Adam Lambert Calls Susan Boyle's Debut Album 'Terrible'

February 24, 2010 06:24:03 GMT

'It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment,' so the 'American Idol' alum says of Susan Boyle's 'Wild Horses'.

Adam Lambert
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While many people are fans of Susan Boyle and have bought her debut album "I Dreamed a Dream", Adam Lambert on the other hand despises it. He calls the record "terrible" and describes her rendition of The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" as a "horrendous" treatment.

The "American Idol" singer is also disappointed when the "Britain's Got Talent" alum blocked him from the top spot of Billboard Hot 200 in November 2009. "If only it weren't for Susan Boyle!" so he said in Gay Times' March issue.

"I'm happy for her success, but that album is terrible. 'Wild Horses' is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!"

Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle released their first studio albums in the U.S. on the same day, November 23, 2009. While Adam's "For Your Entertainment" could only debut at No. 3 with 198,000 copies, Susan's record soared to the top spot in its opening week with a strong 701,000 selling number and continued reigning the chart for five consecutive weeks.


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posted by man on Nov 30, 2010
well he was right i´m not a adam fan never listened to his music but I dreamed a dream is just shit and it´s a crime against humanity
posted by Man5tyl on Mar 04, 2010
Adam is far from ugly,and his voice is great. You didn't hear Susan singing any tracks for movies or television.She hasn't been used for comercials. She might be good at singing ballards ,but that is about it. She is not for everyone.I don't care for her.I do Adam though.
posted by Man5tyl on Mar 04, 2010
Adam Lambert is far from ugly and is truely gifted. He never had to prove any thing to any body at any time, but get his name out and his voice heard. Susan B. is good at her type of singing ,but she cannot sing any other type of music and sound right.Adam on the other hand, can sing any type of music and be good.If Adam doesn't care for her album that's fine because not every one is going to ( I know I really don't )So just shut up if you don't agree and keep listening to whom ever you care to. I know I will.
posted by rosalia35 on Mar 03, 2010
Sorry Adam but Susan's album is far from horrendous. Your musical taste are so far from her's that I don't believe you can appreciate her talent. I like to watch you perform but I haven't bought your album. Take care to appreciate what is different from you-not so quick to judge.
posted by Barbie on Mar 01, 2010
Adam is the grossest "thing" around. Why do we have to look at this weirdo??!!! He should shut his ugly mouth and go back into his cave so we don't have to see him ever again!!!
posted by Adam Lambert sux on Feb 27, 2010
SuBo's CD is a 10000 times better than that PIECE OF TRASH Adam Glambert. Now his ugly fat pig fans are saying he was "misquoted". THAT IS A BOLD FACE LIE. Adam has always been a piece of crap, and now he is showing the right side o f his crater pot marked face.
posted by michaelc on Feb 26, 2010
Iknow Adam has talent. It does'nt matter what his sexual orientation is, but he is dead wrong for attacking someone that faced critisizume her whole life.He is wrong for attacking a fragile individual who would'nt hurt a fly. I am mentaly challenged,but I don't like it when people try to put other people down to make themselves look better. why be so cruel?
posted by TheNextGuy on Feb 25, 2010
At last count, Boyle had sold 10 million albums. She's Billboard's #6 and Lambert is #58.
posted by Blackie on Feb 25, 2010
Why should Susan care about such a 'lightweight' as Adam? In three months, Adam has barely sold 500,000 albums while Susan Boyle has sold over 8.5 MILLION albums world-wide!!! Hey, in Susan's first WEEK ALONE, she outsold Adam's 3-months' total by a 6-to-1 margin ... LOL, he still hasn't caught up to her 1st week sales in the eleven weeks since!!!
posted by Linda on Feb 25, 2010
Adam is just a jealous little "wo"man that needs to grow up and shut up. He doesn't have near the same level of talent as Susan Boyle.
posted by Casam on Feb 24, 2010
Another proof that jeaulosy can be blamed for many misfortunes and this is one of them. I guess our dear Adam has shown his true color one this one. It was too much to handle and accept, that someone older, frumpy and trully humble had outsmart him. Susan Boyle really hit a sore spot and that is his narcisism and false selfrightousness. Sorry Adam, that's how it is.
posted by lori on Feb 24, 2010
I want to add that in my opinion Lambert looks terrible from head to toes. Hair, skin, makeup, weird clothing, everything is horrible. Adam fans think Susan Boyle is unattractive, but they don't realize how extremely unattractive Lambert is. Yuck!
posted by lori on Feb 24, 2010
Adam Lambert has shown his true colors many times, not only this one. He is completely classless and he has demonstrated it more than enough times! And it was not only Susan who blocked him from the top spot, Andrea Bocelli was second place for many weeks, and also by huge amounts of copies difference between him and Glambert. Not that Adam was even close to either of them at any time. By the way I hate Adam screeching. It made my ears bleed the few times that I have listened to him!.
posted by ryan on Feb 24, 2010
Who the hell is Adam Lambert?
posted by Lynn on Feb 24, 2010
Words taken out of context, and misquoted can seem meaner than they were actually said. I can understand Adam not liking Susan's cover of "Wild Horses" because he is a die hard classic rock fan. UK he loves David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Robert Plant and more. Is he allowed to not like the singing style of one Brit, keeping in mind he didn't say it the way that magazine put it. That magazine has a history of not support Adam Lambert. He loves your country. When you see him and hear him on interviews you will see an honest, genuine talent. Keep an open mind.
posted by Kate on Feb 24, 2010
