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The Chronicles of Riddick Sequel Begins Scouting in New Zealand

2009-12-03 10:12:41

Giving an update on the third 'Riddick' film is the actor, Vin Diesel, who has written on his Facebook that the film's crew have been in New Zealand.

Third 'Riddick' Movie Won't Be PG-13

2009-08-03 02:08:08

Though revealing that there are words of making 'The Chronicles of Riddick' sequel a kid-friendly movie, director David Twohy insists he and Vin Diesel are leaning toward a restricted rating.

The Chronicles of Riddick Sequel to Have Epic Fight Scenes

2009-04-04 02:04:45

Having said earlier that two 'The Chronicles of Riddick' sequels are in the horizon, Vin Diesel teases that the third installment of the sci-fi adventure will present some epic fight scenes.

Vin Diesel Addresses Third 'Chronicles of Riddick' Movie

2009-03-10 03:03:35

Talking about the upcoming release of 'The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena' game, action star Vin Diesel speaks about when details of 'Riddick' next installment will be outed.

Two 'Riddick' Sequels on the Horizon, Revealed Vin Diesel

2008-08-26 10:08:46

In a recent interview, Hollywood actor Vin Diesel revealed that the two sequels to 'The Chronicles of Riddick' are being written.


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