVE UR SONGS THEY AREBGOOD I LOVE MILEY
posted by genesis on Jun 15, 2010
wow this totally is awesome maybe thats y everybody says in my school & neighborhood that u r better than selena
posted by mileysfan:) on Jun 15, 2010
:) wow, u r amazing im sooo happy ur show is my favorite show also everybody in my school likes it
posted by your fan on Jun 15, 2010
:) im soo happy, u r amazing, i now everything about ur show and now this wow u do rock!!!! love u!!
posted by justin on Jun 14, 2010
miley u r soooooo cool and hot i love u and ur show
posted by vanessa on Jun 14, 2010
i cant wait is going to be awesome u r the best star in the whole world!
posted by lovemiley on Jun 14, 2010
i love u miley i ADORE the show i cant wait
posted by chey chey123435 on Jun 11, 2010
posted by mia on Jun 10, 2010
you are the best pop star i have ever meet
posted by fvytbtgvfvd on Jun 09, 2010
you rooooooooooooooock
posted by Fatum=] on Jun 09, 2010
Cant Wait <3
posted by Mangosmurf on Jun 08, 2010
posted by gurleen on Jun 07, 2010
can you send me a movie of you
posted by gurleen on Jun 07, 2010
i reeeeeeeeeeellly love your shows that one night i felt like singing to you
posted by gurleen on Jun 07, 2010
i looooooooooooooooove you so much mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuu
posted by rockgirl on Jun 06, 2010
i love your show and i CANT wait till hanna montana forever comes out its so cool i love you miley!And i love your shows!
posted by miley fan jami on Jun 06, 2010
I Love hanna montana and miley
posted by jami on Jun 06, 2010
i love hanna montana
posted by nnnnn on Jun 06, 2010
It acuttly looks good
posted by ? on Jun 01, 2010
miley think of your fans you are already doing other projects do more episodes it wont kill you miley you have something that made you famous we all love you
posted by akice4 on May 31, 2010
i'm reslly excited to see her new house!!! it looks REALLY cool in the commercials!
posted by akice4 on May 31, 2010
i'm excited to see miley's new house!!!! it looks REALLY
posted by rosalba on May 28, 2010
hannah montanna re ikuhthjlgxbcb hannah montana3
posted by hot stuff on May 25, 2010
i really love her shows and i dont want this to be the last season
posted by miley fan on May 25, 2010
i'm sad because tiihs is the last season
posted by ninja346 on May 25, 2010
hannah montana is really funny and she is cute=]
posted by myra226 on May 25, 2010
you rock<3 luv your shows
posted by cupcake109 on May 25, 2010
i love your shows cuz you and the cast are really funny
posted by alec on May 24, 2010
hannah you rock your show are funny and i want to meet you your fan alec
posted by littlilirli on May 24, 2010
you rock
posted by littlilirli on May 24, 2010
i dont get it athought she said no more episodes but its a good thing theres more
posted by miley fan on May 24, 2010
posted by vizio on May 23, 2010
wow i cant believe it
posted by vizio on May 23, 2010
you rock girl friend i totally love your shows i love you

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