Artist of the Week: Susan Boyle

December 14, 2009 05:58:31 GMT

Breaking multiple records in U.S. and U.K., Susan Boyle has inspired people out there to always follow their dreams.

Artist of the Week: Susan Boyle
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British singer Susan Boyle is ruling not only the albums chart in her country but also reigning Billboard Hot 200 in the United States. For two weeks in a row, her debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" becomes the champion of the two charts, blocking the likes of Adam Lambert and Rihanna from the hot spot.

The studio project sold more than 410,000 copies across U.K. in its first week since being released on November 23, making it the fastest-selling album this year and becoming the largest first-week sales for a debut album in the chart history. In its second week, the number passed 700,000 units.

As for the album's sale in U.S., "I Dreamed a Dream" debuted with 701,000 copies, becoming the best-opening week for any album in the country and the best sale frame on the chart since AC/DC's "Black Ice" debuted with 784,000 in October 2008.

Also, Susan is named female solo artist with the highest sale debut, topping over the previous record which was held by Ashanti. An impressive number of around 527,000 copies was added in its second week on sale, making it the highest second week sales of the year.

Used to be reluctant to follow her dream, Susan has repeatedly told people to be brave of taking any chances. Most recently, she told People, "To anyone who has a dream I say follow that dream. You are never too old. It is never too late. And dreams can become a reality."

Her music journey is narrated as a gift of inspiration on TV Guide Monday, December 13 at 8/7c through a special dubbed "I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story". Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, two of the three judges from "Britain's Got Talent" will serve as producer and host respectively.

The show will take viewers back to Susan's small rural hometown of Blackburn, Scotland. In addition to offering interview segment with the singer, it will also feature footage of her early days performing for local church and her remarkable rise to fame.


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posted by toldyouso on Dec 19, 2009
just wait until her second album. Man, are you haters going to be eating your words then.
posted by Mariana on Dec 16, 2009
Susan Boyle: GIVE A BREAK! Artist?? Are you people sane? She is just somebody with a big voice. That's it that's all. Do you actually know what an artist mean? This is a very complex concept. I guess old people are messing around with modern art. BOOOOOOOOOOO!
posted by guest on Dec 14, 2009
Her voice is nice, but how can you compare an album that covered all but one already famous and proven popular songs to new original songs that nobody heard before.
posted by evi martin on Dec 14, 2009
It really felt wonderful to watch something worth watching. It was real, heartwarming, and superb!!!!
posted by dublingausafan on Dec 14, 2009
the duet with elaine page and susan was outstanding- Susan is beautiful and so dignified. susan really is talented.
posted by Jessie on Dec 14, 2009
Guest your really miss the point with your comment about covers. If you follow your argument then all opera singers, all musical theatre singers and 90% of all singers in fact should be ditched if they don't sing something "new". It's really about interpretation. Susan brought something new to all of the songs she sang. Barbra Streisand describes her as "like a poet singing". Her version of Cry Me A River is unique in that most everyone does it from the point of view of anger, Susan sings it completely differently. She may not be your cup of tea, fair enough, but the covers argument is a red herring. The Show was in my view, brilliant. I wish we had a chance to hear more of Susan singing. I loved the duet with Elaine, and wanted to hear Daydream Believer as well cos like Ian "Molly" Meldrum I think her interpretation is awesome. A wonderfully talented lady and a very nice one too.
posted by Ann on Dec 14, 2009
The Susan Boyle Story should have been aired on NBC, CBS, ABC or FOX network. It would have reached a wider audience. Many people do not have TV guide network and don't even know about the program. I found out through her fan site and watched it through youtube. American fans are being deprived of watching a beautiful and uplifting show.

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