Details of Adam Lambert's 'If I Had You' Music Video

May 11, 2010 08:52:20 GMT

Directed by Bryan Barber, the music video is set in a dark but beautiful forest with cameo appearances from fire performers.

Adam Lambert
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What to expect from Adam Lambert's "If I Had You" music video has been revealed. The clip is going to feature fire performers as according to a casting call, his camp are looking for "people who can fire eat, fire breath, fire juggle, fire twirl, etc."

"This music video is set in a dark but beautiful forest, where we experience a surreal light show, similar to the Northern Lights of Norway," the video overview read. "We are here for an artistic gathering of all types of people, to socialize, dance and party while taking in this display of beauty and mystery."

"If I Had You" comes from Adam Lambert's debut album "For Your Entertainment". The music video is directed by Bryan Barber and reportedly will be filmed in Los Angeles on May 12 for an all-night shoot.


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posted by Adamfan on May 21, 2010
posted by journey361 on May 13, 2010
In 1978, a man at the age of 28 (Adams age now) was given the job singing with a band out of San Francisco and from there, they toured the world singing 4 to 5 nights a week, 2 and ahalf hours a show with probably the toughest and roughest songbook known to man. That singer is possibly the greatest vocalist maybe to ever sing a note. His name is Steve Perry and to ge to the point, 10 years into his run, he retired and 25 years to date has never said why. I hope to god that does not happen to the current male vocal stud in music today. Adam really needs to pace himself now before he ends up like the voice. It can happen.
posted by Firelion on May 13, 2010
Adam hits the heart button every time plus he's got sexyness to spare. Can't wait to see him in the live.
posted by number8gurl on May 13, 2010
The shoot is over and Adam's hair is fine (he tweeted "that's a wrap...whew" this morning as I'm sure you all know) I would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to him. I love him SO much!! Can't wait to see this sounds like it's going to be epic. Tweets from his friends, band members and other dancers on set were describing a WILD scene!!!
posted by kenzie on May 13, 2010
Kara D. has ruined the word artistry for me, but I sure do love some coming from Mr. Adam Lambert ;)
posted by Marie on May 12, 2010
Adam is my drug.
posted by danyglambertgal on May 12, 2010
As one person said before me "Adam is a National Treasure" <3
posted by LambertsLabelle on May 12, 2010
Thanks god he s theatrical..right,Simon??
posted by Krista on May 11, 2010
If I Had You is a great song. This video sounds interesting!
posted by molldoll18 on May 11, 2010
I'm sue he will be fine. They have peole there just in case something dose happen. I hope not!
posted by Kyle on May 11, 2010
This video concept sounds amazing and perfectly Adam in every way. I can't wait to see it.
posted by kelly on May 11, 2010
Outstanding singer, brillant creative artist, personable witty honest sexy hottie Adam constantly amazes me. I love the song.
posted by terie on May 11, 2010
Just LOVE the way ADAM keeps us guessing what comes next! Sounds really theatrical .. can't wait!!
posted by mick on May 11, 2010
Sounds very "Burning Man" and Zodiak Show. Adam may even be including some of the fire jugglers he had in his performance of "Crawl Thru Fire" in the Zodiak show. His message of harmony and diversity sounds like Burning Man. I can't wait to see this video. Adam Lambert rocks!
posted by Lem on May 11, 2010
Had a feeling, from what he's said when he's been intro'ing singing this song as of late, that the video would highlight diversity and those who live their lives or engage inactivities left of center... but never conjured up something like this... should be interesting. But honestly, doesn't matter, cuz Lambert's vocal is all I really need to enjoy the hell out of his performances!
posted by MS on May 11, 2010
Adam is finally getting his flames!!! Yay!!! But I hope he is very, very careful while playing with fire. @OMG I agree with you. Don't want any accidents to happen.
posted by Cricket on May 11, 2010
Wish I knew where they were going to film,,,he must be in town now then,,eeeeeeee,,,
posted by melissa on May 11, 2010
Adam is such an exiting artist. Every thing he does has a lot of thought behind it. This video sounds fantastic and I can't wait to see it.
posted by OMG on May 11, 2010
Adam better take care of his pretty face!!!! And his lushious hair! Don't want any accidents to happen!!!
posted by kms on May 11, 2010
It is so refreshing to see imagination and artistry again partnered with music. BTW- love that pic, that suit rocks.
posted by hanz on May 11, 2010
CANT WAIT! he is one hot surprising and talented man!
posted by Tracy on May 11, 2010
Sounds interesting and exciting. The music video is going to be amazing. Can't wait!
posted by Sarah on May 11, 2010
Sounds awesome - can't wait!
posted by MA on May 11, 2010
Quite contratry to what I would presume. Can never guess what Adam Lambert's about to do : )
posted by Sandy on May 11, 2010
Sheba....would you share with me?
posted by runawaysu on May 11, 2010
Yayyy, I cant wait to see it! Adam is so exciting, he always brings it everytime and I LOVE IF I HAD YOU!!!!!
posted by Kate on May 11, 2010
Keep Adam's hair away from any flames. Hair products and fire do not go together. That is what happened to Michael Jackson. Hair products can be flammable. We all love Adam's hair too much!
posted by Sheba on May 11, 2010
Adam keeps me on the edge of my sit for over a year now. I am so excited to see what he is uo to next. My life is so exciting with Adam in it. LOve this guy, Love his voice, his face, body,soul and mind. I want it ALL!!!!

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