'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' TV Movie Planned

September 01, 2009 07:01:53 GMT

Thomas Dekker confirms that producers are gathering thoughts to have a continuation of the Connors saga in a direct-to-DVD film.

'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' TV Movie Planned
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"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is not so dead after all. Talks are still active to bring back the show as a final curtain call for the fans, although it may no longer be a series. Thomas Dekker aka John Connor revealed in an interview with TV Addict that it may as well be a direct-to-DVD movie.

"They've spoken about doing a TV movie," the 22-year-old said. "Well, not a TV movie, but kind of like a direct-to-DVD movie. Obviously it's difficult because the show is based on a movie and they just had one come out, so it's kind of hard to make a movie with our show because everyone has kind of forgotten about us. But they're hoping, at least when I spoke to [Producer] James Middleton that's where they are with it."

"TTSCC" was officially canceled in mid May following two low-rating seasons while it's Friday partner in midseason, "Dollhouse", which also experienced the same problem was given another chance. "In the end, it really came down to DOLLHOUSE or us and that was sort of what happened. I think we were too expensive and DOLLHOUSE was a lot cheaper," Dekker revealed his theory.

Also in the interview, Dekker spilled on what might happen if a third season was ordered. "...I mean it was going to be really interesting because there were questions in the future like is Sarah Connor at the age she would be in the future or is she already dead?," he teased, adding that his relationship with Allison and Cameron may also be explored further.

Off from his terminator duty, Thomas Dekker is taking feature movie roles in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and in an indie called "All About Evil".


