Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's 'Make a Wave' Debuted

February 27, 2010 03:21:54 GMT

This year's anthem of Disney's Friends for Change: Project Green sung by the Jonas Brothers' lead singer and his 'Camp Rock' co-star has finally been sent to radio.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's 'Make a Wave' Debuted
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A new duet track between Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato has got its radio airplay on Radio Disney Friday, February 26. Titled "Make a Wave", the single will then be made available for purchase on digital retails beginning March 15.

"Just a pebble in the water / can set the sea in motion / a simple act of kindness / can stir the widest ocean," so the two young singers spread message to help saving the earth on the chorus. "If we show a little love / have we know what we could change."

"Make a Wave" is recorded for Disney's Friends for Change: Project Green to benefit conservation projects around the world. It was showcased live for the very first time at Epcot theme park in Orlando on February 11 and will be featured in upcoming Disneynature film "Oceans".

A music video has been filmed by Joe and Demi at the Malibu beach and will be premiered on Disney Channel on March 16.


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posted by SEERROOO on May 06, 2010
WoW The Girl in Saudi Arabia Love Them So Much <3
posted by Number1jonasfan1997 on Apr 07, 2010
Hey I love this song it is so cool everyday after school I lisson to it . It is my fav. song well ttyl .
posted by HP L1506 on Mar 15, 2010
I love this song can not wait for camp rock2 i heard about a kiss between joe and demi
posted by twilight on Mar 07, 2010
when r they guing to realize they look super cute together
posted by me on Mar 06, 2010
they are saying "heaven knows what we could change" not "have we know what we could change"...the latter doesnt even make sense...
posted by joe is hot on Mar 01, 2010
this song is awesome i can't wait for the video on march 16th!!
posted by luv these luvteam on Feb 28, 2010
damn!!!!! how old are they??? they sound incredibly terrific!!!! amazing and all! now, people will finally get that message, if not, then they will probably be washed out by the wave! :)
posted by jemi on Feb 28, 2010
i love them!!so excited.. they are my favorite.
posted by karin on Feb 27, 2010
Joe sounded okay but I didn't care for Demi and it's really juvenile. Definitely for a Disney audience.
posted by MakeAWaveFan on Feb 27, 2010
The song is beautiful and I love the sound of Joe's voice.
posted by heart_xoxo on Feb 27, 2010
they look cute together!
posted by DemiFan1017 on Feb 26, 2010
I love this song itz awesome!I love Demi and Joe they look so cute together in the pic ;)!Can't wait to see the music video!AHHHH I love you Demi can't wait for season 2 of Sonny With a Chance!

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