Pics and Video: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas on Church Date

March 15, 2010 03:40:43 GMT

The Disney stars attended a church service together with a friend just one day after Demi spilled out their secret romance.

Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato
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Fresh from a dating confession, Demi Lovato was spotted going to a Los Angeles church with Joe Jonas on Sunday, March 14. The now-out lovers did not do 'couply' stuffs like walking hand in hand but tagged along a female friend instead. Later that day, they headed their own ways with Joe visiting the gym before heading home.

Demi recently admitted at Billy Bush's radio show that she was indeed dating one of the Jonas Brothers. Bush asked whether she had ever dated any of them and Demi coyly said, "Maybe?". Shot whether it is Joe, Demi replied, "Yeah. He's actually ...he's my best friend." Shortly after the interview, Demi wrote on her Twitter, "By the way... I would never lie to my fans. I love you all... and I've never been happier. :)"

Fans of the two Disney starlets have crowned the pair with moniker Jemi. They would be seen together on screen again on "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" which debuts this summer.


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posted by jemi fan on Jan 10, 2011
jemi,i think is the best couple. demi is better than ashley greene. ashley does not deserve joe jonas. he is beeeeeeeeeesssssssstttttt! I love him.
posted by cloui on Oct 06, 2010
the pair up....."jemi"! was a perfect match well I am saying that it "was" becoz they broke up.... then again they will team up again for camp rock 2.IF i am in demi's situation it is really to pair up again with someone who broke your heart.......=(
posted by cloui on Oct 06, 2010
well ive been a fan of them since the camprock movie was launch.I think they are a perfect match, they are compatible together. we just cant tame Demi coz of tha fact that they are not meant for each other,etc. remember guys what joe did to taylor swift..joe broke her heart, he broke up with her coz of camela belle..and he's the one who broke up with demi.. Frankly speaking "joe jonas"! is a heartbreaker...
posted by Joe jonas on Jul 09, 2010
First joe is c
posted by J12 on Jun 30, 2010
there best friends that matters
posted by J12 on Jun 30, 2010
Joe is not Gay.
posted by MrsTrouble on May 21, 2010
I think that they make a great couple and i want to see how future it may last.But i`m not lying they should have kissed in the first first camp rock
posted by adviceforjoe on May 10, 2010
i hated demi i hate demi and i always will hate demi unless joe and she break up not meaning to be mean and spoil their relationship but @joe ther r soooooooooooo many others girls better then DEMI LOVATO i mean like seriously joe you can do better then that. don't get me wrong i am noooooooooot jealous just you r going to regret liking demi
posted by soso on Mar 30, 2010
i think they are perfect for each other.they are so cute together,and they were born to be acouple.i love you both(demi,joe) i am your biggest fan .good luck in your relationship GOD BLESS YOU
posted by adriana on Mar 21, 2010
hey guys i think they r the best couple ever they look so cute together i think they r perfect for each other.
posted by kara on Mar 21, 2010
they are not suppose to be together. they were suppose to be like brother and sister.that is toooo weird
posted by mellisa on Mar 21, 2010
they should just stay friends not a couple
posted by javiera correa on Mar 18, 2010
que lindo donde fueron era tan lindo chao
posted by Emma on Mar 18, 2010
I really like them together personally, but it isn't really any of our business, because when it comes down to it, they're the ones who chose if they want to be together or not.
posted by Sminky on Mar 15, 2010
i know for a fact that joe jonas is gay. he takes fat man meat up his flesh tunnel
posted by omfg on Mar 15, 2010
youre all retarded
posted by Joe_jonas_luver<3 on Mar 15, 2010
i LOVE joe jonas and i dont think they should be 2gether, im not just saying this because im jelous which im NOT i just think it's best if they just stick to being just Friends(one of there songs LOL) anyway the other day i was on youtube and i saw a video that kevin jonas(joe's older brother)was saying that ,"Demi Lovato is NOT THE RIGHT GIRL FOR JOE.HE DESERVES BETTER.",and another thing is im just trying to watch out for joe so that he wont get his heartbroken like what that backstabbing Camilla Belle did to him last year i REALLY DO CARE ABOUT HIM WITH ALL MY HEART<3. if i were to be his girlfriend i would be everything he will ever need,instead of "Jemi" it would be "Jazel";) Hazel+Joe = 4ever;)
posted by joe4ever on Mar 15, 2010
i actually agree with u...i mean if ther broke up...thn ..a gr8 frndship gone!but im happy 4 thm
posted by Shannyn on Mar 15, 2010
lol in the video when the guy asked what the video man was videoing that made me crack up lolman i totally want joe to be happy but...i dunno bout jemi...i LOVE that their also best friends but i dunno bout boyfriend and girlfriend...but i might be wrong andd thats just my opinion soo dont go saying bad stuff bout me saying my own opinion okey dokey coz i love them BOTH

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