Adam Lambert Denies 'Glee' Appearance

October 31, 2009 03:12:24 GMT

During his interview on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show, the singer confessed that he has not been approached to make a cameo.

Adam Lambert
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"Glee" will not get some Glambert love in the near future. Adam Lambert has confirmed that he has not received a formal invitation to appear on the musical series, telling Ryan Seacrest on Friday, October 30, "I think that's just a rumor, I haven't heard anything officially about that."

The news that the "American Idol" graduate would pay "Glee" a visit came from the co-creator of the show himself, Ryan Murphy. He told EW a week ago that he was "considering approaching" Lambert to appear on the show. Coincidentally, "American Idol" would be paired with "Glee" on Wednesday nights next year. Apparently, the intention has not evolved into something serious.

Adam Lambert's star will be shining in the next few weeks for he is releasing the first single from his debut album and is slated to make some TV appearances for promotion. On Thursday, October 29, he was featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", being named one of "the best stars from reality TV".


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posted by randolph on Nov 16, 2009
I like him, although Clay Aiken would be better on Glee...he is gayer.
posted by dakota on Nov 02, 2009
Who cares about him? Where have you been, jojo? We are on the cusp of a volcanic eruption of everything Adam.... and well-deserved. He is incredible !!!!!
posted by Terri on Nov 02, 2009
Obviously YOU care jojobobo or you wouldn't have clicked on the article. I know I don't waste my time on crap I don't care about. Adam's a great talent and appears to be a very humble, polite, and very well spoken, intelligent person. He's worked hard for the success he's about to achieve...good for him.
posted by susan from Canada on Nov 02, 2009
let me tell you anyone who appreciates talent cares about Adam he will be iconic so geta life or go away...please.
posted by Annie on Oct 31, 2009
not voted "one of the best reality stars" he was voted "THE best reality star" kuz he is! i would love him on glee! too bad :-/ still love him!
posted by wtdp on Oct 31, 2009
jojo, I care about him - more than you can possibly imagine lol
posted by Sheri on Oct 31, 2009
Adam is too old to be on Glee.
posted by adamOLDfan on Oct 31, 2009
Appearance on "Glee" would be perfect. This type of HS group kept him IN high school.
posted by jojobobo on Oct 31, 2009
Who cares about him.

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