'American Idol' in Orlando: Glitter Man, Second Chance and Ex-Con

'American Idol' in Orlando: Glitter Man, Second Chance and Ex-Con

Theo Glinton wants to show the world how shiny he is, Jermain Purifoy tries again after failing two years ago, and Matt Lawrence just wants to redeem himself.

"American Idol" recovered from the minimum talents that Chicago offered yesterday, issuing 31 golden tickets in Orlando. Kristin Chenoweth who won an Emmy last year, assisted Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson at spotting the talents that range from a man who did not make it to Hollywood round once to an ex-con who just wants to put a smile on his family's face.

But first of all, the show welcomed a very shiny man named Theo Glinton who wore long scarf and glitters on his face. He sang "Heartbreaker" but couldn't maintain the key so he did not qualify. The first 'yes' was given to Seth Rollins whose son is autistic. His rendition of "Someone to Watch Over Me" got the unanimous vote.

Then there was Jermain Purifoy who did not make it the first time around in season 7. He sang "Smile" and Kristin thought it was pure. He got four yeses, the same amount that Shelby Dressel earned when she sang "Turn Me On". Shelby has an undeveloped facial nerve that makes her right side unable to move.

On the second day in Chicago, Kristin had to leave so there were only three judges. One contestant displayed a painful audition, literally. Cornelius Edwards said he has some friends who dances for money, and he practiced one during his performance. His pants got ripped when he did a split but he went through anyway.

Much worse audition came from Jarrod Norrell who sang a bad rendition of "Amazing Grace". He is the type of guy who couldn't take a no and then went on singing. He had to be escorted out by security and still he fought back.

The best was saved for the last. Matt Lawrence is the guy whom Kara predicted will go to Top 12. When he was 15, he robbed a bank using BB gun. As a result he was in jail for four years and that's when he realized that he had let his family down. Singing "Trouble", Matt not only was given the golden ticket but also "brilliant" from Simon. "Easiest Next week, "American Idol" scouts talent from Los Angeles with Katy Perry.

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