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posted by Lorne on Jul 10, 2012
Ever since TSCC was cancelled I haven't bothered investing time watching any series on Fox. They seem to have a talent for canning the best shows and keeping the worst. So whatever long running series they may have will by definition suck. On the plus side, I'm in the process of re-watching TSCC on DVD. It's even better than I remember on TV. The show really was ahead of its time (no pun intended).
posted by LogikBomb on Dec 16, 2011
I'm with a few of these people, I stopped watching FOX because of their backwards marketing and removal of the best shows. FOX is like a bad grocery mart, they never have what you want and when they start to sell something you DO want, it's gone 2 weeks later. REALLY bad move for the FOX network. It's almost 2012 and we're still waiting on that dvd/tv movie. Dollhouse sucked so bad.... worst ratings ever, I can't believe they replaced TSCC with that crap. Give us a 3rd season, lest you be fools.
posted by Justin on Dec 19, 2010
I know this is way off topic, but after reading the bit about two seasons with low ratings, it made me think of how the House time slot is always being raped and stolen by stupid bullshit and the fact that when they do show House, it's usually a re-run, instead of a new episode. I honestly think that the network execs are trying to kill the view ratings on House in order to justify cancelling it and I think that's just plain rotten of Fox to pull.
posted by Jeremy R on Oct 17, 2010
Sarah Connor Chronicle brought something truly unique to television. I sure hope they bring it back. I would faithfully support such a move!
posted by random on Aug 11, 2010
it was a really good series and they should bring it back. in my opinion i thought this show was the best on fox
posted by doom day on Jul 15, 2010
fox ur a nob i lovo that tscc
posted by Caramello on Jul 12, 2010
Please bring it back, or do what they did to another fantastic series Firefly and finish it off with a movie, hang on wasn't Cameron aka "Sara" in firefly as well spooky! Please finish it off.
posted by Romlock on Jun 03, 2010
Would love a straight to DVD movie......Lets hope!!!
posted by Luckioqueen on May 24, 2010
Best show I have ever seen. Bad marketing and poor decisions/ time slots doomed it from the start.
posted by Guy on May 06, 2010
Epic FAIL FOX! this show was probably the best show in term of characters development and plot twists, you could have taken it anywhere and we would follow, but instead you took it to the back yard and shot it... no more watching FOX for me.
posted by Trollenberg on May 06, 2010
I would like to see more of tscc I like the story it looks like my idea!
posted by Aussie TSCC lover on Apr 29, 2010
I was devastated when they cancelled TSCC. For the past few nights I've been re-living it all (again!) via the DVD's and that Season 2 ending, which opens up so many possibilities, makes me thirst for more. As has been said in previous posts, the Cameron character is just so intriguing. In the same way we saw Arnie's character in T2 develop an understanding of human emotion ("I know now why you cry"), the big question with Cameron was could she develop emotion, or even love? Add to this the development of John Henry and who knows what the overall consequences of such developments would mean for the outcome of the war. I also have to mention Lena Headey who is so fantastic in the Sarah Connor role, as is Thomas Dekker as John Connor ... in fact the whole cast was great. As the characters in the show cling on to hope for the future, so do I for the return of this fantastic show.
posted by jake on Apr 22, 2010
can't wait!
posted by lconnor on Apr 06, 2010
i am one of those ppl who stopped watching fox after they cancelled the show. EPIC FAIL FOX!!! I still love that show, so much so that recently i had my own lil marathon at home. I will definitely buy the dvd movie when they come out with it.
posted by TSCCviewer on Apr 01, 2010
The TSCC ratings were not THAT low...anyone can go online and see that by the end of Season 2, TSCC was down to anywhere between 3 and 4 million viewers per episode, which is not bad considering it has been shifted to the Friday night time slot for weeks and weeks. It probably could have retained the 5-6 million viewer base that Season 2 began with in the fall of 2009, if FOX not made that move. Surely FOX realizes its mistake now though: the 'Dollhouse' series that basically replaced TSCC only garnered 2 million viewers or even less for most of its Season 2 episodes. TSCC was providing FOX with double the number of viewers that Dollhouse was. Josh Friedman probably also now realizes his error, but too late. Viewers obviously wanted more Cameron character development, which he and his team could have easily been provided. Why did they effectively lower thew show's ratings by focusing on other elements? The majority of viewers were (are!) obviously taken by the Cameron character, and how she struggles with her situation. It is very interesting and could have been granted even a little more treatment, in order to boost the ratings and thereby keep the show alive. A DVD movie, or any other kind of production, would certainly be an easy sell. Last time I checked, a solid base of 5-10 million viewers is not bad at all!
posted by TSCCviewer on Apr 01, 2010
