Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus Dining Together, But Not Dating

May 12, 2010 06:39:05 GMT

Though the 16-year-old singer claims Miley had fun with him, the Disney cutie clarifies that they met to talk about 'a side project'.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus Dining Together, But Not Dating
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Justin Bieber does not take Miley Cyrus from Liam Hemsworth's side. The YouTube singing sensation and the "Hannah Montana" star were reported having dinner date after spotted at Ari-Ya Sushi in West Hollywood on Monday, May 10, but they said that the meeting was just merely for business.

Followed by X17online camera, Justin jokingly said that Miley was "having fun with" him. However, the actress/singer later informed that they had dinner together to discuss "a side project". When asked if they may work on an album together, she simply said, "Maybe."

While many sites run report that Justin and Miley had a date during the dinner, Gossip Cop affirmed that the two have no romantic relationship as a source familiar with the situation told the site the meeting "was not in any way romantic."

Previously, Justin Bieber has claimed that he is not interested to have Miley Cyrus as his lover, calling her "not my type." Meanwhile, the Disney cutie admitted she is not a fan of the "Baby" hitmaker, saying "Bieber fever... I'm not necessarily a fan. I don't listen to that kind of music."


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posted by jasmine on Apr 10, 2012
wow that is ugle
posted by nour H SAD ENGEL on Jun 13, 2011
i like them so much when they r together,,,& both of them r so beautiful!! nice
posted by rinaa on Mar 04, 2011
i like hannnah justin.../<3
posted by KAHISGEASK on Oct 08, 2010
dont you people know Go to Youtube and see "JUSTIN BIEBER IS A PEDOPHILE" That is true eeeewwwww PEDOPHILE ewwwwwww At Sept. 30 2010 police see his bags full of whatever just go
posted by ds on Sep 24, 2010
she's saying she doesn't listen to 'that kind of music'. but as generic and gay as bieber's music sounds, miley cyrus also follows and composes the same type of music. what the hell?
posted by aniezt maniezt on Sep 07, 2010
i love you miley and justin
posted by anonymous on Jul 30, 2010
i like mileys songs but i dont agree with some of the picture that r shown of her on the internet like the picture on the front of the album "cant be tamed" its just inopropriate especially since she started out on disney. im mean you dont see selena gomez or demi lovato with pics like that.
posted by EMILI AND VANESSA on Jul 26, 2010
and domt go with miley cuz she have dated jonas brothers........
posted by emili and vanessa on Jul 26, 2010
we love you jb and we hoped we chat with you can i please have your real phone number LOVE YOU
posted by huynh on Jul 11, 2010
well im not a huge fan of urs im just saying that miley is kinda not perfect for u shes tall ur short shes 17
posted by nae nae on Jul 01, 2010
hay boo want your number hu
posted by nae nae on Jul 01, 2010
and want your number
posted by john on Jul 01, 2010
are u gay
posted by myriah on Jul 01, 2010
hay boo
posted by naenae on Jul 01, 2010
i love u justin bie ber u are so handsome and do not go with miley becouse she have her bf and u do too becouse i am your gf and when she see thie tell her that u have a gf ok
posted by seven on Jun 09, 2010
can I get your number
posted by sevenmoss on Jun 09, 2010
posted by Angela Doherty on May 28, 2010
justin beiber is nothing but a show off and a lier to be honest but i do think thats there more than celeberity to him i think that he should grt a taste of reality
posted by grace on May 18, 2010
ihope theyewrking on a duet togther....i love them both.
posted by Mikkie on May 14, 2010
im not a HUGE fan of Miley....shes dated all the jonas brothers, i hope she doesnt date JB, lolz...but how she had said that she doesnt listen to that kind of music...ISNT THAT LIKE THE ONLY MUSIC THERE IS THESE DAYS???!!!...haha, but i am a HUGE fan of Justin hes so sweet and hot, lol
posted by taytay1 on May 13, 2010
i think justin bieber is "HOT" i think he is good by himself but if he was to sing with anyone he should try to sing with any woman who would want to but i think he should sing with Beyonc`e because he like her.
posted by Anu on May 12, 2010
I luv 2 see u on stage HANAH UR 2 CUTE N I LUV U 2 JUSTIN N I WNT 2 NO HW RU HANAH N JUSTIN Rply im anu
posted by Kellie on May 12, 2010
i love justin bieber hes so sweet and cute
posted by Shaunee on May 12, 2010
I hope they're working on a duet...I love them both and I would like to hear them singing together!

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