Third 'Riddick' Called 'Dead Man Stalking', Script Details Revealed

April 13, 2010 04:18:26 GMT

Finding himself stalked by deadly creatures and deadly mercenaries, Riddick will return to his basic as a meaner and leaner predator.

Third 'Riddick' Called 'Dead Man Stalking', Script Details Revealed
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More updates from the development of third "Riddick" movie have surfaced. While the project was initially known simply with the name of the titular character, it has been reported that the movie is now tentatively tittled "The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking".

Moreover, Corona Coming Attractions claims they have been able to take a look at a lean script written by David Twohy and give review of it. The site mentions [SPOILER ALERT!] Riddick has bulked himself up better than his "Pitch Black" days.

It is also revealed that Riddick, after realizing what went wrong with him in the past two movies, will be back to his basic as a predator, "the baddest a**hole in the universe" in order to survive in the "Dead Man Stalking" world. The complete review of the lean script which includes the first fifteen minutes of the film and bridges the upcoming movie to the last installment can be seen at Corona Coming Attractions.

For "The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking", Vin Diesel has been tapped to reprise his role as Riddick. The actor will additionally serve as producer alongside Samantha Vincent and Ted Fields. Meanwhile, David Twohy who writes the screenplay will also direct this follow-up to "The Chronicles of Riddick".


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posted by lover on Oct 10, 2010
i think the first riddic pich black was the best one it cept u on the ege of your seat the hole movie
posted by docmanhattan1128 on Oct 08, 2010
omg, i cant wait to see it, it looks epic, i love riddick
posted by BST on Oct 07, 2010
other sci-fi movies aren't like the Chronicles of Riddick, and that's the reason i like it, cause it's not an over fantasized movie like most sci-fi movies are(star trek). He's a predator and an ultimate survivor that doesn't care about others, and that makes him badass, and for all the haters get over it or just kill yourself.
posted by Sigh on Aug 11, 2010
MM, you're retarded. You need to watch more movies.
posted by MM on Aug 09, 2010
Chronicles is the best sci-fi movie e-vah! Every time I watch it, it's still fresh

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