This out of context lie is going around the net like wild fire. But in fact, it's not true and it's taken out of context. Few web bloggers have even read the interview and are just copying this viral lying negativity. Adam by now is pretty well known to all that care to listen to him as someone who is gracious. He is honest and funny but not mean. He should do a better job at protecting his integrity though by not giving anymore interviews like this. He is far too generous to the media and they are not playing fair. Susan's rendition of "Wild Horses" is so bad and this has been noted by more people than just Adam Lambert. I love the Stones but Susan ruined this song for me and it did make me laugh as well.
posted by RITA on Feb 24, 2010
I agree Adam, the whole thing about the susan, is because she is british. she looks like a cow. and sounds like one too. don't worry, you are still the best.
posted by laura on Feb 24, 2010
Pathetic gossip about a great guy! Guarantee you he has already called susan and they are laughing their their ***** off about this crap. The tabloids know we love these two so they misconstrued info. to make some juicy reading to get all these responses. Duh?
posted by Idahogirly on Feb 24, 2010
Oh, and one more thing, your rendition of "Ring of Fire" was truly horrendous! I mean seriously?
posted by Idahogirly on Feb 24, 2010
I guess the rest of the world disagrees with you, Adam... Oh WELL!!!
posted by Realist on Feb 24, 2010
24 hours later and he hasn't specifically denied the most critical comments of this article. He needs to understand that different folks like different music. Her version of Wild Horses was very well received. He needs to understand that someone with less than a year in the spotlight does not have the experience to legitimately make comments like this. She outsold him by a margin of over 4 to 1. It just doesn't reflect well on him.
posted by Jethro on Feb 24, 2010
Misquoted? I don't believe so. He can sue the Gay Times if they truly did. Adam just needs the publicity, like when he kissed that dude in AMA. To think that I had plans to buy his CD this weekend. Glad I didn't sooner.
posted by Kim on Feb 24, 2010
No way this is true! I have heard every interview Adam has done and this sounds nothing like him! He is a very positive person and always goes out of his way to say something nice, and he makes a habit of promoting other artists. Why would anyone believe this rag mag? Besides Adam has already disputed this on his twitter stating that he was misquoted…and if he sounds nonchalant about it it’s probably because he has to deal with this kind of crap repeatedly. In addition, I have met him and he is very sweet…and far from a diva! When I was walking up to him he said, “Oh, I love your outfit!”….HE complimented ME!!! And this wasn’t him rushing down a line signing autographs, it was at a backstage meet and greet where I watched him interact with his fans for almost an hour, so I am speaking of his character from personal experience. Just because it's in print on the internet, it's the gospel? Yeah, right!
posted by Kelly on Feb 24, 2010
I don't like Susan's album either-it is a complete bore. Adam has a right to give his opinion and that is that. He listens to music and knows what he likes and dislikes and he is entitled to his opinion, and so are we. I felt so sorry for Susan, supported her, even like one of the tracks on her CD, but I absolutely get bored bored bored with it after 3rd track, I don't like her CD and I don't want attacked like Adam is being.Hearing Susan's CD once is enough. Adam said he liked her, not her CD. I feel exactly the same way. As for Adam's CD, there are only 2 tracks that bore me the other 14 or so are very good. But my fav singer is Josh Groban, I wish Adam had made a CD of ballads and great rock.
posted by ianaleah on Feb 24, 2010
I have heard Adam in interviews on tv & radio-then read articles a day or two later totally misquoting or misunderstanding and even deliberating misleading by omission - I finally just say this-if you don't know by now that Adam dosen't slam other singers, you don't know him at all. He has taken hits from all sides from bigots and still stayed positive-that is the real Adam. Now I realize that if he dosen't say in on tv or radio,it is a hugh mistake to read only printed articles. Lots of gay guys jealous of him, so it is not only bigots who try to hurt him ever chance they get.
posted by Kathy on Feb 24, 2010
Adam should be ashamed of himself, Susan deserves it all! He sure is jealous, she has a God given talent, the sales of her album should say it all! Adam get over it, shes going places and your not, you have to be soo low to cut someone sooo talented.. Get a life!
posted by James on Feb 24, 2010
A vague tweet the day after the article was published Adam posted the following tweet "Oh joy! MisQuoted again... Becoming quite funny actually." That's a retraction? Vague and dismissive. Guess he needs the publicity for his UK release.
posted by Sam on Feb 24, 2010
Oh, come on! You're misquoting a mag that misquoted Adam because they're struggling and desperate for attention. You should Know better!
posted by pat on Feb 24, 2010
It just shows how jealous that ugly freak is, I suppose he thinks that the people who bought Susan's cd instead of his caterwauling are idiots with no taste.
posted by zinnianz on Feb 24, 2010
Susan's much prettier both inside and outside. She isn't a person who slangs other performers...grow up wee A-dum
posted by zinnianz on Feb 24, 2010
Adam is so jealous as Susan sung one song to show she was GREAT and Adam had to slog it out week after week to show he maybe able to sing a note or two! Hey mate ya should have gone on America's Got Untalent
posted by Christy on Feb 24, 2010
Sorry - BIG typo. Meant to say that he has NOT denied he said these comments. Part of me is wishing he had, I guess.
posted by Christy on Feb 24, 2010
@Anne - What "whole" story? The quotes appear in a reputable monthly magazine in Britain. I've seen Adam's fans claiming his was "misquoted" but he certainly has denied he said these comments. What exactly is the whole story - and if there is one, why hasn't Adam or his team talked about it?
posted by Anne on Feb 24, 2010
Give me a break. You as a writer should know better than to print words that are out of context. You know that Adam is articulate and well-mannered in interviews. Maybe you can get the whole story correctly.

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