Kim Raver Upped as 'Grey's Anatomy' Regular

January 04, 2010 08:02:14 GMT

Teddy Altman, the Army doctor who is entangled in a love triangle between Owen and Cristina, will show more presence in season 6.

Kim Raver
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With Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo taking maternity leave, "Grey's Anatomy" is looking forward to shift its focus on other characters. One way to fill in the gap is to promote secondary characters to the main, such in the case of Kim Raver.

Previously a recurring, Raver's Teddy Altman has been upped to be a regular starting the second half of season 6. Raver joined the medical drama at the beginning of the season as the cardiology expert who was brought in by Owen. Within two months of her presence at Seattle Grace, Teddy had created quite a stir between Owen and Cristina.

Under the new commitment, Raver has been booked to appear in all but one of the episodes in season 6. The new episodes will begin on Monday, January 14 on ABC.

Owen's depicter himself, Kevin McKidd, was previously a recurring before being promoted to regular in season 5. Around the same time, Jessica Capshaw also received the promotion to recur as Dr. Arizona Robbins.


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posted by anna on Jan 04, 2010
Why? I hate her. There are too many characters already. And there´s also Bailey´s new man comming. I hope he doesn´t become a regular as well. I love Cristina and Owen.
posted by Kiki on Jan 04, 2010
Teddy is a waste of screen time. Her character is a lame ploy to create drama. Grey's already has enough characters without another regular.
posted by tvsb on Jan 04, 2010
why have her a regular? guess no choice, just hope teddy stays away from owen and cristina!!!!!!
posted by Karla on Jan 04, 2010
Really disappointed. Is there nothing better to do with Cristina's storyline than an old triangle? Or to get another regular to an already overcrowded cast. Seriously? Do not like the character or the actress. I am sure there are actresses around that are able to change their facial expressions from time to time... KR is not one of them.
posted by Dawn on Jan 04, 2010
I hate Teddy with a passion. I cannot understand the reason KR is made a regular. The regular cast members don't even have enough screentime. We don't need another new character to eat into the screentime for the characters we love. I'm not interested to know about her when I don't know enough about the original cast. Get rid of her. She is a waste of space.
posted by Lisa on Jan 04, 2010
I was counting down til Teddy's seventh episode so she could be gone and out of Owen/Cristina lives for good. Don't like the character or the actress, why or why Shonda?
posted by Lee on Jan 04, 2010
This is not good news! The show does not need another regular cast member that we have to see each week. She has only been on for 2 episodes and she is not that great.
posted by Iris on Jan 04, 2010
I freakin hate this character, I have no idea why shonda pushes so hard to make her a regular? Teddy is not likable, and this cast is overcrowd, why the hell she does all of this to against fans' wishes? and What? becoming a regular just after two episodes? Shortest record on this show? And she is not even a likable character!
posted by Sofia on Jan 04, 2010
Please tell me that's a joke?! I hate her after just two episodes (as many others) and they're making her a regular already? Great. That means AGAIN less screentime for the characters I actually care about.
posted by Kamy on Jan 04, 2010
The cast is already full and they're bringing a new character, WTH, Grey's Anatomy is now an "ER 2.0".
posted by Jenna on Jan 04, 2010
Hope she doesn't stay beyond season 6!

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