Stephen Moyer Wants to Start a Family With Fiancee Anna Paquin

October 08, 2009 08:41:13 GMT

Willing to start a family with Anna, Stephen says he would love to have "little vampire babies" with her.

Stephen Moyer
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Marriage might not be in the card just yet for Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, but the actor has no hesitation to express his desire to start a family with the actress. "What's in store in the future for Anna and I? Well, we're going to have little vampire babies," quotes the 39-year-old star as saying.

"From the moment I met Anna we got on really well. There was an immediate sense of play, we starting working well together. She's a superb actress. After the pilot I went back to London, she went to New York but we missed each other," the Bill Compton of "True Blood" elaborates. "It seems really organic and natural, it feels like the most normal thing in the world."

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin started dating shortly after their first meeting at an audition for HBO's vampire series "True Blood", in which they play lovers. They managed to keep their romance under the radar though, and it wasn't until February this year that they went public as a couple. In early August, representatives for both stars confirmed their engagement without sharing further detail on it.


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posted by thomassylux on May 01, 2010
he`s my idol(i wanna act too,i love it when makes a innocent vampire face when sookie tells him theres darkness in him),In the show their also engaged(but not in the book) hope he doesn't get kidnapped too in real life by his ex.Anyway he already has kids(not with anna) why make more?
posted by Sanna on Oct 11, 2009
This wasn't even what he ment. I'm sure they want to have kids in the future, but they did not ask what was in store in the future for Anna and him. they simplky asked what was in store for the future. Stephen jokingly answered that thing about vampire babies, which was about the show, not in real life. I love how a quote can be twisted in any way....not!
posted by Sxcheanz on Oct 11, 2009
Gosh! I really love Stephen! Also Anna, I mean, there so perfect =D.
posted by Leslie on Oct 08, 2009
I think Stephen is kidding here, I love him to death, but he'll say anything and we love him for it, but don't think babies are in near future and sure Anna would agree. They have a lot on their plates, but then again the engagement was a shocker.

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