Typo: I meant to type "fall of 2008" in the second sentence of that last post. TSCC Season 2 began on Sept 8/08 ("Samson and Delilah" episode) with 6.34 million viewers. From there, the ratings never dipped under 5 million, consistently staying as high as 5.82 and as low as 5.02, except for the one episode "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point" (Nov 24/08) which garnered 4.57 million viewers (which is still more than double the Dollhouse ratings). Coincidentally, the 'Cameron' episode that aired on Dec 1/08 ("Self-Made Man") shot the ratings right back up to where they were at on Sept 22/08 (5.82 million viewers). Second most-watched episode of the entire Season 2, Mr. Friedman. As many have noted, in February 2009 when FOX moved the show to Friday nights, the ratings dropped and stayed anywhere from a high of 3.84 million on Feb 20/09 ("Desert Cantos") to the lowest 2.96 million on Mar 6/09 ("Ourselves Alone"). Which is still double the Dollhouse Season 2 ratings. Dollhouse could never get much more than 2 million viewers to watch each week, all through Sept/09-Jan/10.
posted by Tams on Mar 22, 2010
Like many others, I have not forgotten about TSCC. I'm still upset with Fox for cancelling...FAIL!!! I would love it if they brought it back on the air. But if I had to settle for a DVD movie to finish the story, I will. Look at the success of Sex and the City? It made millions in the theatre, how many years after it finished on television. If Fox had any brains, they'd rethink their decision. But...i won't hold my breath.
posted by milt1007 on Jan 24, 2010
I though TSCC was the best show on TV, bring it back!
posted by daffy72 on Jan 11, 2010
Please give us closure! I would gladly pay for a DVD movie. I will never buy Terminator: Salvation on DVD though. Why more channels do not do this or make some tele-films of some of these cancelled series I will never know. You have much larger audiences then the terrible sci-fi channel's 'Saturday Night' straight-to-dvd movies they show. Just as T:tSCC got really really good it was pulled. PLEASE continue the story on DVD.
posted by vm on Dec 17, 2009
Please bring TSCC back. Everyone I know is upset with Fox. Some don't even want to watch anything on the network anymore. RECONSIDER your viewers.
posted by a guest on Dec 15, 2009
hi i just wanted to say that i think the sarah connor chronicles is one of the best tv shows i have ever watched and that Fox made a huge mistake cancelling this show. I would love a season 3 and that a direct to dvd (blu-ray) would be just as awsome!!!!
posted by Rowdy Yates on Dec 01, 2009
Make the movie! The fans demand the movie. Straight to dvd would be fine. Just make the movie.
posted by Tinuva on Nov 11, 2009
If they are coming on dvd, I wil buy them. No matter the price:)
posted by Guest on Oct 31, 2009
I love it.I want 3rd season of TSCC.
posted by Stephen on Oct 07, 2009
TSCC was canceled by Fox really suck. I don't know why fox still keep bad show like dollhouse. Stupid Fox. If they come out directly to DVD, I will definitely buy it.
posted by bossride on Oct 06, 2009
i am extremely disappointed that the show was taken off the air. there wasnt even an announcement but it. Fox suck in so many ways from it news broadcasting to its determination as to what is a good show and what isnt. they need to take trash off the air like american dad and the simpsons and provide more thought provoking TV. also get rid of the hate mongering politican satire they call journalism
posted by norm on Oct 05, 2009
I'm very dissappointed that it was cancelled. I would love to another season.
posted by lovesummerfersure on Oct 04, 2009
that is the problem with tv anytime they get a great show they cancel it yet dollhouse makes it for another run? TSCC was much better than the dollhouse.Some other network needs to pick it up and have a blow up of the ratings that would show fox.
posted by cockblock15 on Sep 26, 2009
Bring the show back please.
posted by jhogsett on Sep 21, 2009
Really am looking forward to more TSCC...many seasons to come
posted by vfergus on Sep 20, 2009
Bring back Terminator TSCC!!! I want a 3rd Season.. This show with the amazing cast of actors, actress (especially Summer Glau & Thomas Dekker), and writers created AU - that made Terminator consuming and irresistible to fans once more...The movies (except for T2) in my opinion lack the luster what TSCC presented/gave...cough John and Cameron cough chemistry/tension...Sarah Connor - Derek Reese - Catherine Weaver - John Henry..James Ellison-- OMG! How can one not love them???? BRING THEM BACK!!! I hate FOX!
posted by Paulo on Sep 16, 2009
queremos de volta TSCC , série ou DVD
posted by Tarso on Sep 16, 2009
Nós do Brasil queremos TSCC de volta
posted by mesha on Sep 14, 2009
I think it sucks that they keep taking off good shows. Bring it back! I really liked Firefly too! Bring back Terminator!
posted by Aveage Joe on Sep 13, 2009
Great acting, great storytelling. Some of the most believable, realistic character arcs I've ever seen on TV. If they do make a movie, I'd buy it for sure :)
posted by vOICEOFREASon on Sep 10, 2009
We have not forgotten. This was the best show on television. If not for the writer's strike and FOX screwing with the schedule this show would have made it big. Everyone that I turn on to watching the season dvds loves it.
posted by foxS*cks on Sep 10, 2009
Fox could never see a good thing.. they screw up all the good shows.. I loved firefox and that was cancelled in the middle of season... As for TSCC wasn't a big fan in the beginning... man, I'm glad I stuck around... its a great... So here's something for all the writers/directors out there. if you want you projects to die young ... sell it to fox...
posted by mia on Sep 08, 2009
that movie suckes! i wanna see sarah conner chronicle movie!!!!!!!
posted by Techmaster on Sep 05, 2009
"[...] it's kind of hard to make a movie with our show because everyone has kind of forgotten about us." NO WAY! Were still out here fighting.
posted by sunday25 on Sep 05, 2009
plseeeeeeeee...bring back our show we love to see what happen next will salar help she promises..what about amazing...i love the series ...i think tv series is best than movie
posted by CameronIsAwesome84 on Sep 05, 2009
