Jesse McCartney Wants to Write Songs for Adam Lambert

December 18, 2009 02:31:59 GMT

Praising Lambert as amazing and talented, McCartney would love to write songs for him, but 'wouldn't do anything too pop-ish.'

Jesse McCartney
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Having a very full plate on his agenda these days with a new album in the work and a film to be released, Jesse McCartney refuses to slow down and has expressed his desire to write songs for Adam Lambert. To MTV News, the pop star shares, "I'd like to write something for Adam Lambert, 'cause I feel like there's so many people like trying to do that thing for him and it's a little unfocused for me. But I think he's amazing."

"I think he's so talented. I would like to work with him one-on-one and find a focus for him, 'cause he's dope," McCartney continues gushing. "I feel like he tried to make a statement with what he did. I would really like to write something for Adam."

And when MTV News asks him on what would a possible collaboration between him and the "American Idol" runner-up sound like, McCartney has this to say, "Well listen, I love the whole sort of kind of glam-rock type thing, and nobody's doing it. It's something that fits him, his personality perfectly. And he's got the whole Queen thing going on, which is great, and he can pull it off. He's badass at it. It would have to be consistent. I wouldn't do anything too pop-ish, 'cause I don't think it's necessary."

Jesse McCartney is currently working on a new album, a follow up to his last set "Departure", which has been released in the U.S. market since May last year. Coming next for him is the release of "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel", in which he lends his voice as Theodore. The animation-family-comedy movie will be shown in U.S. theaters next Wednesday, December 23.


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posted by DANIA on Jan 01, 2010
posted by Jennyyy on Dec 22, 2009
I love Jesse. He's amazing. I love how incredible Jesse's lyrics are. XOXO
posted by JLM on Dec 18, 2009
I think collaboration is wonderful, just don't try to put Adam in a box, he won't fit and doesn't need to go there. Rock Glam is awesome in theory though so work with Adam and see where he wants to go.
posted by Angel on Dec 18, 2009
Yes, go ahead, Jesse. I really like for ADAM to have something different for his next album, not popish as you said. And as you said, glam rock since nobody is doing it and ADAM is absolutely perfect for it. Wish you all the luck.
posted by Maggie on Dec 17, 2009
Go ahead and write it and let Adam hear it. The worst thing that can happen is the song doesn't work. The best thing is the song is a hit. Take a risk Jesse.
posted by Ashleigh on Dec 17, 2009
Jesse's the best...

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