Chris Brown Returns to Twitter and Starts Promoting His Music

March 12, 2010 08:45:27 GMT

As an effort to promote his music, Chris Brown who previously claimed to have been boycotted by radios has opened a new account on Twitter.

Chris Brown
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After claiming that radio stations refused to play his music and crying for fans' support on SayNow, Chris Brown decided to come back to popular micro-blogging site Twitter. After several posts, he then began promoting his music, writing " 'Too Freaky'... mixtape on fire right now."

"Too Freaky" is one of the songs recorded for his mixtape "In My Zone". The R&B singer released the mixtape, which includes a remake of Trey Songz's single "I Invented Sex", on Valentine's Day this year. That marked for the very first time he dropped a mixtape.

Chris Brown left Twitter back in December 2009 after he threw tantrum on the social network, claiming that Walmart and other major stores had boycotted his album "Graffiti". Before closing his account, he gave fans short message, thanking their support but providing no explanation about the exit.

The "Run It!" singer opened a new Twitter account under the name of chrisbrown.


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posted by chantae black on May 07, 2010
ilove you chris brown your biggest fan chris brown chantae black. i am 18 yaers old. chris brown deat me . i willbe 19 years olds this years.
posted by chantae black on May 07, 2010
lets go out chris brown
posted by viridiani on May 07, 2010
she loves you so so much chris. sheis 16 years old we have you sexy picters chris . rihanna is a nice person dont go by her chris happy 21 beday
posted by chantae black on May 07, 2010
my name is chantae black i love you so so much chris brown your bibggest fan ever chris. i am 18 years old
posted by chanyae on May 07, 2010
me and frinds virdiani and evelny love you chris brown come mnuarl arts yo grt us. my name is chantae black iam 18 yeras . my brithday is october 22 1991
posted by loveeer on Apr 04, 2010
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE CHRIS BROWNN. and chris , (haters are your biggest fans) trust me ;) x
posted by Mrs Breezy on Apr 04, 2010
His graffiti album got to number 1 on the charts i heard. I was so happy , stupid radio stations and stores boycotting his music . They gonna be missing out on a lot of money and sales cos his music is some amazing shit ! muscial genius ! I LOVE YOU CHRISSSSS, keep doing your thing and keep your head up cos it depresses me when i see all this shit happening to you. I SUPPORT YOU, SINCE THE 1ST DAY YOU STARTED UNTIL THE DAY YOU FINISH! prince of rnb . peace . :)
posted by vickie on Mar 19, 2010
keep your head up Chris. Im sure things will get better. I'm a huge fan by the way.
posted by ilovechrisbrown ! on Mar 16, 2010
i love him so much! he makes me smile! hes so hott i mean seriously ! one day ill see him and den ill end upp in hospital hahahahahahahahahaha anywayss take care babyeeeee ! mwah mwah mwah mwah
posted by Foa Shoa on Mar 15, 2010
Chris Brown's Album is the best yet
posted by Miz Breezy on Mar 15, 2010
Everybody should request my Baby's music he has been doing good since Febuary so promote it.
posted by Hannah on Mar 12, 2010
i would for the radio stations to play his music again and i am his #1 fan even though i play his music like every day.
posted by Hannah on Mar 12, 2010
i woud like for the mixtaped that the remake of Treysongz and i am glad that chris brown is back on twitter again.
posted by chris brown on Mar 12, 2010
I like a lot about chris because he is so nice looking so I would rather be his kid for a lil.
posted by caroline on Mar 12, 2010
I love his album and glad he is back on twitter. I just wish his record label had done more to promote the album. He has only performed live on the SOS for Haiti show. His album, Graffiti, was really good.
posted by foa real on Mar 12, 2010
chris brown's da man ! hes a fuken hotty like seriously. i wished dat one dai i'd see dis guy buht dat aint gnna happen . buht i wish him all da best and hope he gets da top foa real yeah ! love ya chris.xO.

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