I plan to buy S2 on Blu-Ray first day; and if I can't I will order it online first day. This show must come back. I just watched the series finale again; Cameron was scary, sexy and just awesome (hence screen name). Just remember the words of Kyle, Sarah and John: "The future is not set; there is no fate but what we make for ourselves." It doesn't have to be over.
posted by knik on Sep 04, 2009
Thomas Dekker is the best John Connor and TTSCC was a show of X-Files quality! Terminator Salvation was just an awful mess and Christian Bale was utterly forgetable(imho). The real talent and excitement was in this show, its plot twists and it's amazing cast. As with Firefly, the network is again missing the gem before their eyes. I would love to see what happens to John Connor, Kyle Reese, Cameron, etc... in the future.
posted by berjo on Sep 04, 2009
also in the netherlands we want 3rd season of TSCC
posted by Billy on Sep 04, 2009
Is it true that a spagetti monster licks John's face in the 1st episode of the third season script?
posted by TSCC Fan on Sep 03, 2009
Fox really needs to consider the movie. I doubt a third season will be in the works. TSCC was the best show they have had in years. Fox kept Married with Children on for over 10 years, why can't they keep quality?
posted by zorakmantis on Sep 03, 2009
As much as I LOVED the tv series, this may be the best thing-- after all, the whole concept has to come full circle eventually. This really isnt something you should logically extend past 3, 4,5, or even 6 seasons.CAS IN POINT-- Life on Mars-- at least they had the werewithal to end it--REALLY end it.
posted by kimo007 on Sep 02, 2009
TSCC was the best show on TV. We need at least 1 more season. Or some other network to pick up the show.
posted by Lilly on Sep 02, 2009
As long as it's brought back, I don't care whether it's a series or a movie. A series would be preferable, but anything works! I was so excited when I saw there's a chance.
posted by jj on Sep 02, 2009
Fox Sucks! Can't believe they canceled it!
posted by dm on Sep 02, 2009
I can't believe it, What was Fox thinking canceling it-- those cheap-scapes!! Again, they cancel a series- it was my favorite! I've been waiting all summer for the return!!! Bring it back !!!! I couldn't watch even a half episode of doll house-- too borrring!
posted by mister B on Sep 02, 2009
I think they should do a four part miniseries and make it interesting
posted by hallofaman on Sep 02, 2009
what is the release date of s2? it will probally be at wal-mart; if we clean them out by noon, then like family guy they will have no choose but to bring it back!
posted by JayTee on Sep 02, 2009
Fox stinks.
posted by Stevo on Sep 02, 2009
This is why I don't bother with a lot of new tv shows - you just start to get into them - think "wow, this is REALLY good" and they pull the plug!!!
posted by Plasticman1973 on Sep 02, 2009
I like the movie idea. This should have been never longer than 2 seasons. If it was a 3rd season, the plot would just drag on too much. There were a few weak episodes in the 2nd season when they should have figured it to end it without any questions. End it strong with a 2hr movie and be done with it to satisfaction and strong conclusion.
posted by kalapaat on Sep 02, 2009
Check out the savethescc website! Keep sending emails to Fox, WB and Syfy, keep fighting for TSCC!
posted by :-) on Sep 01, 2009
Please bring it back!!!
posted by guested on Sep 01, 2009
Movie might be OK if Dekker would lose the emo boy eye make up.
posted by Paul A on Sep 01, 2009
start a petition to bring back tscc .
posted by kenny on Sep 01, 2009
bring back TSCC !!!!
posted by DrZaat on Sep 01, 2009
If they can get the series cast back for the movie, and Friedman to come up with the story, I'd definitely buy it!
posted by Kaley Wu on Sep 01, 2009
@Guest8- Season 2 never peaked over 4.0 Million viewers. This is great news since Thomas Dekker is now saying it. Lanie Grace posted this information back on August 04th.
posted by Matt on Sep 01, 2009
Season three for me too! There is way too much story left open for a movie, and more than enough for a full season. Someone must want to buy this great TV series....
posted by ESavard on Sep 01, 2009
"[...] it's kind of hard to make a movie with our show because everyone has kind of forgotten about us." No Thomas, we have not forgotten: The fans are still hopping to see John Connor kicking metal asses in 2027! ;)
posted by GreenrangerDude on Sep 01, 2009
I would love a 3rd season, but if this is all we're going to get, i'll take it with both hands. Season 2 had the best cliffhanger ending i've ever seen, leaving things unsaid but in a way that could let the next season do anything they wanted. Oh dear God let this come to pass.
posted by Xen on Sep 01, 2009
If everyone buys the DVDs September 22, then you will get more. If these DVDs, the seasons, sell to where they at least come close to breaking records, then we get more, whether it be DVD movies or full seasons.
posted by Kirirur on Sep 01, 2009
I'm strongly hoping for the return of this beloved show, even a direct-to-dvd movie it's ok at least the original cast & crew is preserved! We want TSCC back! So say we all!
posted by HK killer on Sep 01, 2009
Listen, Listen and understand the TSCC fans are out there. They canít be bargained with, they canít be reasoned with. They don't feel pity or remorse or fear. And they absolutely will not stop ever until it's back.
posted by Koltan on Sep 01, 2009
I don't want DVD movie. I want 3rd season of TSCC.
posted by Guest8 on Sep 01, 2009
"TSCC was officially canceled in mid May following two low-rating seasons" I thought the show had over 8 million viewers by the end of season 1?? Anyways, I hope TSCC does come back in some form. I would rather much have a third season of course, but a TV movie is better than nothing.
posted by JLan on Sep 01, 2009
Pleeeeeeeeeeease! Bring it back. It's the best show there is.

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